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  1. I think extreme capitalism is probably what crony capitalism is. There are many games that have this sort of dystopian environment where corporate power acts as government. I can't think of games that do a solid critique on it. Mostly, it's an evil you try to overcome. For me, a critique would be how exactly things came to be, the motivations, the events, and solutions. There is a lot of reading material in Cyberpunk 2077 and corporate wars, rise of power; but I haven't encountered much about how people were subjugated. I think how and why people were subjugated into allowing corporate trickery to take hold is a key concept that is rarely explained in games.
  2. The Federal Trade Commission is now reviewing Musk's takeover of Twitter. They will then make a decision to investigate antitrust violations. I don't know what all the antitrust laws are, but this could lead to some other violation such as conflicts of interest. Starlink satellite, which Musk owns would be one of the concerns.
  3. Where is Will Smith when you need em! 😂 I still luv you man!
  4. The right to abortion falls under the 14th amendment to the U.S. constitution. Now that we know the Supreme Court is gonna axe Roe v Wade, we can assume other parts of the 14th amendment will be under attack and possibly banned as well. The 14th amendment was put into affect after the Civil War to make sure everybody has equal protection, privacy rights, due process, citizenship for people born in the U.S. I will explain why the 14th amendment is the prime target for republicans and religious zealots to get rid of. First, the right to privacy is where abortions fall into. Basically, if you want to ban abortions then other privacy rights also can get banned under that exact same logic that the republican Supreme Court is using. Other privacy rights include gay marriage, interracial marriage, and contraceptives. If abortions go, those also can go. The 14th amendment also includes that people who are born in the U.S. becomes a citizen and republicans are constantly attacking that part of the amendment too because all they want is to deport them all. The 14th amendment also includes due process which we all know republicans want a kangaroo court so due process can get hacked away. The 14th amendment includes the insurrection act that was also due to the civil war. In section 3 of the 14th amendment anyone who broke their oath in Congress or any politician who engaged in insurrection or rebellion, or gave aid and comfort to those enemies can no longer hold any office. We have seen now multiple republicans who have given aid, comfort, and/or incited an insurrection on Jan 6 at the capital and their right to run for reelection is under investigation. And there could be more of them. So this is another reason republicans want to do away with this amendment. The 14th amendment also protects against segregation in public schools. And look what we are seeing now with republicans attacking CRT, attacking transgender in schools, banning talk of race and history; Texas even banned any talk of the 14th amendment in public schools, as well as the 13th, 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments. Republicans are also trying to take money from public schools and have it go to charter schools for their privatization. That will leave public schools neglected in funding where many minorities will become victim of segregation. The 14th amendment also protects voting rights as equal protection which we all know by now republicans have tried to destroy voting all across the board and suppress people's right to vote. Republican's racist gerrymandering lines are also a violation of the 14th amendment. So people know, racist gerrymandering is when county lines are drawn to segregate people of color or more populated areas and give them less representation of the number of electoral votes while white rural populations with less population gets a higher number electoral votes representing them increasing their voting power. So let all of this sink in and think about the bigger picture how the 14th amendment is getting attacked in every way. Banning abortion on the federal level is the start of a never ending elimination of our rights that are supposed to be protected by the constitution. Think about all those things I mentioned in the 14th amendment and how republicans attack every single one of them.
  5. Russia is forcing 2,000 male Ukranian civilians from Mariupol that are in 'filtration camps' to wear Ukraine military uniforms and parade them around on May 9th for Russia's Victory Day as part of their propaganda for a 'war prisoners parade.' What is the mob gonna do, throw tomatoes and rocks and spit on them? WTF https://www.yahoo.com/news/advisor-mayor-mariupol-russia-force-061350711.html
  6. In Saints Row 3 you get to fly a jet, helicopter, and other aircraft which is fun as hell going through the city and shooting everything. You fly drones through the city in Watch Dogs Legion and is a great experience. I had an amazing experience with dogfighting in Battlefield 1. I would like more of that. Destroy All Humans was fun flying around the saucer and killing everyone.
  7. Wabammm!!! Power grid knocked out. Internet knocked out. Wabammm wabammm EMP bombs! No more NFT. Investment gone.
  8. I think non diagnosed or temporary anxieties relating to the pandemic and not going to school, kids are turning to video games to help them which is an easier accessed hobby. Diagnosed anxieties or other mental health issues should be treated case by case and it's interesting to hear gaming can help for some.
