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  1. People like him have fallen into an obsession of homophobia and they use this exact talking point to praise dictatorial leaders who they think are strong. All these culture wars from republicans are for only one purpose, to demonize their opponents and try to get in good grace with religious groups. Cause we all know religious people are the only righteous ones in existence, right? (SARCASM). Every holiday, republicans go on offense how liberals try to take it all away. Republicans cuddle the American flag in one hand and the confederate flag in the other while trying to overthrow an election with their brothers next to them holding Nazi symbols. Their actions speak for itself. Every law they pass is a direct attack on people of color and the LGBTQ community. As far as the survey goes, people can lie in surveys; surveys can be biased; and the baby boomer generation, every generation for that matter, has their share of LGBTQ but the baby boomers grew up in an age where they have to be closet gays. Conversatives think they are the population of heterosexuals but you can never tell. Russia for example, is the epitome of how republicans want this country to be like. Russia has cracked down on the LGBTQ community. Transgender people aren't allowed to drive in that country. They have passed the 'gay propaganda' laws. They have tv shows demonizing gays. At the same time, in such a masculine society, there is allegations that Russian soldiers in Ukraine are raping grown men and boys, including women and girls. So a country that is hell bent on punishing the LGBTQ and pro masculinity are raping grown men and boys? Is gay jail rape a masculine endeavor to the far right wingers too? So let's not get caught up in any extremism. Republicans have their equal share of gays who most likely are closet gays. Toxic masculinity is not good and treating your 4 year old boy as a girl is not good. As far as that goes, we can't reach too far into it because we don't know their personal story. Was it fun and games? Or something else? When I was a kid me and my sister raided our mom's makeup and painted each other lol. So fucking what. I would still beat the hell out of most kids in my neighborhood and in school for that matter. I got kicked out of first grade for kicking everyone's ass all the time. I was a bully when I was younger. I even hit girls too. I even attacked grown ups and run off. I just didn't care. Me and my friends played dodge ball using knives to throw. Then I grew up. I embrace my femininity now. I'm not afraid to be one with nature and that whole thing. At the same time I am willing to defend my country if there is a call for arms. I will protect those that are in need. That's masculine enough as far as I'm concerned. There are far too many grown males who need to grow up. You can't call yourself a man just because you have a job, money, degree, and a family while throwing tantrums on planes for having to wear a mask. And that is one example of many that I can go into. Long story short, grow the fuck up republicans!!! I have a couple other points to make about false masculinity and the so called strong man. Take a look at the Neanderthals who were much stronger than homo sapiens. But we are alive today because we were more intelligent. The physical strength didn't prevent the Neanderthals from going extinct. Spartans supposedly has a myth where they would weed out weak boys and train the rest to be strong as hell. Where are the Spartans today? Why don't they have their own country and empire? You get the point. Toxic masculinity is a recipe for failure. Nothing good comes out of it, except for abuse and violence. You can't brainwash the testosterone out of males. If you are so concerned about losing testosterone levels, then protest and complain to the food manufacturing companies that packages food in plastic containers. Because that plastic is full of estrogens that leak into the food. And that includes bottled water. So get off your manly asses and complain to them. What's wrong? Don't want to piss off the corporations? Huh? The industries leaking estrogens into the food? They get the green light, so you instead attack the gay community? Fuck you bigots. Straight up. You homophobes are idiots.
  2. It depends on the tv too. If you don't have 4K tv, then you can't see the full potential of 9th gen games. 4K and 8K tv's have a very limited range to see it's full clarity. The further you are from the tv, renders 4K and 8K useless. So you can play 8th gen on 4K and it might look better than 9th gen on basic HD TV. Might be the same for computer screens and graphic cards too.
