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  1. OK, Governor DeSatin of Florida has now influenced their board of education academic standards and are now a complete racist controversy to our education. The new academic standards for grade school in regards to black history has now brought forth a very arrogant white supremacy white washing of history by claiming how slaves developed skills and trades as if slavery was a profession and benefited the slaves. Will the history being taught mention that slaves were not allowed to read and write? Or that they were raped, beaten, killed, hanged and whipped, and oppressed in every inhumane way possible? Not only that, but the new Florida education standards also will teach that blacks claiming the right to vote were massacred by the kkk and now considered by Florida academic standards that those blacks were held partly responsible for their massacre. Florida state academic standards social studies 2023: https://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/20653/urlt/6-4.pdf Here is the new Florida black history education standards: page 6: Examine the various duties and trades performed by slaves (e.g., agricultural work, painting, carpentry, tailoring, domestic service, blacksmithing, transportation) Benchmark Clarifications: Clarification 1: Instruction includes how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit. FUCK YOU FLORIDA KKK Here's another quip from Florida Klan law: SS.912.AA.2.8 Examine the range and variety of specialized roles performed by slaves. Benchmark Clarifications: Clarification 1: Instruction includes the trades of slaves (e.g., musicians, healers, blacksmiths, carpenters, shoemakers, weavers, tailors, sawyers, hostlers, silversmiths, cobblers, wheelwrights, wigmakers, milliners, painters, coopers). Clarification 2: Instruction includes the variety of locations slaves worked (e.g., homes, farms, on board ships, shipbuilding industry). Trying to act like slavery was beneficial and a fucking career that benefited them!!! FUCK YOU! Ok, this one page 17 Describe the emergence, growth, destruction and rebuilding of black SS.912.AA.3.6 communities during Reconstruction and beyond. Clarification 2: Instruction includes acts of violence perpetrated against and by African Americans but is not limited to 1906 Atlanta Race Riot, 1919 Washington, D.C. Race Riot, 1920 Ocoee Massacre, 1921 Tulsa Massacre and the 1923 Rosewood Massacre. You see that? Our backlash is written in text in the Florida education where acts of violence in the 1920 Ocoee massacre was partly blamed on blacks? Blacks tried to vote and were intimidated, oppressed, and then massacred by the KKK. How the fuck are they "perpetrated by blacks?" Is voting against the KKK's will a perpetration??? Fuck you. What will Florida say next, that christians from Europe saved the Native American's humanity? Fuck you KKK. They have banned discussion of history and banned books from minority ethnic groups. Texas banned discussion of civil rights amendments to the mother fucking constitution! Can't talk about civil rights? Fuck you This is where we are at now. The republicans will no doubt try to commit the next genocide. Prove me wrong you racist fucks! You can't and won't because you love this shit, you sick fucks. And when teachers try to teach in the Florida fascist state, if they try and explain anything then they will be considered woke and get fired. Because discussion of history is banned. Do you not realize the insanity?
  2. I’m about to buy. $$$$$ Microsoft and Sony get so hot at the prospect. Here I am, fresh mind, non biased, ready to buy right now. Which one? I’m pleasantly struck between two exclusives and that is my main debate. But please, let’s hear thoughts from gamers. Xbox vs PlayStation is a debate in itself. Please include the specs and all. But I’m going for a struggle between two exclusives. That’s between Starfield for Xbox and maybe, just maybe a The Last of Us Part 3 for PlayStation 5. And Naughty Dog always publishes at the final year of the life of a console. Ps5 just started. 8 years later maybe TLOU3? Shit, will I have my bonus then? Or struggle financially? Live for now or be wise? Choosing a condole is crazy. I’m not buying both. I’m not gonna fall into that trap. 10 years from now I’ll be taking back these words as I buy every fucking console. I hate you Xbox for seducing me with Starfield. I had my mind set to get a ps5. My hands are in the air.
  3. What if Mortal Kombat became open world with Earthrealm, Netherrealm, Outworld and other realms? What inspired this thought was the Krypt in MK11 where you have third person exploring freely and the environments cool. Imagine it...