  9. If I get frustrated I just put in a different game for the evening. If you get mad that means the game fates aren't with you for some reason. Play again the next day and I bet it's different. If the fates aren't with you, don't force it and just play something else. If I'm stuck in a mission and keep having to replay over and over, time to stop. I actually like doing that and pick up where I left off. Sometimes I even notice different things I missed before that can increase immersion. Could even be something someone says that didn't click with me before and come to it later and wonder how I missed it.
  10. Now republicans are blaming Ketanji Brown Jackson who is the first ever black woman in the Supreme Court for the leaked document on the republican decision to ban abortions and Jackson hasn’t even been sworn into the Supreme Court yet and has had nothing to do with anything in the court until she’s sworn in coming the summer.
  11. I want to be more clear on this. Women and the LGBTQ community are on the front lines in the attack on our freedoms. If their rights fall, all our rights have been overrun. All of us should stand with them. I remember when republicans complained about face masks violating their personal rights, and schools and businesses and politicians caved in and granted their freedom to not wear masks, not everywhere but in enough places. And that's in the middle of a pandemic. Our response to this Supreme Court should now be an overwhelming shutdown of the court. Prevent them from going to work. Close it down and demand freedom to choose and demand justices have term limits since they have lost all their prestige reputation. They want to throw away their oaths and become polarized, then they should be voted in like any political candidate.
  12. A document was leaked showing that the republican controlled Supreme Court has already voted to ban abortions in the whole country. It isn't finalized yet, but the leaked document shows they already plan on doing just that on the federal level. We are in the stages where republicans have chosen partisan politics and religious doctrine over their oath, law, and country in the Supreme Court. Everything is on the table now. Next will be a ban on gay marriage for the whole country. And next in line will probably be a ban on interracial marriage. As far as I'm concerned we no longer have a functioning Supreme Court. We no longer have a justice system to uphold the law. And just watch these lunatics in the Supreme Court throw out the next election. This Supreme Court has also already taken the side of republicans in racist gerrymandering lines which eliminates voting power for people of color, and that is after they said the court has no right to intervene in a different case that would have helped democrats to block racist gerrymandering. The first in line to take all the bullets as test subjects of public opinion is women's rights and the LGBTQ community since gay marriage is next. And if public opinion reacts passively, then the door is open to more and more heinous laws by these religious zealots. This is the chance for people to rise up and shut everything down. Or be passive and continue to lose all rights.
  13. Then stop abetting conspiracies. That’s all I ask.
  14. What you fail to understand is the conspiracy against Bill Gates and vaccines harms many peoples lives that could have otherwise lived instead of died. A person is a liberal shrill for being concerned about lives? What do you do then, bury your head in the sand?
  15. Please tell us all Bill Gate’s plans. You should stop listening to conspiracies and listen to the investigations into Musk
  16. Ummm, so you guys believe some billionaire wants to chip you through a vaccine and not Elon Musk who is already under investigation for torturing monkeys trying to open their brains up for Neuralink? Wow, the hypocrisy.
  17. Some games in VR actually ask if it’s ok to monitor your voice reactions. To me it’s kinda creepy for games to monitor you. If Thymia is used to detect depression then it can also be used for a million different things. Knowing you are being monitored can affect results of reactions as well as affect immersion lol.
  18. While I was playing they got a season 3 update now. So it’s worth another play to finish. I do have to ask how long COD games are these days. Are most of them fairly short? I can see why they might have shrunken games some to save gb space, but with how impressed I am with Vanguard I wish it was longer.
  19. Saints Row The Third- it’s a world of fun. Saints Row is fast becoming one of my all time favorites Battlefield 1- from 2016. Giving game another try since I’m into military games now. I first played it a couple years ago. Another game I didn’t appreciate at first. I’ve definitely grown to respect games more. Battlefield 1 no doubt is pretty good.
