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  1. That sounds interesting. I wouldn’t mind engaging in health discussions. I’ve never had a Reddit account before.
  2. Texas just announced the state will take over the Houston school district which would be one of the largest state take overs of a school in U.S. history. That means voted school officials will get the boot and replaced by appointed officials. They will control everything from budget, what books they can have, and of course control what funds go to charter schools. That is the true reason. Republicans want to eliminate the public school system and draw public funds to be used for private schools where they can do the real indoctrinating while privately operated. This whole school fiasco republicans kept crying about how they want parental rights, but which is it now? What do you republicans want? Do you want parental rights or a state takeover? Wanting both is straight up hypocrisy. How in the world are governors allowed to have so much power over the education system? Maybe the USA has never been free after all. Maybe republicans have simply found loop holes that allows a dictatorship. Cause I don't see any constitution stopping this. How is it legal standing to get rid of elected officials and appoint your own stooges in the school system? There is a reason people vote for school officials. That freedom has been taken away in Texas and Florida.
  3. Demons of Ruby Mae is everything from cracking nazi heads open like coconuts to making love to your wife or husband. Make love, we will crack nazi heads open. Feel the warmth, you are together. I kill nazis. You lay in bed together. You have freedom because I just killed 3 mother fucking nazis. Make love again. I'll kill more nazis while you sleep. Demons of Ruby Mae
  4. Where is @Crazycrab ??? 

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      He’s growing mushrooms and said fuck the world 

  5. I don't think it's our choice for books to be free on the internet. That should be up to the author and publisher. I do believe all books should be available on the internet whether free or having to buy it. If free, people will look for books most likely at libraries in their online service. In the USA, librarians are at risk of going to prison now just for lending out books to kids that republicans are calling porn. Libraries are shutting down because conservatives are wanting to jail librarians and tell them what books they can keep on shelves. When those libraries stand up for free speech rights, they get shut down. Books that republicans have now banned in schools, well, people still want to read those books. So where do they look? The library. And if it is banned there, then someplace else on the internet? What if the book is banned in the whole state? If that kid downloads a book from somewhere, who will be held responsible? Who will go to jail over it? See how wrong republicans are book banning? This is political now. It's happening. It's important to mention the reality that is taking place in the USA with republicans banning books and not being able to read what you want which is supposed to be protected by free speech rights.
  6. Better hope Finland joins NATO. I wouldn't want to be in those countries close to Russia that aren't in NATO. And think about what happens when republicans get rid of child labor laws. By now we should know that everything a republican does starts off little, then they go full obsession in their legislation. Child labor is in the beginning stages of what republicans have in mind, just like every other bill they pass. First it's let kids work at 14, then 13, then 10. At the same time republicans are completely banning workplace training that is supposed to help stop sexual harassment of employees. What the fuck right? You want to send kids to work in a work environment that doesn't respect others and without labor unions. They also want to get rid of affirmative action which gives equal opportunity to ethnicities and females. That means businesses can simply hire cheap labor with kids. Think about how that impacts their education? They should be going to school and studying, not slave labor. Come on, we know what happens. Come and work 10 hours on the weekend. Come and work 20 hours on the weekend. Come and work 30 hours a week. If you want benefits, come and work 40 hours a week and fuck school. Oh, and force that 13 year old to keep a baby and by 14 she can work to support it.
  7. This is a pretty good show. Lucifer goes to Earth to live among humans and refuses to go back while Amenadiel tries to get him to go back to hell.
  8. Yes, republicans are going backwards to the days before our civil rights in the constitution. Republican states are now getting rid of child labor laws. Everything is coming together, the bigger picture what republicans are doing. They ban abortions and workplace benefits that allow pregnant mothers to work. They even force kids to have a baby. And at the same time republicans are banning workplace anti sexual harassment training because they call it woke, while getting rid of child labor laws so children can work in an environment that allows sexual harassment. And republicans have always wanted to get rid of labor unions that protect worker's rights. See the big picture? Is the painting coming together for you yet? When those kids get taken advantage of, it's going to interfere with their school. But then again, who needs school right? Republicans want to eliminate the Department of Education and destroy the public school system so that kids will only go to private schools where they can indoctrinate and get public tax payer funds while privately owned and operated. Well, it's here. Civil rights are being reversed. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/feb/11/us-child-labor-laws-violations Not only that, but republicans are trying to block child marriage laws too. In West Virginia, republicans blocked a bill to ban child marriage. Then days later out of a show of embarrassment, they passed it. In Wyoming, republicans are also blocking a ban on child marriage there too. In Tennessee, republicans tried to push through a bill to legalize child marriage and democrats vetoed it. We are in trouble if the republican agenda is to roll back our civil rights like child labor, women's rights, and instate Jim Crow segregation. Yeah, it is happening. Every time a republican says they hate labor unions, just remember their reason is because they want to abuse people.
