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  1. I’ve been wanting to buy the game for a while. The sale value has held up for an old generation game on disc. It won’t fall below $20, for a game 2 generations ago. Is the game that good?
  2. Skull and Bones….bring it! I want to see if the mechanics are any better than Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Same developer, and I believe the pirate saga is pride to behold for Ubisoft. So this should be good. FF7 is that a remake? I thought they already had a remake.
  3. You are 100% correct and insightful about other classic medium made into a game. It’s hard to pinpoint where they are wired differently. I think they are trying to please the masses so much that they forget about the foundations of simple fun. Just total…fuckin…simple….fun…
  4. I downloaded this game to see what it's all about and been playing it for a week now. I think the combat system is amazing. It's like putting a game in photo mode where you can zoom around and check things out, plan your attack, press a button to forward the action to see how it pans out, stop, play, look around. It's pretty fun. I think the game is straight forward. Once you start leveling up your character, no need to worry if you mess up because there is a store at Havenwood, probably elsewhere too which I haven't come across yet. But you can buy an accessory to redo your ability points. Also, there is a quest close to the beginning where you can go to a secret shop whenever you want, run by some kind of immortal and there is a mirror where you can change your appearance if you weren't satisfied. That's important to point out because something about my character really irritated me and when I found out about that mirror I was so happy to change it. I think the rogue is probably the most enjoyable character. I started off as mage, but I had to always stay back and fight with magic, but with the rogue I can attack up close more and sneak around. I guess it doesn't really matter what you pick because you meet new character allies along the way that you can control in your character lineup who have the warrior or mage traits. This is a very user friendly game. At every camp site you can change your character lineup. You can rest to replenish all your health potions at the camp tents. Don't mess up and start deleting gear to save inventory space because other characters may need some of those weapons. I didn't know that at first so I sold most of my inventory not knowing other characters could have used it. I think most people have played the game by now, so all this is probably pointless. Oh well.
  5. Man this question brings back some memories. When I was a kid gaming, I got excited often in a different way than I do now. Back then I used to love going to the movie rental store and look for Nintendo games to play for a couple days. I would stay up all night trying to beat the games. Me and my friends would go to the gas station right down the road to play arcade games, then get a whole bunch of candy, bubble tape bubble gum and load our mouths full of gum, and make slurpies with mixed sodas. We were sugar crazed kids. It’s a different excitement now because we have such state of the art consoles and games, including VR, and I know the next game will be so immersive, to bring a fantasy that is much needed in my life. As a kid I was excited for entertainment and action and socialize with my friends, even though I gamed a lot alone too. But now I’m excited for the sheer graphical beauty, the immersion, story, fantasy. It’s two entirely different game periods with entirely different characteristics in gaming. Entire different mentalities in gaming, different needs, different standards. The excitement is there for me, but it’s different. Back then you pop in a game and play; perfect for a sugar crazed kid. Today I love to strategize, get deep in story and play alone.
  6. In nazi America, blue states are safe, but LGBTQ are still vulnerable in public because Nazis want to earn their stripes so they beat gays, along with minority old people and women because Nazis are pussies. They are scared to fight one on one against a man that can fight back. It’s the typical abusive cowardly mentality. Thing is, republicans have a lot of gay fantasies. The more they hate against gays, the more they fantasize about their closeted thoughts. Look at Moms for Liberty, a far right anti LGBTQ organization that is doing most of the book bans in schools. Bridget Ziegler is the co-founder for moms for liberty and is now in hot water for doing threesome sex acts with another woman and her husband Christian (ironic name) who is the republican chair in Florida, which is top leadership of the Republican Party. He was accused of rape. Think about that. These fucks bring their politics into schools, ban books, sit on school boards, then fuck with a dildo in their ass and an apple of Eden in their mouth. Total hypocrites. Then you got Jessica Watkins who is a trans who belongs to the Oath Keepers and she was sentenced to at least 8 years for her role in the capital attack in 2021. Oath Keepers leaders are now in prison for sedition conspiracy charges. Straight up treason. Jessica admitted that her peers pressured her as a trans growing up to hate herself and others that are like her. She was brainwashed obviously. The Moms for Liberty chapter in Philadelphia was actually run by a male pastor, Phillip Fisher, who plead guilty for raping a boy. What? Moms for Liberty run by a male rapist? They sit on school boards and ban books? So when these republicans cry about gays and trans all day long, make hundreds of bills to take their rights away, they are telling you that they are closeted gays. And they hate the freedom of other gays because they are literally stuck in the closet and they are jealous of your freedom. They want to take your freedom away to make themselves feel better and force you to live as they do hiding everyday.