  20. I finished COD Vanguard. I wish it was a longer game, maybe a couple more missions. Overall, I’m really impressed. Great experience I had playing it. Oh, Lady Nightingale, wow
  21. Right after Elon Musk bought Twitter, the Department of Homeland Security has created the Disinformation Governance Board announced on April 27th. It was created to fight the misinformation from Russia's invasion and Russia's threat to meddle in future elections. It would also help prevent misinformation of our borders from smugglers profiting off of drawing people to the borders. "The Department of Homeland Security is stepping up an effort to counter disinformation coming from Russia as well as misleading information that human smugglers circulate to target migrants hoping to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border. “The spread of disinformation can affect border security, Americans’ safety during disasters, and public trust in our democratic institutions,” the department said in a statement Wednesday." https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/maddowblog/homeland-security-tackles-disinformation-right-balks-rcna26633 So hopefully this can restore a bit of faith that there is something being done in this country to protect people and our democracy from hostile misinformation. And Musk and the republicans are obviously not too pleased with the announcement. Of course they would get offended by that, why wouldn't they when they depend on lies and conspiracies that harm lives and democracy itself. Meanwhile those republicans banned books in schools, banned talk of racism, history, civil rights, women suffrage, gender identity, etc. in schools. They got no room to talk anymore. They don't even want to have debates anymore because they can't face public criticism of their craziness. Meanwhile, Musk is trolling liberals every single day now since he got Twitter and he already broke contract agreement with Twitter where he was not allowed to talk bad about Twitter board members until the deal was finalized, but Musk keeps shit talking everyone. Maybe narcissism is setting in as he ages. Looks that way. His power is getting over his head. He's joking around (or is he) about buying Coca-Cola to 'put cocaine back in' as well as McDonald's. And republicans were trying to ban Coca-Cola for speaking out against republican voting suppression bills. So it's obvious Musk just wants to troll liberals now. And republicans are abusing their power and attacking every corporation that speaks out about their hate bills. How did these people get so vindictive? But I hope things can get a little better if we had less Russian lies, Covid lies, election lies, inciting violence etc.
  22. Republicans in the state of Idaho are now refusing debates in their elections. This is the republican trend now. They can’t answer to the public about their fringe immoral politics.
  23. Thanks for the nomination and you deserved last months win. Congrats! Rubbing my hands together, thinking on who I should nominate. 😄
  24. Social media shouldn't have to suffer from a few bad apples. We all need social media to know what happens in the world but when those in power abuse the media and then take it away from citizens is a dangerous move. That's why I worry about Twitter becoming privately owned now instead of publicly owned because now with Musk's alignment with republicans, they can do what they want with the social media even shut it down if they feel it necessary to block spread of information from citizens in case of a future crisis or just censor whatever they want. Of course there is still Meta that is still publicly owned which have had its share of profiting from right wing misinformation and hate. So my faith now resides in the prepping laws Europe has taken to combat this with the Digital Services Act for Europe. The rest of us are vulnerable to the abuse from those that control social media. Especially in Nigeria I fear for the conflicts that can happen there in relation to the president and what happened in early 2021 and how that can affect your social media in the future. I'm not familiar with the history of your government and the coups that have happened, and the civil war. I hope recent conflicts doesn't put innocent people in harm. That's where social media becomes most important to help the rest of us understand the situation. Our social media is more important than ever especially with all the events in the world. But Twitter took a negative turn. There will always be misinformation, I understand that, but inciting violence and Covid dangerous lies has to be held in check which Musk is not the stand up person for the job.
  25. Elon Musk is now using the Twitter platform to attack liberals. Today he makes a meme calling liberals the radical far left. Sound familiar? That's what the looney republican fascists keep saying. But hold on, no criticism of the far right? The radical fascists who constantly call for violence, firing squads, coup attempt, threatening to murder the vice president and house speaker, and killed and attacked cops at the capital? The radical right wingers who is attacking the LGBTQ community, physically attacking students and parents at schools, banning history and talk of race and gender and amendments to the constitution in public schools? The far right who goes on mass shootings, voting suppression and election lies, Russia supporters, Covid conspiracies and acting out violently for wearing masks? Oh, but Musk, the rich guy who probably hangs with the 1% calls liberals radical. Today Musk declares himself a right winger. He says he is center right, but no he isn't if he's attacking liberals and not conservatives. He is the far right now. Twitter is fucked. As the far right continues to get worse and worse, the center, left and progressives seems like the radical left to those insane genocidal maniacs. Looks like both trump and Buhari had it coming for them. That's interesting you point that out. I remember hearing a little bit about that. There was so much going on here that I hardly payed attention to what happened with Buhari. So the Nigerian government banned Twitter in retaliation to Buhari's ban correct? Looks like Twitter made some kind of agreement with their government to allow Twitter and Buhari back. I wonder if Twitter made some agreement with Musk or if Musk is going to make an agreement with trump to let that crony back on Twitter in time for midterms. And it's ironic that trump might be back on Twitter to tweet his garbage while Musk is sitting here criticizing the left. Trump even backed the Nigerian government during that time of the ban and trump was saying all countries should ban Twitter. Well, it's the radical right wing platform now. All it ever takes is a rich man with no soul.
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