  9. I started playing this game and I'm actually surprised how much I'm enjoying it. There is something I like about how you are on a journey with friends and protectors that are still more of a friend than anything while they go on this journey. Since FF15 is the latest game of the series, how has the game been received by gamers as a whole? Before the main menu it says something like FF15 is for newcomers and fans alike. Was this game supposed to take the best out of the whole series and bundle into one? Is it a fan favorite? I think this is a cool game for 1st timers and fans. The camera mode is weird. It says you can take a photo during combat, but when I activate the camera during combat, It just simply pauses and you can't move the camera around. And outside of combat, you can move the camera around but everyone else moves around too unpaused. Dumbest shit. But I love the enemies you fight and it's cool how the enemy troopers jump out of the air ships and attack you.
  10. Wow, that's insane. I haven't heard any of this. And to see Traitor Greene's tweet calling for U.S. military intervention into Mexico and eliminate cartels. WTF. She is the same traitor who doesn't want any aid going to Ukraine. And republicans are calling for blocking all aid to other countries. And they claim they don't want conflict. And they claim democrats are at fault for a WW3 while these psychos are calling for war into Mexican territory. That same traitor Greene just called for a secession on President's Day a couple weeks ago. That same traitor is going to visit Jan 6 insurrections, terrorists, and traitors in jail to provide them comfort. And the House oversight committee republicans are now going to investigate the treatment of those Jan 6 traitors in jail, using the law to provide comfort to seditionists. All the while Fox News is now trying to call those people in jail are political prisoners and should be released. I'm getting off track, but Greene, this same problem child who wants war against Mexico does not want to send weapons into Ukraine to protect those people from an invasion that has caused genocide, terrorism, torture, and the kidnapping of their children. She seems to think that sending aid to Ukraine justifies her idea of Americans putting boots on the ground in Mexico. That is not the same thing. This is all part of fascist totalitarianism. That's what they do. Invade their neighbors. Then the world. They are parasites of the world. This republican nazi party is no different from the cartels or from Putin or from Hitler. The nazis are here in the USA and they have the House and the Supreme Court. Biden will no doubt veto their bill, but the point of the matter is still there. Under a republican president, we would be going to war with Mexico right now because it is FACT that Senate republicans are voting for a bill to invade Mexico. Senator Lindsey Graham said this, “I would put Mexico on notice,” Graham said. “If you continue to give safe haven to drug dealers, then you are an enemy of the United States.” Graham added he would “introduce legislation to make certain Mexican drug cartels foreign terrorist organizations under U.S. law and set the stage to use military force if necessary.” https://thehill.com/policy/international/3887479-graham-says-he-will-introduce-bill-to-set-the-stage-for-us-to-use-military-force-in-mexico/ So there it is. They want to turn Mexico into Afghanistan. We just brought troops home from that 20 year war on terrorism and republicans want to start another in Mexico. All you mother fuckers who defended Putin for invading Ukraine and you mother fuckers talking shit about America and trying to make some relevance how America is bad and has invaded other countries to fight terrorism. All you right wing mother fuckers who dissed America and supported Putin, now what do you have to say while it is the fucking republicans right here and now writing a bill to invade Mexico. Don't you look stupid now you nazi trash. Your game is up. We see you for what you are. It is you who wants war with other countries. It is you!!! And the video made a good point how the USA sells guns that is smuggled into Mexico that arms those cartels. Does that mean Mexico should invade the USA for our gun terrorism? Stupid republicans.
  11. It's a good thing they are delaying so they can perfect it. Their big competition is probably Dying Light 2. And that game is bad ass as I just started playing it and that may have put a bit of intimidation on Dead Island 2. It's good they make sure there are no major bug issues and all that. This is the proper course of things to wait and not rush. As long as they aren't trying to take advantage of pre sale or something weird like that, then we should just wait.