  3. That's good points and I can see where you are coming from. And they have tried temp bans on people and they come back and eventually do the same thing. People don't get another chance when they are being lied to about everything in a pandemic. People don't get another chance when they fight for their right to live in Ukraine while others spread disinformation, including people in our own congress here. And in the case of trump, people don't get another chance if the coup attempt was successful, hence his banning. And as mentioned earlier the banning of Muhammadu Buhari who could have created a lot of turmoil in that country. These are serious situations that need more than multiple temp bans. Free speech doesn't include the right to incite mayhem. And 1 week bans, or one month isn't enough. I say 6 month ban or 1 year automatically for inciting violence and repeating the offense is permanent ban. We need to take these kinds of things extremely serious. The only people bitching about Twitter free speech are those that want to abuse it. True, inciting violence is rampant, but those that have higher responsibility in power and millions of followers shouldn't be treated like the average Joe who got drunk and said something fucked up.
  4. Now that you mention, I don't recall hearing much metal in GTA 5 either. I'm not even familiar with all the stations yet. I'll have to see if I come across some songs while I put my ride in slo mo and crash into bodies at the beach.
  5. Only time will tell to see how he juggles free speech and threats/inciting violence/life threatening conspiracies all around the world. And you are right that a lot of media is owned by billionaires and thanks to Musk's takeover, he has shined a light on this problem. It's not every day we see some rich asshole take over a major platform. So we all should be concerned by this kind of thing. Social media shouldn't be up for grabs by the highest bidder. Not social media or news networks. There needs to be some kind of laws in place to keep media publicly owned and protected somehow from so called hostile takeovers. Is anything wrong about being concerned by this? I'm glad you are getting recommended posts now. But whatever is going on with the algorithms, I have no idea about. And I frankly could care less about it. All I got to say is all forms of media needs protections. And it's even more concerning exactly why the richest man feels the need to own Twitter. Especially when he has chosen to side with other hostile people who want nothing more than to spread disinformation and incite violence. That's alarming to have someone of questionable morality to take over Twitter. He's already being investigated for breaking the law in his Twitter share as previously explained, also investigated for torturing monkeys as explained, and also investigated for widespread racial discrimination at Tesla while he's CEO, and the FTC is reviewing his acquisition of Twitter to see if any further investigations is needed; what else is he investigated for? Those things matter to me, especially when someone wants to represent free speech and a major platform. He's already said he is bringing Trump back on Twitter. What other whack jobs are coming back? So we can expect threats and calls for violence to be perfectly legal on Twitter now.
  6. Listening to Kaskade I was driving the beach after scoping Fort Zancudo. Cops and military after me. Grazing the ocean. Sun setting. Listening to this music, do or die, but a beautiful place with the horizon. Drive on or kill. Oh fuck music just slowed down. Bullets flying, love in the air, sunset, bodies flying, one with your car, cruise on, grazed with bullets. Thought is over. Wake up, wake up...fast forward music...run mutha fucka run.
  7. I am a big fan of the Assassins Creed games and I have come to the point where I think Valhalla is a broken game. A year ago I had 150 hours accumulated of gameplay and lost it all through corruption. I tried again and racked up hours not to play the game but to get opals to buy gear. I've been doing that for a while. More than a year now. My reasoning is to finish other Creed games. So I've been flirting with Valhalla in a sense. So this spring the Ostara festival happened. My main save game got bugs in it now and ruins the experience. I'm sure Ubisoft can correct it with an update. But that's the problem. EVERYTIME YOU HAVE A SEASON EVENT YOU FUCK UP THE GAME. Now I look back on how my 150 hours of play were corrupted. It was right after an event. And every time there is an event the game downloads an update. Every fucking time the update fucks the game up. Either stop the events or stop making games. You don't even care to make any future games without mandatory internet with your Infinity future game. You don't know what you are doing anymore. You are over your fucking heads. Fuck You Too. Valhalla is a broken game. I have no more trust in my saves. And every time you force us into an updated event you fuck it up. I'm tired of it. I can't even play Valhalla anymore. Immersion is broken. Game is broken.