  4. I try out new things more because it helps advance my play style. I used to just stick to what I'm familiar with and then I forget about other abilities, strategies, or weapons. I find it much more fun to break out of my repetitive comfort zone and be more spontaneous. I learn much more that way.
  5. I could think about this all day and who I pick today I would pick someone different tomorrow. But today I'll go with Raiden from MK because he is a god and a protector of Earth. I assume he is not just a protector from foreign space invaders, but would also protect us from our own destruction like wars and destruction of our environment. I mean, why would a god care so much about Earth and not care about what we do to it and to each other? Right?
  6. Their wildlife series would be some kind of game like Tropico or Battleship as they take control of armies and fight battles while they watch it eating slimy nachos on Spacetube.
  7. That does look amazing. It does not look like a controller friendly game though. Looks like all the moves and abilities will be complicated, but only my speculation. I'm convinced to play the first game now and see how the story is.
  8. I would say GTA 5 is the biggest hit but like Skyrim, both came out in the ps3 generation and both have spanned through the whole 8th and even into the newer 9th generations. If we take a look at those two we can see what really made them survive so long. It was the modding community that kept Skyrim alive and it was the online multiplayer that kept GTA 5 alive. GTA 5 has looked graphically awesome since its inception while Skyrim has been remastered and there are a bunch of mods to make it look even better. Rockstar has been quiet over the years but when they make a game, they make it to last. TLOU also came out in the ps3 generation and what kept it alive was simply bad assery. Although it did have online multiplayer, but not as huge as GTA 5 was mainly because GTA 5 is open world. Even Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out on the ps3 Xbox one era and the online community kept that one alive too. Those games mentioned I will put aside for the moment since they came out 2 generations ago. So assuming we are talking about the 8th ps4 generation, I'm gonna pick a game that actually came out specifically for that generation. I'd say it's between RDR2 and TLOU2 as top hits. But I believe @Rain Dew is probably right about MineCraft and Fortnight. I've never played either of those two. I thinker's online based? So in my book it doesn't count lol.
  9. You called that one out in the nick of time! I saw the trailer when you first posted it. I'm thinking you got someone's attention 😆CLASSIC!
  10. I didn't know that streaming can be made available as soon as a movie releases. There are a lot of factors today that may be hurting the theatre such as streaming, days of Covid, culture war conspiracies like recently the AMC Theatres CEO had to respond to the far right QANON conspiracies thinking they are suppressing movies...LOL. Plus now that all sorts of books are banned and libraries shutting down, the next attack on freedom is the entertainment industry. Fascists definitely will attack it. They already have by banning affirmative action creating a ruckus in Hollywood. So expect movies to get banned, theaters getting boycotted, government forcing what theaters can and can't show or what movies can be made. Then they will try to force the whitewashing of the entertainment industry like the days of old saying they can't hire actors that are diverse. So that will impact movies and theaters when everything keeps getting divided straight black and white/ male vs female, gay vs straight, tall vs short, ideologies getting in the way. When hit new releases are coming out, one Friday night will be liberal night and the next Friday will be fascist night. That's America now. They are just getting started to attack Hollywood. That will be the main destroyer of theaters as there will be boycott after boycott, probably mass shootings and threats when there is a movie with black history or even Native American or Mexican history at the theatre or something that opposes nazis. In that sense, streaming will take over as more and more people will fear for their lives and rather not get involved going to the theatre with a bunch of people protesting against a gay scene and threatening customers and vandalizing the venues. That's gonna start happening right around the corner before you know it. The American society will become hermits as gun wielders will intimidate everyone else and everybody now has the right to discriminate against customers due to the recent supreme court ruling, which will invite open hostility on American streets with everyone packing. Employees selling movie tickets will go to jail if they let an underage person in the theatre. Employees will refuse to service a gay customer some popcorn claiming they now have that right. In a normal society, I don't think streaming would greatly affect the theaters because going out on dates and with friends, the movies has always been the place to go. And who doesn't want to watch something on the big IMAX? It's just something that won't go away. But this society is not a normal society. Every fabric of our culture is going to be attacked and the movies is another obstacle, another authoritative desire from the fascists who want it to be completely controlled by the government along with your news, social media, and every business you shop at. It's here. Then they will go after what can be streamed and what you are allowed to watch in your own home.
