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  1. It may benefit the publisher for that exclusive period to interest the customers but the developer will suffer with lower sales, marketing and publicity during that period. So I think it benefits the publisher and hurts the developer. It’s a great opportunity for Indie developers to sort of get sponsored by a publisher and be exclusive. For big titles not so much.
  2. They must have fixed them bugs cause I honestly barely encountered any. It’s a top notch military game I’ve been playing everyday now the past week. I don’t have much military games to compare to but who cares. I think it’s a great game.
  3. Time is irrelevant. To us, time is an orbit around the sun which causes seasons to change. Then we created minutes, hours, days, and years to coincide with the orbit around the sun. The sun itself is a star. Stars are born and stars die. When stars die they give off energy and elements. Energy is what keeps things in motion and the elements are available to randomly create life where it can form an organism that can survive its environment. Then it evolves in a long process. Every generation the genetics change. You carry traits from each parent. Many of us has neanderthal DNA. On this planet we have the laws of thermodynamics where energy is neither created nor destroyed. It gets transferred. Energy is basically what time is. The second law of thermodynamics is that energy constantly works towards disorder of a system or the entropy of a system. Entropy is basically what death is. Aging is entropy that constantly heads towards disorder. And finally death is the transfer of energy. The universe is constantly in motion. That motion is based on energy that humans define as being time. That's all time is. It really isn't anything at all except an increase in entropy and the transfer of energy. I guess you can say the measure of time is chemistry and physics. I see God as none other than an effigy of the properties of chemistry and physics. If a person believes that humans were just born and placed in a suitable environment by God, then they have to say that their beliefs also rejects all the properties of chemistry and physics because that is what time is. Since energy is neither created nor destroyed, time is neither created nor destroyed.
  4. Trump wasn't banned for stirring up the mind, he was banned for inciting violence relating to his coup attempt.
  5. At least I have trust that Europe did the right thing and they set an example for no toleration of dangerous rhetoric, but here in the USA is going to get real ugly, especially if Musk lifts the ban from devil trump and at a time where we are about to go into midterm elections. Almost seems planned that way. The vileness from republicans and their competition for creating the most vile conspiracies is a complete danger to everyone. With Musk looking to punish liberals for whatever petty reason, is cause for concern in this country. What's next? Some rich asshole going to buy up news networks?
  6. I didn't even know bibles were allowed in public schools, but after doing a search I see that it is allowed in libraries. According to the laws passed, it should get banned. End of story, no exceptions. This is another case of selective enforcement from the republicans. In all seriousness, everyone should bring this to the courts. Put republicans on the spot for once and have them defend it. This is another reason why republicans want to destroy public schools, so that they can control private schools where they can do whatever they want. That's why we see a surge of republicans across the board trying to increase funding to charter schools where its the gateway to privatism. A republican politician just called for the elimination of public schools and have it all private. Do a search on google and see all the different articles how republicans want to destroy public schools. That's what all this is really about. They want complete control over kids in private schools. In order to do that they have to bring chaos by making public schools dangerous, making teachers fear their jobs, eliminate funding or transfer it to charter schools, lower teaching standards so that they can claim public schools have lower test scores. It's even a segregation strategy where neglected public schools will only be available in minority neighborhoods, where their district is gerrymandered so bad that they have no voting power whatsoever.
  7. Way to go EU for the new Digital Services Act. At least Europe is protected for the hate that's coming from Twitter soon under the rule of Elon Musk. EU warns Musk: "The board [of Twitter] will have to make sure that if it operates in Europe it will have to fulfil the obligations, including moderation, open algorithms, freedom of speech, transparency in rules, obligations to comply with our own rules for hate speech, revenge porn [and] harassment,” Breton told the FT. "If [Twitter] does not comply with our law, there are sanctions — 6 per cent of the revenue and, if they continue, banned from operating in Europe.” "Mr. Musk knows this well," Breton tweeted. "He is familiar with European rules on automotive, and will quickly adapt to the Digital Services Act." https://www.cnn.com/business/live-news/elon-musk-twitter-04-26-22/h_1ad84e0622981970be5d1e150750117d Too bad the USA doesn't adapt these rules. I'm sick of republican lies and conspiracies that endanger everyone.
  8. More specifically, the trademark has nothing to do with anything; that tweet by Boebert was a display of her ignorance because she confused a trademark with a copyright. Also, the clown mispelled "Micky" in her tweet. It's Mickey. Boebert is the same lady who is trying to make a bill to not recognize 1st place swimmer Lia Thomas because she is transgender. That tweet from Boebert is a display of her ignorance for all to see. But DeSantis, Florida's governor is penalizing Disney now. And right wing protestors are throwing little protests at Disney trying to block its entrances. And why? All because Disney voiced an opinion. So where is all that freedom of speech??? Fuck you lying republicans. You don't give a damn about free speech. Our courts don't mean squat anymore. Florida's supreme court is republican. They tossed their oaths out the window. They have allowed all this crap the governor has done. Florida is in an authoritarian state now. And the federal supreme court no longer exists. The republican majority there also tossed their oath out the window. They also have allowed all this nonsense with schools and abortions as well as racist gerrymandering. For christ's sake, our miranda rights are heading to the supreme court now which is supposed to protect us from unlawful arrests. Miranda rights are up for debate now? WTF. Let's watch republicans throw it out the window.
  9. The Florida republican governor abused his power to go after Disney because they criticized the governor’s ‘don’t say gay’ bill. Disney has all the right to sue against the governor’s retaliation and abuse of power. This is a serious thing now where republicans feel they have the right to politically abuse corporations. Beginning stages of totalitarianism.