  12. Actually, chocolate with bacon sounds like it would be good. It's like a breakfast kolache with bacon wrapped in a chocolate donut. I'd try it. Have you had fondue? I actually wouldn't mind trying a chocolate and cheese fondue. 😬 Imagine a chocolate and cheese cookie. Actually, think about this...people dip chocolate cookies in their milk. Isn't that similar to a chocolate cheese cookie?
  13. I used to eat ketchup sandwiches all the time as a kid. I loved it. Not so much now though, but I would still choose a ketchup sandwich over cereal with orange juice. That just seems like acid puke. Dry cereal would be way better.
  14. After beating the game in Skyrim, do you still feel motivated to go back and play the side quests? I usually have full intention to finish side quests, but time passes and my motivation decreases while I'm playing other games. It's a hard balancing act not to fall too far behind in the story and forget things while doing a bunch of other quests, or not to finish the story too early while you may miss out on some awesome side quests. Sometimes some games even add bonus quests after finishing the game like Days Gone. Developers sometimes intend for you to keep playing after completing the game. Right now while playing Cyberpunk 2077, the story has captivated me sooo much that I feel I have neglected side quests. The map is full of stuff I need to do. So now I've stopped the story to do a bunch of quests, and now I feel I'm losing immersion in the story. But if I just finish the story, I won't get the whole experience. Because those side quests so far are very incredible too. Excellent game. But, my intention for a while is to clear some of the map at the sacrifice of immersing in the story. It's a tough balancing act, wobble wobble.
  15. I don't think it's ever a good idea because it may be funny at times like the example you gave, but people out there who have deviant purposes hide behind their ethnicity to fuck over their own people. Take Kanye West for example. He has disrespected blacks using white supremacy rhetoric. He claimed blacks are Jews while going full nazi against Jews. Nick Fuentes has a Hispanic last name while he is a full nazi and of course they hate all ethnicities who isn't Aryan white. Cuban politicians like DeSantis and Ted Cruz attacking Hispanics and blacks while Cubans themselves are Hispanic with a large black population. Clarence Thomas hating his own race as a supreme court justice, wanting to get rid of affirmative action, allows racist gerrymandering, and has a white wife who hates free and fair elections. George Santos, republican politician who was caught as a compulsive liar about absolutely everything has hated against gays and trans, while there is an old photo of him dressed as drag. You see. It is not acceptable because it might be funny on a personal level when your friend does it. But if that becomes the norm, then deviant people will weaponize their ethnicity or sexual orientation and incite hate and violence against those very people. And the public would think it's ok because why would a black person or black politician attack blacks? We can't take that serious right??? WRONG!!! White supremacists are laughing in the shadows.
  16. Yeah, it's not looking too good for him. Shareholders, unions, consumers are all voicing their concerns now. This is what supporters of hate call cancel culture because they protect bigots. But this is how the free world works. People have unions that got their back and stage walk outs or sue. Shareholders keeping the controversial CEO's in check. And the consumer with the freedom of speech/freedom of the press and the right to boycott. Under that kind of pressure, either the CEO needs to change course if he wants to resume good business, or be relieved from the company. But continuing his path only hurts the company. And Ubisoft developing my favorite series of Assassin's Creed, I don't want to see Ubisoft go under simply because they can't change a controversial CEO. But the pressure is definitely in force now.
  17. You got a game you love playing, and when you feel you are getting close to the end, you still wanna look at the map you haven't cleared. All those quests... Once you finish the game, all those other quests.....Should you finish as many quests you can before finishing the main story? Or finish those other quests after beating the game? Are you motivated to continue playing the game after completing the story? So that you can finish quests? I have it in all intention to go back and play other quests after the story. But do I get around to it? I put it in mind, but towards the back of it because I want to play other games and have new experiences. So I'm stuck leaving games on my system taking up space because I want to be a completionary and afraid to let go of my experiences from the game.
  18. Freedom!!! But you must register with the state of Florida if you comment about DeSantis. All events at the state capital must be approved by DeSantis. It is now legal to drive your vehicle into crowds of protestors. One last thing, Florida has now made a bill to ban the whole Democrat Party in the state. If you like genocides, join the nazis of DeSantis. The Trump MAGA traitors are your neighbors. Bolsonaro is around too. Enjoy the company of dictators!!! Welcome to Florida.
