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  1. I did come across as aggressive I think. You are right, you can save mounts. What I was trying to infer was that you can’t save them when you want. After taming a horse, you still have to make the adventure of saving it elsewhere. And you can easily lose it if you are attacked and bucked off, which you admit comes from a pack of wolves. Well those mother fuckin wolves are always around after you tame a horse it seems. It’s like stealing a car in GTA5 and fuckin spikes are in the road out of nowhere sending u flying out the windshield.
  2. Yeah but Ubisoft made a side deal with Microsoft somehow that was part of the entire deal with Microsoft/Activision deal, signed and stamped. No other developer got privilege like that. I wonder how it happened to include Ubisoft in the deal; kind of out there right?
  3. I've been looking forward to playing this game since I was recommended a few years ago. I always thought it looked pretty fucking awesome. I held back from buying the game because, who the hell fucking knows why?
  4. That's hard to distinguish competition between the two especially since its from the same developer that has similar mechanics for the two games. It's a matter of taste or scenery. Both are legendary games. All I can say depends on my experience playing the two. Both are brilliant. I think there is better mechanic in a police chase than there is hunted by the law in RDR2. GTA5 you can smash into things but there is always a street to swerve into. RDR2 you can literally ride your horse to oblivion, get bucked off at the start of a fight, and left with your dick in your hand. So I will go with GTA 5 because it gives the player a little more control over situations. I think GTA 5 has better shooting mechanics. RDR2 was a bit chaotic with shooting and being able to revive your health with tonics which was not user friendly with controls. Both games lack the ability of save functions like saving a horse or car. That's the reality though they try to bring too gaming. And that reality is not necessary. In fact, not being able to save your mount or car when you want is a great flaw. But the developer wants to make a reality and make it hard. I'm not here to game to play Sims. I do not want a user unfriendly game. That is what RDR2 is and that is what GTA5 sort of is. GTA5 is a little tad bit more user friendly as a gamer. I don't game to be punished like RDR2 does. How is RDR2 different than a Soul's game? You get punished. I'd rather be punished driving my way out hanging out the window shooting at the mother fuckers. And that car shooting mechanic sucks with GTA 5. Damn. I'm dissing Rockstar.
  5. It baffles me sometimes the decisions they make for such a popular developer. They did make a big win though with the Microsoft deal, which granted Ubisoft special access to cloud gaming. I don't know how they managed that privilege, but it's a win for them. Lose some win some I guess.
  6. At this point, I also agree with you there. Game developers have a bad reputation when it comes to the way they treat employees. Ubisoft may be my favorite game developer, but their leadership needs a change for the betterment of employees. Ubisoft does have labor unions so I expect there are things in place to protect employees, so as a conscious consumer, to me that isn't grounds to boycott them. They have the tools needed to aid employees. Sounds shallow on my part, but if their union isn't protecting them, they should go on strike or vote for a new one that will. If they get oppressed at that point by the union and the company, then that's when consumers may be the answer to boycott. I don't know what all has happened there the past couple years so I don't know if things got better or not. If a developer had rampant abuse against employees without a labor union, then they may need some intervention to help them.
  7. That would be interesting playing poker in VR; but I have to say I wouldn’t trust anything in that arena.
  8. The only game I considered myself a pro was 007 in the early days. The whole two player screen to try and kill each other.
  9. I don’t like any of the PlayStation designs. The ps5 is the worst design out of them all. It’s a big clunk, not knowing whether to stand or lay it. Standing it, really? That’s an accident waiting to happen. I love the quality in ps5 gaming, but the new design is straight ignorance. Stop fucking with us, my message to Sony.
  10. At this point, I'm not sure what to think about other's opinions anymore. Some of the best games I've played have had "baffling mediocracy". So I'm still looking forward to playing the game.
  11. I don't know. If we aren't spending time and money on games, we would spend time and money on something else.
  12. My favorite is Ubisoft. I've come to love all their games from Assassin's Creed, to Far Cry, to Immortals Fenyx Rising, to Tom Clancy, to Watch Dogs. I have found their games to be very user friendly with the controls and gameplay; the historical legendary fame of assassins creed; the gameplay and graphics of their popular games. Ubisoft is a legend in the gaming world.
  13. I don't use any features. The only thing I care about is graphical quality.
  14. I don't know anymore. Every time a hit comes out people say it isn't good. What is good then? WTF are people looking for? That's the question.
  15. No, I'm not talking about leaving. I'm talking about a pet holding me back from fighting. Right now I have no attachments.
  16. It's in the genetic makeup, not something that is developed over time. I thought that quite interesting too. I've always had bad reactions to certain sounds growing up and it actually is my DNA. Who would have thought some gene makes you hate sounds...😆 I find it ridiculously funny but it is also not something to be messed with. Chewing is the main thing for me, and I also hate it when people clear their throats. It triggers a highly aggressive reaction with me.
  17. Bwahahahaha!!!! I hate the sound of people eating too!!! If I talk on the phone with someone who is eating I want to strangle them. I actually have a DNA report that says I have misophonia, a genetic trait where a person gets rage at specific sounds like chewing.
  18. I'm thinking about getting some new pets. I want to get a pair of cats, boy and girl, and a puppy. Not sure if I want to adopt adult cats or kittens. I originally wanted to adopt grown cats because I feel like I don't want to get too attached. My reasoning is because the future in my country is uncertain and I'm not sure I want to start a new family for the next 15 years or so when it's a possibility that circumstances may separate us. So I'm thinking of just waiting to see what happens after the elections of 2024. That's really the only thing stopping me right now from getting new pets.
  19. Yes!!! It's important to be able to print pictures because my amazing beautiful best buddy cat recently passed away, but luckily I have pictures. I don't have a printer but I used Walmart photo to create a giant collage of pictures of her. That way if something happens and I lose digital photos, I will have it on frame. I bought a bunch of frames too so I can print more pictures of her. It makes me so happy every time I look at them. We can't always depend on memories or electronics. The photos they printed at Walmart are great quality too.
  20. The most important thing that will happen without technology is that we will embrace our loved ones more or life itself alone. We get so stuck in our toys that we would rather entertain our own self and neglect others in real life. That happens to all of us in the modern world. It takes a loss to realize what you can lose. Wishing you spent more time with them instead of all the stupid technology. But we are all prisoners of technology.
  21. We all eat unconventional insects all the time like shrimp and lobster, which is nothing but orange sea roaches and giant sea roaches.
  22. Good to see you back man. You’re always cool here. Unfortunate circumstances for me too. I’ve been dealing with the same and it’s taking it’s toll on me. Write a journal to remember everything about your loved one. I mean everything.
  23. I think it’s safe to say there are factors we all agree with pointing out addictive gaming. But how does it start? I believe it’s the person’s lifestyle or other issues in the 1st place. Parents letting the child game forever. Adults that have obsessive behaviors. I don’t think gaming actually IS the addiction. I think it’s an obsessive trait in the first place and if gaming didn’t exist, that trait would lead them to be addicted to something else.
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