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  1. I found a video that says its ps5 showing all render modes for TLOU2. If Part 2 has the modes, then most likely the Part 1 remaster does too. For sure the Part 1 remake does. This is the only video I can find. At 1.48 minutes it shows 8-bit
  2. I was playing GTA 5 and I got to wondering. There is a scene where the woman was running and got pulled into a jet engine and shredded to liquified red pulp. I wondered, can that really happen? No, it's just a game. Very next day, by some strange coincidence, that same very thing did happen with Envoy Air. A person got sucked into the engine while they were walking on the ground. YIKES!!! That answers my question. That actually can happen.
  3. That's a good point. Games are getting bigger and bigger and without disc, they will be sitting there waiting for the download on release day and nobody will even be able to play the game on the day of release...LOL. They will probably have it where a certain percent of game is downloaded where you can play, which would be the opening first 5 minutes of gameplay and that's it. All the gaming forums will be filled with---"I'm still waiting for download."
  4. Exactly, the trials and tribulations. There are so many stories that can be made with this. A largely untouched kind of genre. I guess some sports games have to start off a bit cheap on the story to break the ice a bit and see if players like adding a story to their sports. The potential is huge is what I’m thinking. I mean, even take a look at this year’s FIFA in Qatar, and all the drama. That’s all a story in itself. There would be a big audience for a good sport story.
  5. Look what happened to music. Who buys a cd anymore? It went from records, to tapes, to cd's, to illegally streaming and lawsuits, to full embrace of digital music. Movies went from VHS, to DVD, to Red Box rentals and elimination of all other rental places. Movie theaters almost lost it during Covid. And more and more people are streaming their shows and movies. Consoles have gone from cartridges, to disc, to streaming and selling digital only consoles as a sort of cheaper alternative to full disc drive. Even VR headsets are digital only. And since VR is the future, that's an indication that gaming will become pure digital. That is not a good business strategy because we are all at the mercy of our internet speeds, number of gigabytes allowed, satellites, inclement weather, bad Wifi, and whatever other problems in the internet world will challenge digital only sales and downloads of gaming. If you move, travel, can't afford internet, you will never be able to access your games. Digital only gaming will also ruin the collector's world of gaming unless you collect the old stuff. But everything will get old one day. How will you show off your games, consoles, art work? Art will end up being NFT's. People will spend money in the digital world without actually owning anything. Living in the future, how will you play or purchase any old games from an older generation when all the servers get shut down permanently as the industry spurs on your purchasing power for the newer stuff without giving you a choice! I do see the gaming world heading in that direction. And it sucks! I think competitors will be important in those gloomy days when your choices become extremely limited and the only availability of games is priced sky high. What usually happens, is that starting out, the prices will be cheap for the digital alternative to reel you in there. Then once they own you, they cut off all your options and force you to pay high prices and subscriptions. Then those suppliers get bought off and bought off till there is very little competition left. Or, you will be forced to pay multiple subscriptions to play different games. And that I see happening too.
  6. It just seems like a joke right? Well, Florida has become the land of dictators with Trump, Bolsonaro, DeSantis, and all the other goons that lurk in Florida swamps. One big swamp of alligator tears right? They want to rule the world and hide and cry in Florida. Far right Bolsonaro lost his election for presidency against left candidate Lula da Silva. Republicans in the USA were wanting Bolsonaro to deny his election loss and have a military coup to stay in power. Even Bolsonaro flirted with the idea, always attacking the legitimacy of elections and basically acting like Trump's banana boy. So due to Bolsonaro's attacks on his country's establishments of democracy and his violations of human rights in his propaganda to allow Covid to spread, he is now facing charges in Brazil and has fled to.....Florida, the land of dictators and Covid denial, election denial, and coup lovers. This could be the beginning of something even bigger. The way I see it is that republicans in Florida may be engaging in international terrorism by allowing Florida to become the base of operations to plot coups around the world. Even the United Nations has stated that Florida, under governor DeSantis' leadership, is violating human rights and is moving in the wrong direction. Why exactly is Florida violating human rights you ask? It's their anti riot law which allows people to commit the terrorist act of ploughing their vehicles into crowds of protestors and legally get away with it. And for those of you who didn't know, Trump also lives in Florida at Mar a Lago, while recently he says he wants to throw out the constitution and have the country install him as president. And of course that is 2 years after his famous coup attempt.
  7. I was playing Watch Dogs as the new year rolled in at midnight.
  8. Just chilling playing games. People are shooting off fireworks outside. At midnight I’ll turn into a bat and bite everybody.