  8. The indoctrination continues in public schools. Ron DeSantis now just signed into law House Bill 395 that would require all Florida schools to teach about communism for 45 minutes on 'Victims of Communism Day.' Florida is the only state that has that requirement now. This is all going back to the days of the communist red scare. But it's amazing how Florida outlawed historical discussions of anything related to racism, civil rights, gender identity, and sexual orientation, but now forcing teaching about communism. I don't have a problem learning about the horrors of communism, but to exclude other historical events and any talk of racism just shows the ill intentions of fascist DeSantis. Democrats better get on board and start teaching about the horrors of fascism. This is a two way street, but democrats won't drive. Another thing I want to point out is a bipartisan bill to educate Americans about the WW2 era how Japanese Americans were placed into internment or detention camps and a bunch of republicans voted against it. So this cherry picking of ideals on what Americans are taught is outright censorship, oppressive, and politically immoral. Everyone should have the right to learn about ALL history without big government cherry picking it.
  9. It’s no shock he won. Russia has fake rigged elections. They give people the illusion they have elections to pretend like they are a democracy. Remember, Putin poisoned and jailed Navalny who was his opponent. Putin also just past laws to extend his presidency until 2036. He’s an official dictator now.
  10. Republican governor of Florida recently passed into law a survey for all colleges and universities to find out the political beliefs of employees and students. It's obviously unconstitutional being a violation of privacy rights. And it's designed to pit students against teachers and then blackmail colleges to strip away funding if they don't get more conservative. So finally we get to see the 13 questions asked. There are actually 21 questions for students and 24 questions for staff. 13 are listed here, I guess the rest of the questions are about race and gender. The original version of the survey had religious questions too. I don't know if it's left on or not. But there are 8 more questions we can't see here for students and 11 more for staff. 1) I feel that it is important to be able to express my political viewpoints without fear of negative consequences 2) My College or university campus provides an environment for free expression of ideas, opinions and beliefs 3) My college or university classes provide an environment for free expression of ideas, opinions, and beliefs 4) I see examples of free and welcomed expression in my classes regularly. 5) My professors or course instructors use class time to express their own social or political beliefs without objectively discussing opposing social or political beliefs. 6) Students at my college or university are encouraged to consider a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives. 7) I feel comfortable speaking up and giving my views on noncontroversial topics. 8) I feel comfortable speaking up and giving my views on controversial topics. 9) My college or university is doing a good job when it comes to promoting or encouraging diverse political viewpoints. 10) I would be concerned if most of my professors or course instructors held the same political beliefs. 11) I have felt intimidated to share my ideas or political opinions because they were different from those of my professors. 12) My professors or course instructors are generally more (conservative, liberal, other, don’t know) 13) My college or university is generally: More tolerant of liberal ideas and beliefs, More tolerant of conservative ideas and beliefs, Equally tolerant of both liberal and conservative ideas and beliefs. 7 of these questions are direct political questions. 1,5,9,10,11,12,13. The United Faculty of Florida is a union that is encouraging a boycott of the survey, “Florida’s government has no right to know the thoughts, feelings, or political or religious beliefs of anyone, including the higher education community,” the letter said. “Privacy is the bedrock of democracy and a safeguard against autocratic control.” "The union says it is concerned faculty members can be identified and targeted through questions in the faculty version about their demographic background and where they work." https://floridapolitics.com/archives/513878-university-viewpoint-diversity-surveys-are-released-here-are-the-questions/ Here is a statement released by the United Faculty of Florida union: 1) Florida’s government has no right to know the thoughts, feelings, or political or religious beliefs of anyone, including the higher education community. Privacy is the bedrock of democracy and a safeguard against autocratic control. 2) Ignoring this survey is an act that protects individuals of all political persuasions, now and into the future. This survey would not pass ‘validity tests’ in any institutional review process, as there is no way to ensure that responses will reflect the demographics of the institution. It is not worthy of time away from our teaching and research. 