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  1. Avatar—best visuals in a game made to date in an open world.
  2. Cold Fear was a very challenging game, cool you brought it up. I didn’t have much luck playing the game; I gave up on it. If you are interested in the old horror games; check out Obscure 1 and 2.
  3. I would like my death to be memorialized in a game like Assassins Creed Origins where pyramids were built and underground sacred passages. Jewels everywhere. Why the fuck not? I collect mineral specimens. I have seen and felt the magic.I want to be buried with my treasures. I am a dragon. Yeah, make that the game. I’m hoarding my treasures. I sleep with it; I feel it; I’m one with it. My family members wants to be incinerated. I used to want that until I saw beauty of gems. I want to be buried with them. Grant me it’s powers as a skeleton, spirit, soul. Things we can never understand. Nothing is real. But those rocks, they radiate energy. Something has to be real. When I die, respect the rocks I collected. Each one has a story. Bury me with them all. So that aliens will come down one day, thousands of years from now, and look at my body covered in minerals and crystals. They will think I was a king.
  4. No way I’m comfortable with all digital. It invites a bunch of forced subscriptions to play games you want. It’s definitely heading in that direction though. The new generation consoles ‘digital only’ are cheaper, which is that extra push towards digital. Right now you see sales to buy digital. But once they eradicate disks, they will own you, take your choices away, and your game selection will be based on your subscription. It will take away your spontaneity. Many times I put in a disc and it downloads within minutes and you can start playing without the newest update though. Digital games for me using Wi-Fi takes days for 1 game to download. So Fuck the digital only future. Fuck it to hell, cause that’s where it’s going.
  5. We’re talking about Rockstar here which took over 10 years to finally make GTA 6. They outsourced their GTA remasters. They have no interest in that. They are full on hardcore top notch present moment.
  6. I got the ps5 and Avatar!!! This is the most beautiful game I have ever seen. All the amazing colors and wildlife. I haven't encountered any bugs yet which is good for such a new game. I think I have found a new favorite game. Just started playing so I can't say much more. But it is way beyond what I expected. It will make your jaws drop.
  7. It makes perfect sense to me. After everything he still made excuses for Musk in his last post.
  8. I'm glad you appreciate my apology, but I still don't think you understand that Musk puts himself in the spotlight for a reason. If you are Insinuating his actions are only innocent, knowing he has the biggest microphone in the world, is quite shady on your part. I don't think you really do appreciate my apology. Because instead of admitting Musk had a political purpose, you assume that he is just an innocent man, with a big voice on X, and everyone is out to get him on the spotlight. To feel bad for the guy for never being able to express himself...Well, he fucking has expressed himself and is losing advertisers over it for his antisemitism. I really don't think you can ever quite grasp who Musk really is. And we are back to square One.
  9. Music is really important. I don't have soundtracks, but I do very often look up songs I hear in games and save them on youtube or even buy music from iTunes. I wish we can control a setting on how often we want to hear background music. Because sometimes when I play while exploring, the music will turn off and it's too quiet. And when the music starts playing, that's when the immersion kicks in pretty hard. Music can pump me up for battle, or put me in a trance in exploration. Creep up on an enemy with some tribal music playing, ready to snap a neck or stick their head on the wall with an arrow. A lot of times though, music gets in the way of commentary like in FF 15. I had to turn on subtitles because the music would be blaring while someone is saying something important and I have to reload a past save to know wtf they said.
  10. I understand. I actually like @Dismal_Bliss and I think he's an intelligent man and has great gaming insight. So I'm sorry @Dismal_Bliss I took it to a personal level which was unfair. As far as the topic goes, I will say it's also unfair for Musk to blame a game for police violence and try to inject a false theme in the game long before any release date, all due for one reason only, and that reason was exactly a political motivation by Musk.
  11. A while back when I went to Hawaii, I remember that nobody was allowed on the plane who had any foreign plant life to or from Hawaii. Those restrictions should be in place everywhere for plants, animals, and bugs. One of the classic examples of bringing in an invasive species is like what happened when Australia brought toads from Hawaii, originally from South America, to kill some bugs that were destroying sugar cane and the toads became a major invasive problem where they easily killed other animals and populated all over Australia. Like what happened in Australia, a big problem is those who lobby the government. Some farming industry learns about some organism that can help their crop and lobby the government to bring in something foreign. Then you got smugglers bringing in exotic wildlife. Introducing an invasive species can even be a warfare tactic or terrorist act. What can you do about eco terrorism and stupidity? And it's not just introducing a foreign species that can be a problem, but killing off a native species lead to the exact same issues. Some are intentional like what America did with the wolves at Yellowstone and how they are currently genociding wolves in Idaho and repeating that mistake.
  12. Wait, isn’t the point of collecting certain things the whole point that the value goes up?? Collecting something expecting the market to be affordable for all is completely redundant.