  11. Mortal Kombat XL has all DLC for $2.99 85% off of $19.99. Starts 7/19/2023 and ends 8/03/2023 for ps4. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1018-CUSA03589_00-MORTALKOMBATXL00 I just finished playing this game couple nights ago and it is pretty awesome! I thought I had a good deal when I bought it, but now it's even cheaper. The story/graphics/fighting are all great! This is the best deal you will ever see no doubt. It's worth to play this 1000% Must get, must have, must play.
  12. I would put my shield with gemstones and crystals and fuck foes up... Before I get into what I want my arms to look like, you need to understand the power of stones. I would embed my shield with fuck you stones.
  13. LOLOL...I think Ubisoft predicted the future!!! I feel for you playing this game with similar sentiments where you live. Shoot, the whole country by now has already drawn their line. It was no accident that recently 'trumpy sentiments' was in Waco to celebrate the David Karesh cult which was willing to kill and die like they were zombified in Faith's gardens from the game. But I guess that's as far I can go into it w/o breaking the politics rule. I'm hooked on this game. First time I rode in the mounted gun on the truck while my ally drives just put me in a place....yeah a place where I want a truck with a mounted gun! 😆 I need welding tools for Christmas and a .50. Anyways...Have you played Far Cry New Dawn? It's a nuclear fallout 12 years after Far Cry 5 using the same map. I'm definitely getting that one.
  14. Far Cry 5, Mortal Kombat 10 and 11. I started playing MK11 but then I felt I was missing some story so I bought MK 10 and I enjoy that type of game so much with good cut scenes and then go into a fighting match, so I went and bought MK 10, MK 11, Injustice 1, 2. It's on!!!
  15. I think you are spot on about how it's marketing. I guess it would be a mess for sales if they were all over the place not really giving people a 'strong point' to look for as consumers. 🤙
  16. This game has really drawn me in. The beautiful Montana landscape is a nice bonus while fighting religious anti government cultists. But the theme itself is what really has pulled me in. I've tried to play this game in the past and stopped for some reason. That was a few years ago. I think in today's fucked up cult like world Americans are dealing with really feels like this theme hits home. Well, if you are in a cult, you may also enjoy playing this game to see how you crazies end up lol. I like how they have this chemical everywhere that puts people in a zombie like craze. And every now and then some ghost appears out of the blue. Weird, but cool. I'm not religious so this backdrop of churches and white picket fences in a beautiful serene place just feels all too.....creepy. Basically, a religious militant cult rebels against law enforcement and takes over the whole state going door to door killing everyone who doesn't conform to their cult. Bible and guns! Come Hell or High Water! Yes...yeehaw! Come get some! Kill a cultist! Bring the sanity back! I think I had to get that off my chest. Have fun ladies and gents
  17. People can change. Question is, what does it take? Do you have to save their life? Do they need a near death experience? Do they need fear of prison? Do they need fear of losing something? Do they need humiliation? Do they need defeat? Do they need to surrender in war? Is it education? Love and family? Soberness? Do they need to move away and relocate somewhere else? Do they need to cut all ties? An intervention? Take their money and power? Do they need a mental health checkup? A medical checkup? How do you get a bigot to separate from their peers? That's the problem. Those people live in closed bubble tight knit communities, thinking alike, looking alike, believing alike, with constant bombardment of hate they are influenced by and that hate only grows, back and forth, and everyone they come into contact with. That is their society. A morally broken society which they can't even see the difference between sanity and insanity, fact and fiction. Conspiracy and paranoia is their water. Religious and anti government extremism is their food. Hate is their reproduction. And every one of their children born will be indoctrinated as a bigot as they are dunked under water baptized into a life of hate and ignorance. They never even had a chance to think for themselves. Just a lifetime of whispers in their ears telling them that everyone else that doesn't look like you, or believe what you do, or do what you do, is your enemy.
