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  1. So @The Blackangel has gotten better from her bruised lung but she is still sick.
  2. I really like the game but think it’s way too short. It’s interesting in how they decided to change things up from the look of the characters to the fighting system. They also made it so people can play together online. I would totally recommend this game but be warned that it is a lot shorter than the other games. I finished it in 2 days.
  3. I think it’s confirmed that a new Jurassic Park movie is in the making. What are your thoughts? I think they should just put it to rest. What more can you really do at this point?
  4. And don’t forget to save Often!!!
  5. I would say Fall Guys. I’ve heard a lot about them. I know FF14 is doing a crossover right now with them.
  6. So apparently the new Goosebumps tv show incorporates the books into each other. You just can’t randomly pick an episode to watch because it ties in with the previous episodes. I went to watch the Cookoo Clock of Doom and the episode started off right in the middle of the last episode. Not sure how I feel about this but can’t wait to see how they incorporate each book into an on going episode.
  7. I daw that movie like 4 times in the theater. @The Blackangel is right I love the movie and think it is better than the first. I can’t wait to see the 3rd movie!!!
  8. I think the most people who are hated against are transgender people. Even some people in the lgbtq community don’t fully accept them.
  9. There are FF7 characters that I pronounce one way but the company says it another way. For example Tifa. I always pronounced it Tif-a but it’s pronounced Te-fa. I like my pronunciation way better than the creators.
  10. Let’s hope it covers what happened in Blackwater. That’s what a Lot of people want to know about.
  11. Unfortunately the big screen tv isn’t the best to play old school games and systems.
  12. Detroit Become Human is a very fun game. I loved playing it and will probably do a recorded playthrough on it sometime.
  13. My favorite Video game YouTuber to watch is theRadBrad. I love his playthroughs. For The Evil Within 1 & 2 walkthrough help I watched MikeBettencourt.
  14. I have to say MineCraft and Fortnight are the biggest hits of this generation.
  15. Legend of Dragoon is now for sale/download on ps plus! You get your choice of downloading the ps4 or ps5 version. I bought it yesterday. I would Love to see a remake and sequel to this!
  16. I think this game was really the first game I played that used graphic words like bastard and Hell. It really surprised me they were able to say that in a video game.
  17. Legend of Dragoon can now be played on the ps4/5! I just bought it from the playstation store and you get your choice on which version you download. Downloading ps5. I can’t believe it!!!!
  18. 6 AAA batteries lol. It was insane.
  19. @killamch89 lol. I loved the thing. It was really fun. Went through 6 AA batteries like no other though. You do get used to the weight though. And I’d say it is comparable to a hard bound book.
  20. What game has made you rage quit the most? For me it is A Plague Tale: Innocent. I have not rage quit so many times in the past 3 days.
  21. The FF7 remake is like the Disney live action remakes. Similar but different.
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