  13. I want to update this thread. I first posted this in April 2022. It is now Dec 2023. I was 100% correct about Dinesh D'Souza and Musk. Let me remind you, D'Souza went to prison and was pardoned by Trump. D'Souza then went and made the film 2000 Mules, to promote election lies. Dinesh D'Souza said this on Twitter Jan 28 2022: Tweets are fine @elonmusk but you can dramatically change the political and cultural landscape this way: 1. Buy and take over a major social media platform 2. Acquire or create a TV network like ABC, NBC or CBS 3. Create a world-class online university and offer degrees for free. And Elon Musk replies on Twitter: "Interesting ideas." So far Musk has bought Twitter and made it become a neo nazi platform where Musk promotes Hitler ideology, sues anyone who researches hate on X, and uses government puppets to violate free speech rights of those who research hate on X. Musk is in sewer shit for his hate now. That is one idea from D'Souza, to buy major social media platform to change the political landscape and promote Hitler. What was the other?? Make a university?? Musk is now forming a university in Austin Texas. Why Texas? Because the corrupt republican government in Texas grants him whatever he wants. So Musk is following D'Souza's ideas. Social media to promote nazis--check University to promote nazis--check Next step for Musk is to buy a major news platform. The nazis are here folks, and Musk is one of em.
  14. Creating fake indoctrinated AI is exactly what nazis want to do so that they can’t be blamed for racial genocidal talking points. They can blame it on AI, a computer programmed by Musk to enforce Hitler propaganda on X. And that is exactly what Musk is trying to do. The Biden administration has been working with tech giants to place laws against intentional attacks towards others using AI. Musk is that intentional attack. Musk is a full blown nazi. The EU has laws now against hate promotion on social media and is suing Musk for violating peace. America needs to do the same thing. But republicans in America are traitors who hold loyalty to Russia.
  15. I would have loved to see a TLOU 2 multiplayer. I'm not big on online play, but there are only a very select few I'm willing to go online for and TLOU was one of them. They might as well since they are wasting time with all these unnecessary remakes. I believe the developers are perfectionists, so if they don't believe multiplayer is feasible, I'd respect their decision.
  16. I love the Telltale series, it was damn good and you really need to finish the last one. I have mixed feelings on the Destinies game. Looks like they made this game exactly like the tv series. And since I'm a big fan of the series, I would be interested playing this game. I've watched the tv series many times now, well the earlier series that is which is where this game takes place. I would love to put myself in there again while playing a game, despite its bad reviews. That's just me though. Maybe I'd get bored with its gameplay, who knows. Maybe I'll be excited to relive every moment from the show.
  17. This song is from Watch Dogs 2 that I fell in love with every time I hear it playing my game.
  18. One of the concerns for AI is that it can be programmed. Programmed? For AI? Oh, but I thought AI was a form of intelligence that can think for itself. Think about that. Seriously think about that. What I'm about to say is critical in what makes AI and what doesn't make AI. Are you guys ready? Ok then, let's put AI to the test. Elon Musk created an AI for his X platform called Grok... Musk wasn't happy about Grok because he thought it was too woke. Yeah, you heard that right, Musk created an AI too woke. So Musk then complains about his own AI creation, and now is reprogramming his AI to promote hate speech. So Musk is indoctrinating his AI????????????????/ Yeah mother fuckers. You heard that one right.
  19. Why isn't Cyberpunk 2077 not 3rd person view? I was pissed, I thought every game should have 3rd person perspective. But not anymore. Sometimes developers know what is best for you, regardless of how you are used to playing. That's just an example. The developers hold their ground, knowing what their intention is. Game players sometimes fail to see it. I know I have several times playing games. I failed to see their intention until I progressed. Other than that, gamers have all the right to criticize. We are consumers. We demand quality. If you don't bring quality, we will ask, how come you didn't?
  20. People don’t like major corporations dodging a monopoly attempt like Microsoft did. We the people have consumer rights. And we say no to monopolies. Our voice is worldwide.
  21. I am breaching my limit right now in alcohol.
  22. Why are you and Musk hooked on shooting cops in a video game pretending like it's political? It's not the theme of the game. GTA is a crime game. Like mafia games or any other crime game. You shoot cops and anyone in your way. You are displaying sympathy towards politicalizing fascist talking points. I believe people in your disposition will no doubt accept banning games just like they ban books.
  23. I haven't played the majority of those games. Baldur's Gate 3 looks cool. Is that game worth it to play as single player? If so, I'm gonna have to check it out.
  24. Maybe it’s a puzzle to you, but this is about a conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, proven wrong in the courts who intentionally made a kill all liberals and gays game, as opposed to GTA, which is a game series that has been 10 years since their last game. And the only asshole with the privilege to play the new game is the richest fascist in the world, who gets the privilege to play the game before anyone else and politicize it years before even being released. So who has the agenda? Who is your puzzle? Your man Musk is. He’s the only privileged mother fucker who is trying to politicize a game 2 years before its release.
  25. Say what? I’m a fan of their comedy series. They made movies? Games? Ooooh shit.
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