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  1. This is a much needed post and is something the gaming industry seriously lacks which is a sports game that has a great story with it. That could bring sports games back to people like me who wants a bit more than just playing a sport. Got my mind racing now with ideas. Imagine though, to have a bit of storyline, then go and play a match, back to story. I'm thinking something like the movie The Last Boyscout but with a lot more football action. Or the movie The Color of Money and have a story along with pool tournaments. Or even one of my favorite movies, The Basketball Diaries, except have more basketball action of course. I'd love to play a game in that new genre. I'm excited just thinking about it. Hope this idea takes off a bit and someone makes something good. Wouldn't that be something if they had a GTA mixed with Madden. Freakin insane. Or something like Rocky movie series mixed with Mafia game series. Again, cool topic!
  2. I've played Pac Man everywhere as a kid. I played it at home, movie theatre, gas station, grocery store, bowling alley, skating rink, put put golf. It was everywhere!
  3. This is actually two settlements! Woah! They will pay $275 million for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and $245 million due to tricking people into making purchases. They had to have known what they were doing. Glad it was ended. How long was this going on for though?
  4. The gaming industry is sorely lacking unionization as we have seen all kinds of worker abuse in the industry. Without that abuse, workers could focus more on their jobs and invite more talent from those who respect a respectable workplace with included benefits they may not have had. A union could even put the publishers in check who may be encouraging abuse by rushing the release of games, and ultimately even decrease the number of broken games. I'm not sure how a union would work with Activision as they are now under the umbrella of Microsoft, which isn't a union friendly corporation. But I guess a developer can have a union independently of the umbrella corporation. Zenimax Studios, also under Microsoft, who even owns Bethesda games also are trying get into a union. Communications Workers of America is the Union trying to unionize Zenimax and also Activision. The Union even wrote to the FTC stating that they would support Microsoft's Activision acquisition if employees were unionized. “We now support approval of the transaction before you because Microsoft has entered an agreement with CWA to ensure the workers of Activision Blizzard have a clear path to collective bargaining.” CWA president Chris Shelton added, “Microsoft’s binding commitments will give employees a seat at the table and ensure that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard benefits the company’s workers and the broader video game labor market.” https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/microsoft-activision-blizzard-deal-supported-labor-union-1235174379/ That link also talks about CWA Union and Microsoft having a Labor Neutrality Agreement where they agree that Microsoft wouldn't interfere with unionization of employees under Microsoft's umbrella. That does sound good, moving in the right direction, but still doesn't change the fact that the acquisition may violate antitrust laws. I think the only reason Microsoft is agreeing to this is so they don't lose to the FTC, just like wanting a 10 year deal to share COD. Agreements only allow big corporations to continue their monopoly. They need to answer to laws if any were violated after investigating. How long will Microsoft's ass kissing last? Will they throw it all out the window if the Activision acquisition is finalized?
  5. Gaming has definitely taken over more than my tv watching. It seems like I'm usually not in the mood to watch tv because there are too many distractions where I end up half watching while doing something else. Gaming keeps me occupied, keeps my mind entertained, and it gives me control on what I want to do, where to explore, make decisions, earn new gear or abilities, and the immersion of fantasy that tv nowadays just doesn't cut it as much of what I get from games.
  6. I really want to buy Callisto Protocol, but it's such a new game that I doubt there will be any decent sale. The ps5 is still out of my price range. I did get some new speakers though. Nothing extravagant, just a little upgrade.
  7. I'm very specific about gifts I want. I even say that if I didn't ask for it then don't get it. Because I'd take a $20 fun game any day over a $100 sweater. I also like to give people gifts they ask for. I don't like it when people dictate gifts and get something different than what was asked for. Like why didn't you get me the tea I wanted and instead get me a razor because you think I need a shave. I'll just add it to my other 10 razors. Anyways...I got Dying Light 2 and Saints Row cause I asked for it!!! Yesssss
  8. Once Florida freezes then it will be complete. Its the land of psychopaths where terrorism has been legalized by DeSatin and the orange Jesus has declared himself king of the underworld, two devils fighting over the frozen wasteland for supreme control over all evil.
  9. When I started gaming I'd forget things so easily and it's actually gotten better. I still always forget things but not as much. Maybe gaming improves memory? Another thing I find myself doing a lot more these days is I take the time to think about all the events of the storyline and the events I just played. That enhances the memory and experience. Plus, I get overwhelmed easily and it causes an overload of memory. Instead of playing too many quests in one sitting, I like to pace it out and enjoy the process of thinking about it. I don't expect myself to possibly remember everything in the long term. That experience, and the feelings I had is something I can remember.
  10. If I'm exploring outside a city, I don't like to use much direction because I want everything off the picture screen. Sometimes I'll use a waypoint. In the city area, especially driving games where you move faster, I always leave the guides on. I hate it when info about the quest keeps changing, especially when in the middle of something and I missed what I was supposed to read, whether that be from a quest or from notes I found. Or when you are listening to dialogue when stuff flashes on the screen about a quest. Can't listen and read at the same freakin time. When I do have the guides on in driving games, I like the approach in Saints Row 3, where you don't have to keep looking at a mini map every couple seconds because an arrow will flash telling what direction to go when you have to turn. That way I can focus on driving. What's even better is WD Legion where you can set a point and put the vehicle in auto drive to get there while you just take in the scenery. That's awesome.