  19. If you wait for the Oculus 3 to come out, then it will be expensive and if you wait for the price to go down, then the Oculus 4 will come out, and so on. That's a hard decision because you don't know when they will stop services for the Oculus 2. They aren't practicing a good model for consumerism. Buy at your own risk. If you can afford it, buying the Oculus 3 may be the better choice. It might have a graphical upgrade and new features and you won't have to worry about services being shut down any time soon. But that is the whole point of their strategy and it works. Or get something else and stick your middle finger to Meta.
  20. Don't even get a chance to sit down and ponder for a bit because every waking hour, rights are being taken away. Meta and Google are turning over user data to the police if someone gets investigated for having an abortion where it is illegal. Think about it, typing into google, seeking abortion meds or a clinic somewhere, even out of state, you no longer have privacy rights if you seek abortions. That's fucking scary. Jessica Burgess is now being charged for helping her daughter get meds for an abortion and not only is the mother charged, but the teen daughter is also being charged. Also, pharmacies that sell the abortion medication are sharing your private data with Google and other third parties. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/facebook-google-handing-over-user-030842734.html
  21. I just started playing Saints Row, without an update downloaded, just fresh from the package and I'm not sure why Saints Row would have bad reviews because I'M LOVIN IT!!!!!!!!! It's awesome! It still has that off the wall sense of humor, great action, great scenery, and I haven't come across any bug issues at all. I wouldn't listen to reviews if I were you. I had my expectations low because everyone dogged the game. But I just don't think they know what they are talking about. My personal opinion, fun as hell!!!
  22. I'm running out of words to say because we knew this is the direction republicans are heading in. We go into these debates. It starts off little by little. First leave abortions up to the state. Then ban it at 10 weeks, then 6 weeks, then two weeks, then a complete ban while instating fetal personhood. They said they don't want to jail women, then it's possible jail, then it's imprisonment, and then it is execution for abortion. They went from states rights to wanting a national ban. Then they also want to ban contraceptives nation wide. We've heard all their ridiculous arguments and even now they have gotten to the point saying birth control drugs are in tap water turning people gay. Then we have the whole trans thing and how all that started small and now at CPAC convention just the other day, a speaker said he wants to eradicate trans, but it's not a genocide because trans doesn't exist. So now that topic has headed in talk of genocide. This is the same CPAC that made a 7 point plan to reinstate trump as president after the 2020 election. And this same thing has happened with teachers and librarians. First it was ban CRT. Then it was ban books. Then it was ban discussion of history. Then it was ban woke ideology in schools and universities. Then it was ban African American studies. Then it was ban diversity and inclusivity in universities. Now it is imprison teachers. Execute women and probably kids for abortions and eradicate trans. That's where we are at now. Also at CPAC, Trump said if he was president he wants to send in the military to U.S. cities. A republican Senator in Florida, Jason Brodeur, made a bill where bloggers have to register with the state to be allowed to criticize DeSantis in any way. That would mean if I lived in Florida, right now I would have to register with the state before making a comment about fuck head DeSatan. A republican Florida Senator, Blaise Ingoglia, proposed a bill to completely ban the Democratic Party just a few days ago. Jeff Younger, a republican in Texas, said this, "In a democracy, women as a group will always be the stronger. They outnumber men. To seek rule by good, strong men, you must first reject democracy." Everybody's jaw should drop at that. That's a blatant attack against women and democracy. Again, I'm running out of words. This all speaks for itself anyways. Topic at hand, this is still only the beginning. Women are under attack in this country in every way. Take a look at republicans wanting to ban affirmative action, which is not only in place to help equal opportunity for ethnic minorities, but also equal opportunity for women of all ethnicities. So it is very ironic how a racist white lady wants to ban affirmative action, unknowingly that she is working against her own interests and equality for other white women. March is women's history month, and look where we are now and where women are headed. It wasn't that long ago where women got the right to vote. It's a part of our civil rights now. Republicans think our constitution and civil rights and elections and democracy are all too woke.