3) The specificity of the survey’s demographic questions allows for targeting of faculty, particularly faculty of color, and can be used to attack tenure. 4) Many of the survey’s questions are leading in nature and imply that there is a problem of viewpoint fairness on our campuses already–this is a conclusion searching for evidence, rather than the other way around. 5) Many of the survey’s questions ask respondents to report on what they believe their colleagues and students think and how they are behaving on campus. Surveillance has no place in Florida’s higher education system. 6) The survey will cause a chilling effect on freedom of speech and freedom of association on campus because faculty, staff, and students will be wondering whether their words and deeds will be reported to those in power. 7) Governor DeSantis and other legislators have threatened to defund or otherwise punish campuses whose responses do not match the appropriate ideology. This is not a standard of leadership or behavior that any member of Florida’s higher education community should support. https://www.uff-uf.org/uff-statement-on-the-viewpoint-discrimination-survey-do-not-participate/
  11. I don’t know. Some think sports is the closest thing to war to get to. We aren’t far off from the gladiator days. Except now everyone can watch it on tv. When you pit two teams against each other, with media hyping it up to increase bets, mix some alcohol, and you get the mob.
  12. I hate it when people cheer for the other team at sports bars. You live in a city, then people from somewhere else cheers for their hometown instead of the one they are in. It's annoying. Then you walk to the restroom and crack a bottle over their head and one big rumble starts up. People throw bar stools and slide bodies on the bar knocking down everyone's drinks. Then the music stops playing. Everyone stops fighting. Then somebody walks over and sticks quarters in the juke box. When the music starts up again everyone starts fighting again. The bartender chugs some liquor and picks up a shotgun and blasts the juke box. Everyone stops fighting dazed and confused. Somebody scores a goal in the game. And they happily all start fighting again.
  13. That’s a good habit. I do the exact same thing. I keep my console, discs, and controller super clean. I always wash my hands before picking up the controller or handling a disc. If you wash your hands 3 times before gaming, that would be a bad habit
  14. 'Yet Again, A Judicial Counterrevolution Looks To Chain The Country To An Imagined Past' That's a solid title in this article that explains this attempt to take the country to an imagined past. "At his presidential inaugural on March 4, 1857, President James Buchanan, a Northern Democrat aligned with the South’s slavers, took to the steps of the Capitol and preemptively announced the result of an as-yet-unreleased Supreme Court decision that would give a “settlement of the question of domestic Slavery in the Territories.” "Two days later, Chief Justice Roger Taney read his majority opinion in the case of Dred Scott v. Sanford. Black people, Taney wrote, are to be “regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” Can you imagine living during that time? It just seems so evil today, but it was so normal then. Our Supreme Court today would be the same court back then. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/scott-alito-roe-v-wade_n_6274013be4b046ad0d7964f4 Getting rid of Roe V Wade is an example where women have always been treated as second class citizens and the right to abortion was never truly finalized in the constitution or more specifically, the 14th amendment. “There were no women among the delegates to the Constitutional Convention,” writes historian Jill Lepore in The New Yorker. “There were no women among the hundreds of people who participated in ratifying conventions in the states. There were no women judges. There were no women legislators. At the time, women could neither hold office nor run for office, and, except in New Jersey, and then only fleetingly, women could not vote. Legally, most women did not exist as persons.” With that in mind, what else in the 14th amendment or any other amendment that we believe we have full rights to, are just a facade not protected by the constitution? What rights can actually be taken away now that we thought we had??? We already know that same sex marriage and interracial marriage fall under that illusion of rights. What else is just an illusion? We will find out with this Supreme Kangaroo Court. Take us all back to an imagined past. And the women who do support this, are just as backwards as a republican black man who are so eager to sign their own rights away.
  15. That's true. I think the disease is either greed, obsessive compulsive spending disorder, hoarder, or some kind of kleptomaniac.