  11. Don't want to spoil it; but a hint is given in the preview the way the teacher looks at the janitor at 37 seconds.
  12. After all the protests in China over Covid, now China has lifted Covid restrictions so that people can go back to work and keep businesses running. Now they are allowing everyone to work even if they have Covid and even without being tested for it. China just did a complete 180, so we will see how that affects the country. Almost like they are saying, you complained about it and now we will let you die...They went from human rights violations to total lax.
  13. WTF is the point then owning guns when you aren’t gonna use it or protect those when it matters?
  14. Well this is interesting. Musk has done a voting poll to ask around 17 million people on Twitter if he should step down as head of Twitter and he says he will abide by the results of the poll. 57.5% said yes he should step down and 42.5% said no. Now he is thinking about only allowing those who pay $8 subscription to be able to vote in polls. Not only that, but it seems he wants to weed out any people who vote against him and then run the vote again. Just watch... Musk is treating Twitter as a dictatorship. Very interesting indeed. He is already in hot water for banning reporters on Twitter. So I ask the question again, should social media charge people for their free speech? We are about to witness all the dangers of it with Musk and Twitter. He is bringing forth the days where only the rich have free speech access. Think it will stop at $8? No, this is the beginning of class warfare against free speech for all. These republicans sure do know how to turn everything into a shit hole.
  15. I don't think there really is any humane solution. You could have massive propaganda and scare people about STD's, provide condoms everywhere. Could seriously raise the cost of child support so the man or woman can't bounce from person to person, but that could put them in an economic crisis and a life of poverty. Everything else would be an act against humanity and rights. Many people don't want their children learning sex education in schools. Maybe there can be some kind of home program to teach parents and kids responsibility. Maybe a mandatory college course for all once they graduate high school. Or a senior level class they have to take before graduating. I actually think reducing population can happen naturally by providing really advanced technology in VR and have a simulation of pleasure with a machine that pleasures you just like the real thing. Why would you want anything else and spend money on someone and argue and all that hassle when you can get it anytime you want, safe and convenient whenever.
  16. I think you have to be 18 to open your own bank account in the USA. And preteens need a parent. Strange though because I remember having a bank account at 16 without a parent so I guess it changed. But that would make sense to not be able to make any in game purchases if you can't even open your own bank account, meaning purchases should be 18+. The younger teens who have a bank account opened with a parent would ultimately leave the parents partially responsible to look at transaction history to see what their child is spending money on. So should loot boxes be only for 18+ or 15+? I don't know. But for sure no 8 year old should have access to buying anything.
  17. It's because Sony is waiting to see what happens to the investigations. Sony knows that if they agree, then that agreement will weigh against the investigation. Plus, what happens after 10 years? It's only to buy Microsoft time hoping that the FTC will have a different head that is more Microsoft friendly and look the other way.
  18. Games where they have inclusion of characters whether its gender, race, gay, or fat and it makes others angry.
  19. I feel terrible when I accidentally kill a horse while attacking its rider like Ghost of Tsushima for example. Watch Dogs series and Cyberpunk puts guilt trips on you because you have a profiler that can scan people and get a little info on them and some of those people judging by their profile may not deserve to get killed. It touches on a little bit of personalization, I guess designed to guilt trip you.
  20. I would go for a game that needs a bit of strategy using abilities or magic like FFX or a military game where you plan your attack. It would be fun to work together and strategize. Plus it would be interesting to see how others think and go about plotting an attack. I'm not sure I would want to teach others my personal favorite games which would be Assassin's Creed Odyssey because it's such a big open world. Last thing I would want to do is teach someone how to parry or use certain abilities because we all think differently and want to fight differently. They may prefer an ability they like over one that I like. I'd get frustrated and become more of an observer and criticizer than do any help. Sometimes the best way to teach is let them figure it out themselves and plan their own attack. That's how I function. I have to do it myself and learn. As the student, if I wasn't familiar with all the abilities, I'd get nervous going to plan an attack while someone is telling me to do something when I don't know wtf they are talking about.
  21. A modern The Warriors game or something similar would be cool. I doubt they would ever remake that game though because it’s based on such an old movie that would also never be redone. It’s just a thing of the past.
  22. I'm really itching to get a ps5, but no way will I spend $800 for it. My cut off is around $500. The way things are looking, I don't think it will ever drop to the $500 price range even when a new generation console comes out. I refuse to buy used.
  23. It's definitely NOT a worthless hobby. It's pretty much the way of the future. You have communication with others through gaming and making friends; it can be used in schools to help educate; it could have therapeutic effect through VR; there is the art of photography using the photo mode feature; there are job opportunities; there is competition gaming and also through esports; there is military training and could be used for all sorts of job training through simulations. Playing for fun is just one of the many things that's great about gaming.
  24. This is getting exciting! Bloober Team is my favorite psychological horror developer. Maybe they will bring a whole new original game instead of a remake. They have some hits coming like Silent Hill and a new Layers of Fear. Would be awesome if they made an Evil Within 3. We will see. The horror department is looking good for the new generation. I think Bloober Team is gonna own it for this generation.
  25. Ghost of Tsushima is very encouraging plus the protagonist. One of the last of the samurais against an invasion and all odds. Holding onto honor despite having to change tactics and engage in stealth when needed. There are places of meditation to contemplate and gain a headband with words of meaning. Villagers are so desperate and hopeless. Jin always gives them hope when they see him. Rebels unite. Farmers fight. You see endless ships on every part of the coast. Smoke from burned villages show on the horizon. It's a story for the people and for humanity. The island's fate seems to rest on a samurai. The protagonist is very very humbled and even plays the flute. Definitely a game to look up to when feeling you are against all odds.
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