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  1. Our first dog Gypsy had an enlarged heart and fluid around it. She was like 12-13. Died in February. I had taken her to the vet that day and they gave me some pills and the vet wanted me to call back Wednesday to see how she was doing. She died that night. Then our other dog Bean Dip aka Beaner was around 11-12 (a year younger than Gypsy) had all of s sudden lost the use of his back legs. We were already treating him off and on for arthritis and he had this permanent head tilt. Once his back legs gave out I decided to go ahead and put him down because at this point we would only be treating the symptoms.
  2. I would love a prequel that led to the events at balckwater and how they ended up in the snow. It would also be cool to see how Dutch got the gang started and how the feud took place between Dutch and O’Driscal. It would be cool to play as Dutch.
  3. Have you seen it and if so what do you think? i saw the live action version of this and just had to know what happened next so watched the manga version and loved it. I just started reading the books. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to get my hands on volume 2. B&N has it but it will be January 3, 2022 before it will ship, ebay has a lot of them but in Japanese, and amazon doesn’t have one in print.
  4. I have. It’s a really great show. I wish they would have done more seasons. It is definitely worth a watch.
  5. Rain Dew

    Squid Game

    SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!! For the last game someone should have grabbed the shoes and thrown one onto the glass and see if it broke. Assuming the shoe was heavy enough. In a YouTube video I saw about this MatPat talks about using the sides between the glass floors to move forward. Take a look at the YouTube video and let me know what you think.
  6. Rain Dew

    Squid Game

    I’ve seen the whole show. It was really good. Would not have expected it to take off and be so popular.
  7. I entered yesterday. I hope i did it right because I have never used Twitter before. Im going to try and see if @The Blackangel will tweet or reply with redit as well. We’ve had a very hard year (not covid related) so this would be such a nice way to go and destress and get away from it all. For those of you who don’t know we had to two of our beloved dogs die this year. One right before my birthday and the other last month. So this would be great for us if we win.
  8. This one is easy for me, the 3 million dollars with no kids. My only kids are my pets.
  9. Like a lot of already said I don’t think it’s easy money as well. You tend to lose more money than you make. I do want to put it out there that I think if you are on a winning streak it is beat to stop while you are ahead than keep going.
  10. For me it really depends. There are times when I will spend all my time playing a new game obsessively for quite a while but then I will become obsessed with something else or another game and focus on that. My longest obsession was Final Fantasy 14. I had gotten it for both pc and ps4 so I could play it at work and at home. Spent years playing it. Last year I had stopped playing it but kept up my account. I had gotten into Red Dead Redemption 2 and was playing that obsessively. Recently I got back into FF14. Ironically it was at the same time two of my friends decided to leave Goblin server or different servers. I have also gotten obsessively into The Walking Dead and Resident Evil games. I do have an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) which I am on meds for.
  11. My favorite and only online game is Final Fantasy 14
  12. Hey everyone I’m Rain Dew, @The Blackangel girl. Rain Dew is my character’s name on Final Fantasy 14. I’m on Goblin server. I’m 36 and live in Missouri. I have several pets: Two Chihuahuas, Clover our oldest and miracle baby, Caoimhe @The Blackangel‘s puppy, a rescued Pit Bull Lady who is the live of her life's @The Blackangel‘s, and my baby Bella an English Bull dog. I got the name Bella because the night before we went to pick her up @The Blackangel and I were watching the remake of Beauty and the Beast. Which is where I got the name Bella from. I also have a parakeet named R2D2 and 5 rats: Sprocket, Chop Chop, Shroom Boom, Drobot, and Trigger Happy. One question I know people are curious about is “What is it like living with a sociopath?” I have been with her for so long that I actually forget that she is one. She says she is hard to live with but I don’t really see it that way. Living with her and being in a relationship to me is just like any other normal persons relationship. We have our ups and downs like anyone else. There is one big difference. A lot of couples will say they would do anything for their partner but the way I see it is that in reality there are limits what they would do. Not with The Blackangel. She will LITERALLY do anything for me and do anything to protect me. Some examples: let’s say I might go to jail for something, she will step in and take the rap for me and go to jail in my stead. God for bid if anyone hurt me, especially if they physically assaulted me. She will do whatever it takes to protect me. With all of this said she is Not controlling at all. She does not tell me what to do or what to wear. She knows that if she tries to control or tell me what to do in any way that our relationship would be in big jeopardy and it will possibly end.
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