  16. How would gaming be if humans had 3 hands? Our controllers and gameplay utilizes two hand use. Would having 3 hands make a person more intelligent because they have a whole other arm to control? Would gaming be much more intelligent too to compensate for a more versatile brain? What kind of controller or functions would make use of a third hand? How will gaming change? Would it get more difficult and have more enemies to fight? What are some of your ideas how gaming can change with a third hand?
  17. Texans are breeding fairly rampant in the wild now. There is concern about babies born out on the pastures and what kind of protections or rights they should have. Could you actually catch them and raise as livestock? Or let them eat on the floor of the dinner table? Or just leave them be in their habitat? They prefer to wallow in mud so it might be best to just leave them be. Some think that they could over reproduce and become pests that have to eventually be hunted. The leading spokesperson for Happy Texas Pigs advocates for freedom to wallow without human intervention. He lived in the wild as a piglet until it got stuck in a trap. He has shown that human pig hybrids can function in normal society, but do to their excessive unsanitary habits and potty behaviors, he says they would be happier grazing. Snorto Junior the 5th Here is a recent human piglet Snorto has found in the wild. He currently has tagged this hybrid to find out its habits. Sometimes they can look cute as piglets, but we shouldn't ignore the fact that some areas in Texas already has an invasive hybrid of human pigs. It's hard to distinguish which species they come from so we should always be on guard. This pig hybrid was captured on video molesting a calf and later ate its intestines. Wildlife and animal control was able to track it down and tranquilize it. It's currently awaiting bond at the local pig pound. In other news, Texas is the first state to elect a pig to control the state's finances. Some say that this official gets a bit greedy at times and some have even called for investigations into corruption.
  18. What I don't understand, is how come when women have the right to choose to get an abortion at the federal level, then how are individual states allowed to ban abortion if it's legal? If abortions are banned in the whole country, shouldn't blue states be allowed to legalize it in individual states? California has already said it will have a vote to legalize abortions when it gets banned across the country. Basically, just do what the republicans do on the state level. The USA will no doubt become segregated states and maybe become two separate countries naturally.
  19. The Clinton Township school board in Boone County, Indiana just had an election and the winner of the republican primary is a man who is in jail and is charged for killing his wife with a flower pot. Sounds like a joke, but this is real. Republicans voted for this guy to be on the school board, while he's in jail. How many ways do I have to say it? So they want to get rid of anybody they accuse of supporting CRT, while voting for a guy in jail accused of murder. Of murdering his own wife; to be on the school board. A fucking school board. Innocent until proven guilty right? Just like the accusations without proof of supporting CRT. Republicans have no shame. Something is really really sick with these republicans. Republicans are a morally broken culture. Of course if he's found guilty he can't be on the board because he will stay in prison. But to even vote for this guy and jeopardize their whole election hoping that he's innocent over some other candidate without that kind of baggage is plain psychotic in the minds of those voters. And that's without any thought in regards to the kids at the school. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/republican-allegedly-murdered-wife-flower-153927076.html
  20. I usually game in the evenings and I look forward to it every evening. It's hard for me to get too involved in a game during the day. I think it's a great barrier to prevent addiction. When the sun goes down my fangs protrude. Hsssssss. Give me blood, give me war, let me walk a road wherever I want to go. I used to read a lot, but now my major source of entertainment is gaming. I'd rather game than watch tv. Reading is just lacking that ummph that games bring. But honestly, I feel more grounded when I read more. At this point, gaming rules all. And I don't give a damn. Take me where you want to take me. My reality is not something I want to face anymore. This world is in shambles. At least in games I can do something. Empowerment. Reality depends on the goodness of entire populations. Gaming only depends on me where I am the savior of all. Where I can fly right into the precipice of those with the power to decide fates.
  21. That would be a good topic because I'm also interested in learning about Greek Gods.
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