  23. I remember what that movie A Time To Kill is about but I forget the details. If there was a system in place protecting someone who raped and killed a child, trying to protect that person's reputation or simply because they are racist and see another person or child as unworthy of justice, then the rapist/killer would be free to do it again. Then I have to say that would be a time to seek vigilante justice. But think about the case of Ahmaud Arbery's murder. Vigilantes pretty much made a false accusation, tried to make a citizen's arrest, held him at gun point as a captive, then killed him. A prosecutor refused to charge the men and she now faces charges too. And in the court room, the defendant's lawyer tried to get the jury to be more red neck. They even demonized Arbery's body saying he had dirty toenails as a reference to a slave. What if the system all got away with their obstruction and let those three men free? Would that be a time to kill? Should we discriminate and kill for a child but nor for a grown man??? If they get away with it, and the system gets away with it, then that issue becomes widespread and just plain corrupt. We need the system to be able to do its job and hold criminals accountable. If that fails, and the problem becomes larger, then what happens is a revolt. People will take justice in their own hands. Because that ends up being a threat to everyone who looks like that particular victim. This also can become a double edged sword if vigilantes take matters in their own hands because who is to say who is right? Rittenhouse went on a premeditated killing spree and others think he was a good vigilante for it. This also reminds me of the movie Braveheart where Wallace's secret wife was murdered in public for everyone to see. Imagine living under another's rule and having to share your wife to give her virginity to a tyrant? Wallace then revolts and the others revolt with him and kill the bastards. Usually a victim whose justice goes unanswered is a symptom of bigger problems. You may have vengeance in your heart for that one victim or a few victims, but look at the bigger picture of a failed system, and fucking revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill the tyrants!!!!!! Just don't be a fake Rittenhouse vigilante where a corrupt judge let him free. Should the victim's parents or siblings seek vigilante justice, since the system failed them? Then what. What happens is two sides always thinking they are right and more and more people get killed. It's hard to answer that question because everyone is more sympathetic to the child and not to a grown man, even if both needs that justice. And if you are on the side of the minority, like in that movie A Time To Kill, and you seek your own justice, think about what happens next in that oppressive system. The oppressors will want revenge for the white man and kill innocent blacks who had nothing to do with it. Then they are forced into a revolt. That's how things work. On and on and on. There are always oppressors and the oppressed. Something like that child's murder shouldn't go unanswered. And what is probably even more affective than taking matters into your own hands is to get the whole community involved. If they get gunned down, then war it is. Or riots. We have seen modern day systemic oppression at work, or a modern day genocide of blacks by the police. And do they seek their own vigilante justice? They did what angry people do, who feels helpless, is riot. And that got attention. Did it change anything? Nope. But it did get public opinion and awareness. We now know the police need serious reform. And if the oppression of blacks and browns goes unanswered. Next time it will be more than a riot. That's just how things work when people can no longer take it. They revolt. And that is completely different from being a bunch of nazi fascists who try to overthrow an election. They are lying about a stolen election. Much different from blacks getting murdered by police and seeking justice and equality. Being a vigilante goes both ways, even the bad people and oppressors falsely seek justice. More like they use violence to scare people into oppression. That is the tactic for authoritarians. They will always play the victim, always use brutal force, always get you before you get them mentality, always protecting the system of oppression, label you a terrorist if you stand up, arrest you if you speak out, brutalize and kill you for protesting, take away your rights, all so they can abuse you and do things like rape and kill children because they believe they have the privilege to do it. Best thing I can say, is seek support from the public. Demand justice. Protest. Riot. Then revolt.
  24. That's a really good point. Some stories are best left out of the gaming world. But if someone wrote a book and made movies about an underage relationship then that is strange in itself why it was published and directed with actors playing those roles. But those things are no worse than watching an actor who is a serial killer or play as a protagonist serial killer. The medium of entertainment really shouldn't make a difference. Bad is bad whether you watch it or play it. The level of immersion I guess is what makes something go from bad to 'oh shit.' And think about VR and that level of immersion. Therefore, I agree with you that some material should be left out. Looking back at the game TLOU and the tv adaptation is a really perfect example to discuss. Both are freaking excellent! The game and the show is emotional and both have brought tears to my eyes. Maybe that is the true experience. Which ever one brings the most emotion. Just depends how it is presented. But even then, I can be gaming in an open world exploring ancient Egypt and reach a level of immersion beyond the boundaries of any story. Like Assassin’s Creed Origins I can go explore ancient tombs and be mesmerized by imagining myself really being there. And the writings on the walls, culture, beliefs, fantasy. To take control of the exploration instead of watching it in a movie; to stop and go where I want, do what I want, take it all in, soar above with the eagle; they can’t waste time like that in a movie or show. Have that freedom to go anywhere you want at any moment. That is what makes gaming much more overpowering to me and that is regardless of story and emotions of a story. I guess if done in the right way, a movie can capture the emotion of scenery too. I don’t know. I really don’t know…LOL
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