  18. Maybe in the case of RE8 they tried to add too much and branch out a bit. There is some serious scariness in simplicity like in RE7 it scared the holy mackerels out of me when the infected humans pop out and chase me. And that creepy old lady in the chair always having her head follow you. One thing all humans share is fear of other humans or a monster inside a human body. That messes me up. Other types of non human monsters may scare some people but not others. That's why adding an assortment of monsters is a gamble. Diverse monsters is good of course because it adds lore, but it's still a gamble. There is something so natural when we look at a person, we are left to the fear of our imaginations. That simplicity has created some of the best movies ever made as well as games. And that's a big reason why I love survival horror and psychological horror, with Bloober Team being my favorite. They definitely found their niche. If they branch out more mainstream, I still have confidence they would make some great games. Remaking games is gonna happen. It's a win win because we get to relive classics for a new generation and they get to profit using an old blueprint. That will never change. There is a lot of talent out there and I'm honestly impressed by many developers of all types of genres. It's just that they have to listen to where the market is and right now the apocalypse style games owns it. And I believe The Last of Us series has peaked that genre and set the standards so high that it may have intimidated that genre lol. I personally would love to see an Evil Within 3. I can't imagine how awesome that would be. Cool you mentioned Days Gone. I enjoyed that game and it really needs a sequel. There is a petition for Sony to make a Days Gone 2. There is a discussion about it here:
  19. Proud boys are domestic terrorists in two countries and have been charged as traitors with seditious conspiracy convictions in the USA. You have the right to point and shoot. Time to kill the traitors. Is this a threat? The supreme court just decreased what constitutes as a threat in the Counterman v Colorado case. I'm free to go.
  20. My opinion is lost because I've tried many times playing it. I see the perfections. I see the brilliance. The rampant hunting me is a breaker. Fuckin hunt me when I try to do good. Fuck that. I get enough of that in life. I can't get over the hill in the game. It's not my time. It is not my time to play it.
  21. Assassins Creed 1,2,3- I wouldn't start playing AC1, just wait till they remake it. AC2 has a three part trilogy and AC3 actually is the 4th part that ends it. It's a matter of if you want to play in Venice and Florence (AC2) or in Rome (Brotherhood-sequel to AC2) or in Constantinople (Revelations- sequel to Brotherhood). AC3 is a really good one taking place in the revolutionary war. You could play AC3 w/o playing the others first. I enjoyed the combat and the story. Mortal Kombat 11- I just started playing and I'm enjoying it. There is a storyline that so far looks bad ass. Then you get to bust out in a fight and test your skills. I've forgotten a lot of the lore and characters over the years, but definitely something I wouldn't mind looking back on previous games and learn more. RDR2 ???- Whua??? Cmon, you love that game!!! 😆 God of War 2018- I thought the game was pretty good and the fighting and lore was good too. It definitely lives up to its name. There is new gear customization which the previous games didn't have. There are different realms to visit offering different sites. FFX- Excellent game!!! The story is great, the turn based fighting is excellent!!! I really enjoyed the challenges using everything you had and what your allies have to strategize and defeat enemies. It's pretty awesome. It was my very first turn based game and it is something I'll never forget, unless I get dementia. 🤣 Bloodborne- It's difficult, but the dark Victorian lore is amazing. It gets addicting because it brings out the determination to progress. And you get so far only to die and have to go through that area all over again. That's what sucks, and you lose all your coin every time you die. So the strategy is to go fight, earn some coin, then go and spend it before you die. But then you still have to do it all over again because you have to leave the area to spend your coin. I haven't beat it. It's on my list of, I'll finish one day games.
  22. The bible has been returned to the school shelves in Utah after the original decision was appealed. So that really does mean that 'laws are for you and not for me' which conservatives has 100% proven their hypocrisy. It's perfectly ok for a book to have incest, porn, and explicit content. Tell me again why they are banning books? Because it's not due to porn after all.
  23. Both those games look awesome! I am super impressed by Starfield. Looks like that one has a massive world to explore. Bet it gets many awards. For me, it is a must play but unfortunately it is an Xbox exclusive and PC and I don't have an Xbox.
  24. I'm downloading Mortal Kombat 11 right now. I'm able to fight matches before it finishes downloading and so far looks pretty good. You only got 2 losses? You are whooping it!
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