  10. Twitter caved in and sold out a major public social media platform to a rich bigot who wants to attack liberals. Twitter will now be privately owned which means it will become cultish. And with Elon Musk now catering to right wing conspiracies, we can expect a lot more inciting of violence and harmful conspiracies being allowed on Twitter. And we can expect the devil trump to be back on trolling. What a happy world this is becoming. If only there were laws to prevent rich fucks buying up social media and news networks. We can only have true social media when it is publicly owned.
  11. Celebrities are people too and have issues to deal with like anyone else. They can get a DWI and look like the worst criminal with a drunken photo because of all the publicity. It's all just a matter of what kind of crime they commit and what kind of punishment they get. Minor crimes with drug use gets you locked the f**k up while cheating taxes, paying off prestige schools to enroll you kids, and all kinds of shady things gets celebrities probation and maybe a month in jail. Celebrities can slap someone on live tv with no consequences. Fame should bring greater responsibility, but sometimes they forget to take the limo instead of showing off their Porsche while drinking.
  12. Seems like Modern Warfare was one of the best titles. I'm gonna have to get the remaster version for sure. The previews on the game looks pretty good. I don't mind playing a modern setting.
  13. I don't understand why Vanguard doesn't have high ratings because I'm playing it and it's amazing so far. I haven't encountered any bugs or glitches. It's a very story oriented game with great cinematics. Is that how most COD games are now? Everything runs smooth and the graphics are superb. I guess I must play other titles if Vanguard rates lower than the others. But the flock is in lala land these days so I'm not gonna listen to negative reviews and proud to say Vanguard is a bad ass game so far. There are a lot of in depth feelings involved and not just the characters but also the scenery; the calm before the storm; feelings the game is trying to portray. I think they have done a great job. It's definitely sparked my interest in other COD titles.
  14. I'd have to go with Stefano in Evil Within 2. He brutalized and killed victims to display as art and wanted to control the world so he could keep doing it.
  15. Last thing this world needs is another nazi sympathizer and Russia lover being president of France and a leader of the free world. I'm glad Macron was reelected or else France would be going down the drain with kookoo Le Pen. I guess every election in the democratic world faces a fascist crisis. But at least they aren't trying to overthrow elections. Congrats again to democracy and free elections. Such a nicer world without fascists.
  16. I got the season pass and the characters you get are pretty amazing and have fun abilities. Beware though, if you play on permadeath and the prestige characters die, they die for good just like the rest. I've already lost two of the four season pass characters. Only way you get them back is starting a new game or play with permadeath off. It just makes it that much more exciting though to play with permadeath on. The 4 characters are Wrench-my favorite, Pierce, Mina, and the assassin Darcy which unlocks after playing the assassin creed tie in missions. Even if they die, you still keep their outfits for other characters, but not the abilities. But if you do get it, then don't neglect looking for other recruits because you never know what you can find in the world. For me it's worth it, but it's your decision to weigh the money's worth. I've found myself spending a lot of time playing the other characters I recruited. Since I've already lost Wrench and Mina on permadeath, it just damn sucks and pisses me off, but I'm continuing on in the missions and have learned to cut the loss.
  17. Well, the attack on dictionaries is already here!!! Say anything stupid and I guarantee a right wing terrorist will run with it LOL. A man is arrested for threatening to shoot up and bomb Marriam-Webster headquarters for gender identity definitions in their dictionary. He also sent messages of hate toward the LGBTQ community. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2022/04/23/feds-man-threatened-merriam-webster-bombing/7423063001/ We can expect dictionaries to get banned in schools. You heard it here first!!!
  18. Kid Chameleon; what kid wouldn't want to play a game with this cover? Kingdom Hearts is just cool looking. The Suffering has a catchy title and who wouldn't look twice seeing a guy get burned in a chair?
  19. Call of Duty Vanguard The picture quality is excellent and I'm really liking the game
  20. Those are some cool ones. What is there not to like about that Street Fighter 2 art? Blanka's face is right in the center and if all you saw was his face, it would tell all. Doom has that red Mars color and I like how they added that bit of green brain splatter and the one in the front turned around looking at us is creepy. I can see how The Walking Dead may have inspired that. I had no idea The Walking Dead comic was out in 1989 by Aircel. Warhammer I have a hard time seeing what's going on there because of the colors I think. I just know I wouldn't want to try to break up that fight. Here are some of my pics for the moment. I have always enjoyed the cover art of Days Gone and something about it just screams to me as a favorite. He's just chilling by his bike, his lifeline pretty much. And all that chaos on the horizon, he's just like 'shit I'm ready, let's do this.' It's a beautiful place and can't I have just one moment to enjoy it? Next one I've always liked is Dr Muto. I have a fascination with science stuff and this is classic weird science!!! The Simpson's Hit and Run screams chaotic fun!!! That's the art Grand Theft Auto should look like. 😄 Now for the BAD Sorry Resident Evil fans. Great series and all, but all the cover art is super basic!!! It doesn't really say much Resident Evil 8: To me it looks like a face of pain. Is it horror? War? Drama? Psychotic breakdown? Resident Evil 7: It's scary looking house. How many times have we seen a pic of a scary house? It does look creepy, but it doesn't give an essence of a gaming environment. More like, you walk into a house and then what? Resident Evil 6: That doesn't really look scary to me and looks more like a band of mercenaries going to fight terrorists. Resident Evil 5: They didn't even try with that one
  21. Voodoo Ranger is good, and I remember there being a few different flavors in the IPA canned beers that's usually in local grocery stores. Those in the can were excellent but I can't remember the name of the flavors. It's been a few years since I've shopped for it due to abstaining from that section of the store. Worth the try to see which you like. They are all strong too.
  22. This is an extremely stupid debate to be had. Both fascism and communism have had genocides. End of fucking story. Communism is an economic way of governing that gets exploited and fascism is totalitarian way of governing with its roots in racism and nationalism.
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