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  1. The first playthrough part one is now up for public viewing.
  2. I love spending time with @The Blackangel and the dogs. Sometimes her bird will let me hold her. I don’t interact much with the rats. But they are really cool.
  3. Unfortunately the neighborhood we moved to and are currently living in people around us and that neighborhood Love to shoot off fireworks Every night once the stands open up. Even now I still hear fireworks. It will last till everyone has shot off all they have. It’s so annoying. I don’t mind people shooting fireworks off on the 4th, I did, but not all month!
  4. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to pay for a PS4 subscription to play it, I would still be playing it. I just don’t want to buy a subscription right now.
  5. I have some Tomb Raider that is ready to be uploaded. It’s unedited though. It’s not a total play through yet but I will upload it when I get home from visiting my parents and let you all know.
  6. Before all this came out I had really been looking forward to some day going to Harry Potter World, getting a wand, riding the rides, shopping, etc. Now that all of this comes out I will not step foot in it. No matter how much I would love to go and even get the game, what @The Blackangel said, I love her too much that I will stand by her side and boycott anything j.k. I do have to say being a sis gender female, I cannot truly know how my wife and the LGBQ community feels about this. I can separate Harry Potter from her, but I have so much love and respect for @The Blackangel that I stand right beside her and back her up 100%.
  7. I always thought that movie scenes were shot in order. If I think about to hard it’s still seems weird that they shoot scenes out if order.
  8. The second part to Final Fantasy 7! A trailer has been released. I can’t wait to play it.
  9. Cats and Into the Woods.
  10. I’ve seen all three of these movies and my favorite one was the Second one. Fun fact Kevin Bacon got the very first hover board, because he used one in the second movie.
  11. Yes if I come across one I think looks good.
  12. Growing up I always lived the original: House on haunted Hill, Monster movies, and The Haunting.
  13. I love foreign movies. Especially horror movies. @The Blackangel recently signed us up for nordvpn just so I could watch foreign movies. I keep wanting to call it lordvpn lol 🤣
  14. Favorite Death Note don't have a least favorite right now.
  15. Red Dead Trepidation Cum Raider Monster Boner Kingdom of Farts Kingdom of Sharts Lego Star Whores Grand Theft Wallow God of Porn The Bitcher III Death Strangling
  16. Only one I could even pull up would be the child depending on weight. So probably no one.
  17. Brunei, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Comoros, Djibouti, Cyprus, Crete, Lesotho.
  18. @The Blackangel just bought me a slightly used ps5 disc player. We were also lucky to get the Xbox One X S series.
  19. For me I think I hear @The Blackangel faintly calling me from the computer room. It happens quite a lot. Very annoying. Also when we were living in a different house from the one we currently live in, I could swear I would hear the tv on in the front room. I would get up and see and the tv would be completely off. Also sense @The Blackangel installed a security camera in the computer room each night it gets triggered by a single moth. There are no moths in the room but each time the camera is turned on at night it is there flying right in front of it.
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