  9. When I grew up in gaming in the 80’s, it was in no way a lonely activity. There were arcade machines everywhere in public places. This was also in Las Vegas though where slot machines were also everywhere. When they removed all the gaming machines from the public eye, that’s when people developed the bias that gamers were lonely or asocial people because they really had no choice but to game at home. People watch tv or serf internet at home too, but the tv is everywhere. It’s socially acceptable. It’s at your workplace, at the auto shop, at waiting areas, and plastered on Times Square. I don’t know what caused the reason to eliminate gaming from the public world, I doubt it was supply and demand because a bunch of people would jump on an arcade game if they brought it back in everyday life. Meanwhile, we game at home where gaming has been pushed by whatever forces out there that decided it should stay at home. Even retail stores who sell video games don’t even allow you to play the games at the store anymore. Not that I see anymore at least. The gaming world is ripe to bring it into the social life where a CEO or a politician can openly talk about a cool game they played with their kids or spouse. What is more likely the case, is people feel like they are above it, above playing games. They see it as immature, while they go dress up and watch a play at a venue because they like to dazzle themselves in jewels and fancy clothes and act like their shit don’t stink. Entertainment is entertainment and if we can save ourselves the hassle of not wasting time driving downtown and get a DWI after a party and instead stay home with a pleasant game that makes you happy and engage with some gaming buddies, then who the fuck is anyone else to judge. Tell them next time they jerk off at the computer, they have to do it as a social group.
  10. This is a much needed post and is something the gaming industry seriously lacks which is a sports game that has a great story with it. That could bring sports games back to people like me who wants a bit more than just playing a sport. Got my mind racing now with ideas. Imagine though, to have a bit of storyline, then go and play a match, back to story. I'm thinking something like the movie The Last Boyscout but with a lot more football action. Or the movie The Color of Money and have a story along with pool tournaments. Or even one of my favorite movies, The Basketball Diaries, except have more basketball action of course. I'd love to play a game in that new genre. I'm excited just thinking about it. Hope this idea takes off a bit and someone makes something good. Wouldn't that be something if they had a GTA mixed with Madden. Freakin insane. Or something like Rocky movie series mixed with Mafia game series. Again, cool topic!
  11. I've played Pac Man everywhere as a kid. I played it at home, movie theatre, gas station, grocery store, bowling alley, skating rink, put put golf. It was everywhere!
  12. This is actually two settlements! Woah! They will pay $275 million for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and $245 million due to tricking people into making purchases. They had to have known what they were doing. Glad it was ended. How long was this going on for though?
  13. The gaming industry is sorely lacking unionization as we have seen all kinds of worker abuse in the industry. Without that abuse, workers could focus more on their jobs and invite more talent from those who respect a respectable workplace with included benefits they may not have had. A union could even put the publishers in check who may be encouraging abuse by rushing the release of games, and ultimately even decrease the number of broken games. I'm not sure how a union would work with Activision as they are now under the umbrella of Microsoft, which isn't a union friendly corporation. But I guess a developer can have a union independently of the umbrella corporation. Zenimax Studios, also under Microsoft, who even owns Bethesda games also are trying get into a union. Communications Workers of America is the Union trying to unionize Zenimax and also Activision. The Union even wrote to the FTC stating that they would support Microsoft's Activision acquisition if employees were unionized. “We now support approval of the transaction before you because Microsoft has entered an agreement with CWA to ensure the workers of Activision Blizzard have a clear path to collective bargaining.” CWA president Chris Shelton added, “Microsoft’s binding commitments will give employees a seat at the table and ensure that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard benefits the company’s workers and the broader video game labor market.” https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/microsoft-activision-blizzard-deal-supported-labor-union-1235174379/ That link also talks about CWA Union and Microsoft having a Labor Neutrality Agreement where they agree that Microsoft wouldn't interfere with unionization of employees under Microsoft's umbrella. That does sound good, moving in the right direction, but still doesn't change the fact that the acquisition may violate antitrust laws. I think the only reason Microsoft is agreeing to this is so they don't lose to the FTC, just like wanting a 10 year deal to share COD. Agreements only allow big corporations to continue their monopoly. They need to answer to laws if any were violated after investigating. How long will Microsoft's ass kissing last? Will they throw it all out the window if the Activision acquisition is finalized?
  14. Gaming has definitely taken over more than my tv watching. It seems like I'm usually not in the mood to watch tv because there are too many distractions where I end up half watching while doing something else. Gaming keeps me occupied, keeps my mind entertained, and it gives me control on what I want to do, where to explore, make decisions, earn new gear or abilities, and the immersion of fantasy that tv nowadays just doesn't cut it as much of what I get from games.
