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    I remember thinking that dvds would never become a thing.
  2. Rats, Into the Woods (original stage movie version), Alien Resurrection, Moana, Disney, Cats the Musical, Session 9.
  3. Final Fantasy 14. Spent the most on buying the new roll outs because I buy the box sets. Except this time around because the box sets were sold out the second they became available. Still got extra content just not the box set.
  4. I love the resident evil games. Started with the remastered ones. Have them on both consoles (ps4,Xbox One). I just wish Village was in 3rd person. I can’t play 1st person games. Im hoping in the future they continue to make them in 3rd person.
  5. I always do easy. Sometimes I have to stay on easy when I replay just because normal is too hard for me. But playing on easy can be fun.
  6. For me it’s those choose your own adventure ones. Like the Walking dead series for example. I know they are made to be easy but they are fun too. Zelda 4 swords: that was really easy for me.
  7. PrayStation The Last of Pus Resident Evil Pillage Tails of Arse (Tail of Arise) Assassins Peed Riders Pubic The LEGO Marvel Connection
  8. I would be Cassandra. She is so elegant and graceful. My favorite cat is Bombalurina because she is so sexual. She owns and rocks her sexuality.
  9. For me in Final Fantasy 14 when running Palace of the Dead I can only run 1 to 2 floors before I start getting tired and need a break.
  10. I’d rather keep the bugged disk and buy an unbugged one. Plus I think too much time has passed for it to be fixed.
  11. Yes. For me it was the SNES and I believe Mario. I also remember my first ps1 and game, Spyro. I had a demo disk with the ps1 and played a bit of Spyro and lived it! I still have an original copy if one of the Spyro games that had a major glitch in it where you couldn’t get all the eggs so you couldn’t get 100%. Still remember reading that you could send in the disk for a new one with the bug fixed.
  12. I think so. I cannot play fist person games, they scare me too much. Because of this I miss out on a lit of games that look fun to play. The most recent game that I want to play is the new Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 8 The Village. Unfortunately it’s only in first person so all I can do is watch it played on YouTube, along with other first person games. My favorite YouTube gamer to watch is TheRadBrad, which for a time I thought it was TheRedBrad lol.
  13. It’s the previews in the switch online game section, if that makes sense. I go into the game app in the switch to look at games.
  14. In College!? They really took your laptop in College!? That is weird and over the top. This is something that one would expect to happen in primary school not college.
  15. They already have away to install a breathalyzer into the car so a person has to breathe into for the car to even start. I don’t see why car makers don’t just do this for all new cars.
  16. In order RDR2, The Evil Within series, Resident Evil series, Final Fantasy 14
  17. The only time I watch video game previews is if I’m not sure I want the game or not. Usually it’s when I’m looking at games for the switch to buy online.
  18. Taking this literally if we only used gold or coin instead of paper money then at some point it would become to heavy to carry around. So if you needed like $1000 then having to carry $1000 in gold coin would become very heavy. In the end it’s better to have paper money than gold.
  19. I’ve never had a bad preorder. The only time I preorder a game is if there is exclusive additional content I want. I think it is totally fare that people who preorder or have connections to game first to play it before everyone else. What we have to remember is most times these people are pay MORE for the game for the exclusive content.
  20. For me it’s when I play nothing bit the game of the series of the game nonstop. Unfortunately for me I go through phases of this all the time. I’ll abandon one game obsession and immediately go into another game obsession.
  21. I’m passing so someone more into this kind if game can get it. It’s not really my kind of game.
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