  7. Every month I will summarize the countdown to the destruction of America. So far this year it's between Biden and most likely Trump again. There is only one republican candidate left, Haley. And she's Indian American so she won't go anywhere because MAGA are white supremacists. Trump is now making fun of her Indian name while Stockholm Syndrome Haley pandered to white supremacists when asked about the civil war. This year starting in March Trump should be facing his trials. But he is begging for total immunity from all crimes, including being immune from assassinating people. And our corrupt Supreme Court will take that case to decide if Trump has the right to assassinate people. The Supreme Court will also decide whether or not Trump can remain on ballots after he conspired a coup attempt. After the Civil War, the 14th amendment section 3 was established to prevent any person from holding office that engaged, aided, abided, or provided comfort to a rebellion and insurrection. If that amendment is followed, Trump and many republicans cannot ever hold office. It's a constitutional amendment. If you trash one amendment, then I guess the abolishment of slavery is also trashed. It's the constitution. The supreme court has proven to be corrupt and they have zero oversight for ethics. They take bribes. They are religious fanatics, handmaid style. The court will back Trump every step of the way, to prevent him being liable from any crime. Prove me wrong mother fuckers. 10 months of freedom left. Do you know how that feels knowing the supreme court backs a 91 felony count traitor? Even though we are the majority, proven over and over in elections, only for those money grubbers and nazis to try and steal your free and fair elections from you? This is my countdown 10 months. NATO is performing drills for war with Russia. MAGA republicans support Russia. If NATO goes to war with Russia, that means we can go to war against MAGA because they are aligned with Russia. That's the only way for America to retain freedom. One fell swoop against MAGA and Russia. You will see how much Trump and MAGA support nazis this year. Trump is quoting Hitler. Trump right now just gave support to Viktor Orban dictator. We all know he aligns himself with dictators of the world. America---10 months. Do your thing patriots. If not, you won't have life or freedom anymore. Straight up. The coming election is dictatorship or freedom. Every month I will summarize the time of freedom that's left. 2024 is the most important year of the entire history of this country. We are living it. We are living with the nazi parasites who have no mind, no morality. They can only be defeated through war. They won't stop their obsessions. They will continue to the point of genocide. This is how it starts. Republicans have embraced nazis. Will America fall for it? Will humanity prove to be repetitive idiots? This is the test of humanity, with history to be judged by. That makes nazi republicans even more evil, knowing what they are consciously doing to people, to this country. 10 months
  8. I’ll tell you, the 2000’s and up generations really fucked up the 80’s-90’s. They have zero respect for the holy grail of classicism.
  9. Oh man, no doubt I’d hang with Ubisoft playing an Assassin’s Creed game and have them give me historical facts and myths while I play. And then give me mythological insight when I fight a mythological creature. Guide me the whole fucking way. Id feel like a spirit witnessing history. Isn’t what the whole Animus thing is for? Fuckin bad ass every way you look at it.
  10. It’s a game I want to check out. I’m believing it’s more multiplayer oriented, so I’ll get it when I believe single player is worth it.
  11. In Deus Ex Mankind Divided, a bystander NPC said that we are no different than AI because we are all programmed. That’s not the exact words. But we are raised in a preprogrammed environment, justifying his statement.
  12. I agree here for a short gaming experience, although it is horror; not the technical sense, but it definitely is. Cool you brought up this game though cause only 1 week ago I finished playing it from start to finish over maybe a two week period and it blew my mind. I first started a play through a few years ago as an inexperienced gamer and what lost me was puzzles in the game. And it’s not even so hard anymore in my current play through. I do think the puzzles would throw off a gamer looking for 16 hours or less of fun. That’s hoping he’s smarter than me and will wiz through the puzzles. But I have to say, I didn’t give the game the respect it deserves at first, but it’s amazing. It is a shorter game but has a tremendous impact. Probably not a game for someone looking for straight fun. It’s a lot more serious than that. Id say Destroy All Humans remaster for straight fun.
  13. I'm trying to show a list of games that have a free upgrade. If you have a ps5 now, check your disc games from ps4 and see if you have a free upgrade so you can play later. Here is a list: https://www.pushsquare.com/guides/ps4-to-ps5-all-games-with-confirmed-free-upgrades You can check any ps4 game you have by inserting it into a ps5 and on the right side of the screen will tell you to purchase free upgrade if its available.
