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    Head_Hunter reacted to Heatman in Your favourite game series?   
    The game is already out on November 5th and it's available on PS5, PS4, Windows PC, Xbox Series X. 
    You can read more about the game here. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from The Blackangel in Game case recommendation for the Nintendo Switch?   
    The reason why I love my PC is that, it follows me when I'm making long trip, I can't simply drag my PS4 console to every trip I go, because their is no TV in some places to connect with it. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to kingpotato in So apparently Days gone is not that good.   
    Alright so I got Days gone on PS plus this year and I finished the whole storyline, along with all nests and hordes along with all side quests, not 100 percent but at least an 90% of the game and I have the say the gameplay is amazing, thats the only reason why I played it so much. The story on the other hand is just dissapointing, not bad but very average. I feel like they had a lot more to offer with this game, the game is very story centered but almost of all of it is very generic or just dissapointing. With that being sad the gameplay is incredible, its a big open world filled with creepy zombies in all sizes and shapes, you can get very creative on how you deal with your battles. Hordes are the best and most difficult part of the game in my opinion, its like a boss battle that you can prepare for and approach in different ways, sneaky, guns blazing or lure them out of their nest with your bike. Overall a very good game, but it could have been better. 8/10
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    Head_Hunter reacted to DC in Milestone Thread   
    I am thinking 100,000 forum posts by Sunday evening is a real possibility.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Norse vs Greek Mythology   
    I think you're being a little harsh, here. Just because it's referred to as myths or legend that does not indicate a deliberate lack of respect for it. Besides, people taking religious parables and stories literally is rarely an enlightened thing to do. People justify homophobia and belief in a flat earth with that attitude. What matters is what it can teach you, how it can inspire you. For example, I feel Norse mythology has a lot of wisdom to impart, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to believe that all of existence is some massive tree. In other words, calm down. Either answer the man with courtesy or don't answer him at all.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to The Blackangel in Norse vs Greek Mythology   
    First off, DO NOT CALL IT MYTH.
    You people need to learn something. Just because you don't believe in it that *DOES NOT* mean it's mythological. There are and were people who worshiped these Gods, long before the invention of christianity. Why don't you see how you feel after this:
    "jesus, a mythical god of the christian religion, was said to ascend to a heaven-like state after death in christian mythology."
    Does that work for you? No? Then take your heads out of your asses, and drop this prejudice bullshit.
    I pay homage to the ancient Gods of Greece. But until you all quit calling them myth, I'm not going to explain or educate you on anything.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Empire in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One   
    Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is an upcoming action-adventure mystery video game that starts from the very start other wards, way before the other series. It's coming out very soon for all that are intersted into the series game 🙂 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to kingpotato in Luigi's Mansion Series   
    Its literally a vacuum cleaner xD

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    Head_Hunter reacted to Boblee in Your favourite game series?   
    Alright, I will get back to you with the update as soon as possible. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in Are you a first timer when ever a favourite game is launched?   
    I normally don't get too far playing a newly launched game, but I managed to be among the first timer to play FIFA 22. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in Best 2021 Games?   
    You're simply enjoying a game that bears same pronunciation with your username, it's good to find a video game that captures your name xD. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in Does anyone prefer gaming without followers/companions?   
    I don't care if the game I choose to play feature companion gaming or not. Provided that, it attracts my likeness I'll get over it and having fun while playing. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Boblee in Games that incorporate creating art as the player   
    Arts is about creativity and in being creative, you get to put something into a new shape that offers aesthetic phenomenal quality. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Boblee in Games where you can turn your enemies against one another?   
    Yes, it's possible too around GTA series. Their is nothing cheat can't do, it's accessible to turn the pedestrians fight for you against the enemies. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Boblee in How long can you invest in a game?   
    😭, They are children the government wouldn't treat them so harsh like the way an adult would receive harsh reception when he or she flouts the law. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Has anyone here ever regretted a preorder so much you won’t preorder again?   
    Game Publishers want you to pre-order because;
    The buyers don't get to see reviews before buying, so the company in question gets the money before the buyer even knows if it will be worth it. The publisher get's money, and give the person back absolutely nothing. They only get a "promise" that they'll get a game. I's the ultimate transaction to favour a cooperation. It forces players to pay full price. That suits the publisher better than people buying a game at a reduced price father down the road. It looks good to shareholders and investors when a publisher says "Look how much money we've made before we have even put out any kind of product."  
    Scammers want ALL the money, they wanted all the money YESTERDAY and they want to give you NOTHING for it, and that's essentially what a pre-order is. As aforementioned, you given them money, and they give you absolutely nothing in return except a "promise". So calling it a "scam" is not that far from the truth.
    It's not like they're gonna run out of stock for the game, especially with digital distribution, so pre-ordering to secure your copy of the game is just not a reason to pre-order anymore. The only reason I would pre-order a game now is if there was a lot of games I was interested in releasing at roughly the same time. I would consider pre-ordering a couple of them to "spread the cost" as it were, but that's only time I would do it. I certainly don't trust game companies even slightly any more. I was burned by Destiny and No Man's Sky, and after that, I was done with that shit.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from PGen98 in How Big Is Your Backlog?   
    Assume I didn't delete some of my PC games that are simply occupying space for nothing, I could've reached 100 installed games on my PC by this time. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from PGen98 in Do you guys remember the Sega Saturn?   
    Thanks a lot, I've checked it, the console is looking like a rebranded version of tje retro Sega console. Is it still possible to purchase this console at any online store outlet? 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Boblee in What are some things that make you suspect you won’t like a game?   
    Okay, that's how trailer should be like. I watch from 1-5 minutes, if it goes more than that I'll find it difficult to watch it full. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in How long can you invest in a game?   
    @Head_Hunter, @Razor1911 and @Heatman
    Here's the thread where the topic you described was being discussed, but you didn't need me to find it. Just input come key words into the search bar on top right-hand corner of a forum page.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in Your favourite game series?   
    I've played the call of duty Modern Warfare, call of duty 'II. But neither did I complete any of them. But my time wasn't disappointed playing them. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in How many controllers?   
    Laughs, it's not insane buddy, I use two for my PC, and two for my PS4 console, then the two remaining are simply alternative controller to my PS and PC .
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in What is a game you have played that you would bet no one else here has?   
    I wouldn't know how I'll be bragging about information I collected from this forum, because most of the video games I'm playing comes from VGR forum mainly. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Heatman in Best RPGs of all-time?   
    When we are mentioning list of RPGs of all-time we should always mention 'Elder scrolls, Dark souls, The fallout, GTAs, far cry, The Witcher and final fantasy series etc. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Give up gaming for cash . . .   
    Laughs, I understand what you mean, it will be hard to accept such good reward. It means a lot to me forfeiting rest of my life without game that I love from childhood, it's simply thing of a passion. 
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