  15. I really want to buy Callisto Protocol, but it's such a new game that I doubt there will be any decent sale. The ps5 is still out of my price range. I did get some new speakers though. Nothing extravagant, just a little upgrade.
  16. I'm very specific about gifts I want. I even say that if I didn't ask for it then don't get it. Because I'd take a $20 fun game any day over a $100 sweater. I also like to give people gifts they ask for. I don't like it when people dictate gifts and get something different than what was asked for. Like why didn't you get me the tea I wanted and instead get me a razor because you think I need a shave. I'll just add it to my other 10 razors. Anyways...I got Dying Light 2 and Saints Row cause I asked for it!!! Yesssss
  17. Once Florida freezes then it will be complete. Its the land of psychopaths where terrorism has been legalized by DeSatin and the orange Jesus has declared himself king of the underworld, two devils fighting over the frozen wasteland for supreme control over all evil.
  18. When I started gaming I'd forget things so easily and it's actually gotten better. I still always forget things but not as much. Maybe gaming improves memory? Another thing I find myself doing a lot more these days is I take the time to think about all the events of the storyline and the events I just played. That enhances the memory and experience. Plus, I get overwhelmed easily and it causes an overload of memory. Instead of playing too many quests in one sitting, I like to pace it out and enjoy the process of thinking about it. I don't expect myself to possibly remember everything in the long term. That experience, and the feelings I had is something I can remember.
  19. If I'm exploring outside a city, I don't like to use much direction because I want everything off the picture screen. Sometimes I'll use a waypoint. In the city area, especially driving games where you move faster, I always leave the guides on. I hate it when info about the quest keeps changing, especially when in the middle of something and I missed what I was supposed to read, whether that be from a quest or from notes I found. Or when you are listening to dialogue when stuff flashes on the screen about a quest. Can't listen and read at the same freakin time. When I do have the guides on in driving games, I like the approach in Saints Row 3, where you don't have to keep looking at a mini map every couple seconds because an arrow will flash telling what direction to go when you have to turn. That way I can focus on driving. What's even better is WD Legion where you can set a point and put the vehicle in auto drive to get there while you just take in the scenery. That's awesome.
  20. Don't want to spoil it; but a hint is given in the preview the way the teacher looks at the janitor at 37 seconds.
  21. After all the protests in China over Covid, now China has lifted Covid restrictions so that people can go back to work and keep businesses running. Now they are allowing everyone to work even if they have Covid and even without being tested for it. China just did a complete 180, so we will see how that affects the country. Almost like they are saying, you complained about it and now we will let you die...They went from human rights violations to total lax.
  22. WTF is the point then owning guns when you aren’t gonna use it or protect those when it matters?
  23. Well this is interesting. Musk has done a voting poll to ask around 17 million people on Twitter if he should step down as head of Twitter and he says he will abide by the results of the poll. 57.5% said yes he should step down and 42.5% said no. Now he is thinking about only allowing those who pay $8 subscription to be able to vote in polls. Not only that, but it seems he wants to weed out any people who vote against him and then run the vote again. Just watch... Musk is treating Twitter as a dictatorship. Very interesting indeed. He is already in hot water for banning reporters on Twitter. So I ask the question again, should social media charge people for their free speech? We are about to witness all the dangers of it with Musk and Twitter. He is bringing forth the days where only the rich have free speech access. Think it will stop at $8? No, this is the beginning of class warfare against free speech for all. These republicans sure do know how to turn everything into a shit hole.
  24. I don't think there really is any humane solution. You could have massive propaganda and scare people about STD's, provide condoms everywhere. Could seriously raise the cost of child support so the man or woman can't bounce from person to person, but that could put them in an economic crisis and a life of poverty. Everything else would be an act against humanity and rights. Many people don't want their children learning sex education in schools. Maybe there can be some kind of home program to teach parents and kids responsibility. Maybe a mandatory college course for all once they graduate high school. Or a senior level class they have to take before graduating. I actually think reducing population can happen naturally by providing really advanced technology in VR and have a simulation of pleasure with a machine that pleasures you just like the real thing. Why would you want anything else and spend money on someone and argue and all that hassle when you can get it anytime you want, safe and convenient whenever.
  25. I think you have to be 18 to open your own bank account in the USA. And preteens need a parent. Strange though because I remember having a bank account at 16 without a parent so I guess it changed. But that would make sense to not be able to make any in game purchases if you can't even open your own bank account, meaning purchases should be 18+. The younger teens who have a bank account opened with a parent would ultimately leave the parents partially responsible to look at transaction history to see what their child is spending money on. So should loot boxes be only for 18+ or 15+? I don't know. But for sure no 8 year old should have access to buying anything.
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