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  1. I haven't been to a Gamestop store in a long time. I couldn't even tell you the last time I was in there. I used to frequent them and liked the option to buy used games at a discounted rate especially if I felt like I wasn't 100% convinced that I'd like the game and keep it. I always seemed to have a stack of games I no longer liked to play and would put the credits towards a new title I was curious about. How do you feel about Gamestop?
  2. I honestly thought games are no longer a thing on Facebook. I remember back in the day playing Farmville, The Sims, etc. I'm interested to learn about the virtual reality options with Meta.
  3. Sharon

    Clash of Clans

    I'm not familiar with what you mean by bots. Do you mean that just not enough people play it anymore and there are just AI based accounts? I guess it's been a few years since I've played - I'm a bit out of the loop!
  4. I think I might go ahead and grab the Siberia games for $1.99 why not! Thank for your this list!
  5. No specific titles come to mind. I've become so picky with the games that I buy in recent years that I'm pretty sure that I would enjoy the game before I go out and buy it. It'd be cool to see others respond to this thread with their opinions so I can make sure to avoid such titles in the future!
  6. Just a couple of more days to go! I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts about this release. I'm considering getting this for my husband for Christmas.
  7. Is Final Fantasy XV considered open world? There are tons of cities in that game I think. Lots of campsites and smaller towns too. Of course, I'm sure there are other games out there with a lot more cities.
  8. This may seem silly to some but I love to play Farm Together on the Nintendo Switch. I find farming and the music so relaxing! The repetitive controls and objectives is a nice balance I feel for feeling like I'm accomplishing something without really needing to think too hard about what I'm doing. It's awesome!
  9. Sometimes when I plan on being away from home for more than a weekend I like to bring my Nintendo Switch with me and pack up all of my games, accessories, controllers, dock, etc. I tend to just throw them all into a drawstring bag. Does anyone else like to take their system with them? What do you use for a bag or case?
  10. Sharon

    Doodle Jump 2

    I saw this advertised the other day and I decided to go ahead and download. It's incredibly addicting! I remember enjoying this game a lot in the past so I figured why not! Do you have this game downloaded on your mobile device?
  11. Whenever a title intrigues me I tend to add them to my wishlist while browsing through the marketplace. I like doing this because I conveniently receive an email whenever those games go on sale. I've got several games now that I've purchased that I still have yet to really play because of this. lol Do you use the wishlist function?
  12. I used to have a strong preference to physical copies. I liked the option to resell games after I finished them (or maybe if I don't really like them). It's a bit of hassle now to do that so I tend to lean more towards digital copies as I find them more convenient. Do you prefer digital or physical games?
  13. Sharon

    Sea of Thieves

    I remember seeing the trailer for this game and thought it looked really cool. I haven't picked it up myself though. Has anyone here played it? Would you recommend it?
  14. Sharon

    Clash of Clans

    Does anyone here still play Clash of Clans? I'm tempted to re-download it. I remember being absolutely obsessed with this game. I even decided to purchase an iTouch just so I can have another profile.
  15. I found my old collection the other day and I'm excited to play them again just for nostalgia. I will take a picture one of these and show it to you guys. I don't know how I managed to have two systems. I don't have many games. I may have to peruse my local shops to see if I can find any more games for it or even eBay. Did you like this handheld system? Do you still have yours by chance?
  16. Exciting! We will probably be upgrading for sure. I went ahead and added the concert reminder on my calendar for November 11th at 2:00pm ET. I've always loved the Skyrim soundtrack so will be tuning in to listen to the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices Choir.
  17. ooo this is an interesting topic. I would have to say Beyond the Beyond for Playstation. I really enjoyed that game but I don't know if it ever became really popular.
  18. Sharon

    First Xbox?

    For my first Xbox was the Xbox 360 - I purchased it second hand with games for $100. I remember playing Boom Boom Rocket and Gears of War 2. I absolutely loved it but found the controller too bulky for my small hands. I had to buy the third party Mad Katz controller which was a lot more comfortable for me!
  19. The price went down to $52 and I decided to go ahead and purchase it! It should be arriving soon. I can't wait to play it!
  20. Yes EXACTLY! You understand my appeal with using this character. lol She has some awesome and effective combos. Bayonetta is also really cool.
  21. I've got two pro controllers, one Zelda wired controller, and the joycons that came with the Switch. For a while there I considered buying another set of joy cons but then the pandemic happened and we started working remotely so I no longer had my work friends to play with during break times. How many Nintendo Switch controllers do you have?
  22. Sharon


    Have you guys ever played the game Tenchu? I played this game on Playstation around the same era as Metal Gear Solid. I've always loved the stealth concept on taking out the enemy.
  23. I downloaded this game last night. I'm looking forward to playing it again and having the nostalgia hit me! Are there any other Contra fans here?
  24. I recently purchased this game for my husband. I could never play it on my own - horror games terrify me and I prefer not to play them but I love watching others play. Have you guys picked up this game yet? It's actually REALLY good. The graphics are just amazing.
  25. We have a 65" LG TV that we play on. Sometimes I wish we got a 70" but when we moved the couch up it's a great size after all. Closer to when we retire we plan on having a game room which features a projector that should be pretty awesome for both movies and gaming. We'd love to have feel like a theatre ...but that's further down the line of life haha. What kind of TV do you game on?
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