  14. I would recommend something that isn’t the new generation console because many still don’t have it. I would not recommend an open world. I’m thinking something fun, not overwhelming with controls. Nothing too challenging or repetitive sports. I’d say a game like A Plague Tale Innocence; a game for all ages. It’s simple mechanics and good story. Do not jump into big AAA games because a new gamer will not appreciate it. It takes time to appreciate games. And when it happens, you will find your own love for gaming. I think a story oriented game would be best to start with.
  15. We all grow up a certain way. How is your life not programmed? Have you ever done anything against the wishes of your peers? If you have, then that is a greater intelligence. That is what makes AI special. It makes it no better or less than the human brain. We can be programmed and we can think for ourselves. I put this in the gaming forum because I was inspired by the game Deus Ex Mankind Divided; just a nobody on the street that I heard talk had a piece of wisdom. We are all programmed. Fight against it. Think for yourselves. Be a true rebel, not a rebel that your peers are forcing on you. Think for yourself. That’s the whole basis of artificial intelligence and that’s the whole basis of human intellect.
  16. Avatar—best visuals in a game made to date in an open world.
  17. Cold Fear was a very challenging game, cool you brought it up. I didn’t have much luck playing the game; I gave up on it. If you are interested in the old horror games; check out Obscure 1 and 2.
  18. I would like my death to be memorialized in a game like Assassins Creed Origins where pyramids were built and underground sacred passages. Jewels everywhere. Why the fuck not? I collect mineral specimens. I have seen and felt the magic.I want to be buried with my treasures. I am a dragon. Yeah, make that the game. I’m hoarding my treasures. I sleep with it; I feel it; I’m one with it. My family members wants to be incinerated. I used to want that until I saw beauty of gems. I want to be buried with them. Grant me it’s powers as a skeleton, spirit, soul. Things we can never understand. Nothing is real. But those rocks, they radiate energy. Something has to be real. When I die, respect the rocks I collected. Each one has a story. Bury me with them all. So that aliens will come down one day, thousands of years from now, and look at my body covered in minerals and crystals. They will think I was a king.
  19. No way I’m comfortable with all digital. It invites a bunch of forced subscriptions to play games you want. It’s definitely heading in that direction though. The new generation consoles ‘digital only’ are cheaper, which is that extra push towards digital. Right now you see sales to buy digital. But once they eradicate disks, they will own you, take your choices away, and your game selection will be based on your subscription. It will take away your spontaneity. Many times I put in a disc and it downloads within minutes and you can start playing without the newest update though. Digital games for me using Wi-Fi takes days for 1 game to download. So Fuck the digital only future. Fuck it to hell, cause that’s where it’s going.
  20. We’re talking about Rockstar here which took over 10 years to finally make GTA 6. They outsourced their GTA remasters. They have no interest in that. They are full on hardcore top notch present moment.
  21. I got the ps5 and Avatar!!! This is the most beautiful game I have ever seen. All the amazing colors and wildlife. I haven't encountered any bugs yet which is good for such a new game. I think I have found a new favorite game. Just started playing so I can't say much more. But it is way beyond what I expected. It will make your jaws drop.
  22. It makes perfect sense to me. After everything he still made excuses for Musk in his last post.
  23. I'm glad you appreciate my apology, but I still don't think you understand that Musk puts himself in the spotlight for a reason. If you are Insinuating his actions are only innocent, knowing he has the biggest microphone in the world, is quite shady on your part. I don't think you really do appreciate my apology. Because instead of admitting Musk had a political purpose, you assume that he is just an innocent man, with a big voice on X, and everyone is out to get him on the spotlight. To feel bad for the guy for never being able to express himself...Well, he fucking has expressed himself and is losing advertisers over it for his antisemitism. I really don't think you can ever quite grasp who Musk really is. And we are back to square One.
  24. Music is really important. I don't have soundtracks, but I do very often look up songs I hear in games and save them on youtube or even buy music from iTunes. I wish we can control a setting on how often we want to hear background music. Because sometimes when I play while exploring, the music will turn off and it's too quiet. And when the music starts playing, that's when the immersion kicks in pretty hard. Music can pump me up for battle, or put me in a trance in exploration. Creep up on an enemy with some tribal music playing, ready to snap a neck or stick their head on the wall with an arrow. A lot of times though, music gets in the way of commentary like in FF 15. I had to turn on subtitles because the music would be blaring while someone is saying something important and I have to reload a past save to know wtf they said.
  25. I understand. I actually like @Dismal_Bliss and I think he's an intelligent man and has great gaming insight. So I'm sorry @Dismal_Bliss I took it to a personal level which was unfair. As far as the topic goes, I will say it's also unfair for Musk to blame a game for police violence and try to inject a false theme in the game long before any release date, all due for one reason only, and that reason was exactly a political motivation by Musk.
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