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  1. If @The Blackangel can’t edit my gaming videos then I’m willing to hire someone who can. There is a lot of cutting that needs to be done as well as some splicing of videos together.
  2. I would never tell a joke again. Of course I don’t really tell jokes as it is.
  3. Ah. Lol it’s all good. I’ll definitely have to check the books out.
  4. I did not know they made a game. I’ll definitely have to look into that.
  5. @The Blackangel you do have too many games. Heck I don’t even have that many video games. On the other hand I have even more than that in movies.
  6. I’m definitely going to check it out. It really follows the book series. I already finished books 1 and 2. Just need 3 and 4.
  7. I LOVE!!! That Spyro figure!!! Just curious where did you get it?
  8. Movie myth that sharks, especially Great Whites, are man eaters. Sharks hate the taste of humans. When sharks attack it is mainly because they mistake is for their natural food pray. Or they are just curious about us.
  9. Well I'm done with that game. I'm sick and tired of dying all the time. I'm just going to finish it up on a YouTube video then play the next one. Whatever anyone does do NOT get this on the ps5!!!!
  10. I'll have to try this. It is a very fun game up until this part. only twice have I gotten to the end but there was still one enemy left, very far away, and it would kill me with an arrow. I heard it's much easier on the pc version.
  11. Love the platypus statue idea!
  12. 1. No matter what Never say “what could be worse than this?” Because something worse will happen. 2. If it is your last day on a job 98% of the time you will die. 3. Never separate yourself from a group. 4. If you are going out hiking always let someone know where you are going and how long you are expected to be out. If you can always have a hiking buddy with you as well. 5. Never be the “active” couple in a horror movie because you both will die.
  13. Wow. Definitely 10/10. This could easily be music to a movie trailer. I love joe it starts off so hauntingly sweet. I love how the changes in music easily slide into each other. My all time favorite game song is Legend Of Dragoon If You Still Believe So my favorite is this tribute one but here is the official one not sure if a tribute video using scenes from the game count.
  14. I just bought the game this weekend. Haven’t played it yet though.
  15. A blind rabbit and a blind snake ran across each other one day. The rabbit said to the snake, “I was born blind and have no idea what animal I am. Will you feel me and tell me what I am?” The snake obliged. “You have long ears, long feet, warm blooded, and have a short fluffy tail. You must be a rabbit.” The snake then said to the rabbit, “I too was born blind and have no idea what animal I am. Can you feel me and tell me what I am?” The rabbit obliged. “You are scaly, have no legs, and cold blooded. You must be a lawyer.”
  16. For me it would have to be Ren and Stempy. I loved watching them. Of course now Nick would never show it.
  17. Ever sense I was little I was into horror movies. I really like creature features and some B movies.
  18. I could see this really happening. I absolutely love this series and am glad the newest season os finally out.
  19. If I’m playing ff14 I’ll watch tv while I play. If RDR2 then I’ll listen to YouTube
  20. For me it would be the final fantasy universe. I would love to be able to switch places with my character on ff14.
  21. When you reach the final boss, die, and decide to return later to play and the saved file in your memory card got wiped clean/doesn’t recognize the save file. The one and only time I got to the end boss on ff7 on ps1 I ended up with a bad memory card which corrupted my save file.
  22. Trick or treat. Squash was originally used instead of pumpkins.
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