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  1. 2012 the movie seemed to be one of the worst, but it's not alone. It was good for comedy. Does that mean it's still a bad movie?
  2. Trump and Putin's mafia ways have not helped them in either nation, in many respects. Surely, more respectable leaders can come up to represent more conservative views. However, though, many in the public often want a strongman.
  3. Cancel culture is ridiculous. It makes a joke of real cases of persecution. It's like with the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The best thing is to not promote social causes in school. Anyway, as kids grow into adults, hopefully, some will acquire some sensitive wisdom about life, unfortunately, may never.
  4. It's no fiction in the military. Clean is how to goes. I don't think I'm wrong about this one. I mean, if working in a major fancy restaurant chain mean obsession with cleanliness, then why would the military be less?
  5. I've seen tons of people who are not clean. You wouldn't think they'd be that way. However, they are. If you do encounter, clean freaks, they assume all normal people are clean and those who are not are degenerates.
  6. I think programming books can be good. I mean, it's going to be tough diving into something anyway. Well, probably some people won't be able to master in 24 hours like some of the books say, though.
  7. https://moneywise.com/a/ch-c/nba-players-who-lost-it-all/ We see lottery winners who go broke. We see high-paid sports figures who go broke. How can this be prevented? How would you avoid the same dilemma?
  8. I think a lot of Democrats mean well. However, their cow-towing to environmentalism is sinking the economy because it's just not workable. That situation combined with coming back from Covid setbacks is bad news.
  9. Views coming from actual hardcore racists are vile and disgusting. However, to say that all Fox News viewers have such views is very wrong. I mean, most groups have your crazies.
  10. Gung-ho, gun crazy property owners and low-educated murderers could be on the same page in many instances. Why should society praise either one of them? Well, the media does want to avoid racial conflict I suppose and will not emphasize murders coming from low-educated, maybe mentally ill people.
  11. Well, these people do exist. I'm just wondering why Putin has this appeal over certain people in the US. They don't seem to see that he's what many see as being an authoritarian despot.
  12. I think it's very strong, despite praising Putin and at one time dissing dead American soldiers as losers. That thing is - the supporters don't care. Anyway, I don't see the Democrats as having much a chance in 2024 due to inflation and gas prices. The best situation is to pick a Republican, besides Trump, but he's so narcissistic that no doubt he will run again with full force.
  13. Jayson


    I don't like fiction, generally speaking. I like books on "how to do things". I like books about history and political science. Anyway, I like fiction in a movie, though. I've not really tried to read fiction that much.
  14. Superiority isn't up for debate. If the baby, wasn't in the woman, then yes. What about the baby's rights? No, it doesn't have any (sarcastically) because it isn't a real human being. Its playdough that could be carved into something, but if not, can just be put back in the container.
  15. I think a lot of people simply want balanced education. Anyway, there were a few right-wing professors at my university. One was in fact, quite a bit overboard. Anyway, I think a lot of people just want an education without right-wing or left-wing stuff pushed in their face. That's why majors like math are so wonderful. Balanced???? How the hell is it a balanced education when they're banning courses if it makes a white person uncomfortable or contradicts someone's religious beliefs? Biology classes are gone. How does burning books give a balanced education. You obviously have only heard a maximum of 3 words in this entire attack on education and educators. And who gives a fuck about your professors? That was then when teachers were allowed to teach. Again, you have missed everything. Right wing politics are the things that are pushing the end of education, and trying to make the entire country xtianity based schooling. They don't want to educate. They want to dictate. We're no better than Iraq under Saddam Hussein at this point. Democrats are being cowards, and republiKKKlans are nazis and terrorists that attack democracy, freedom, and their own country. They cry like little babies when they don't get their way, and then commit a terrorist attack against their own nation in a futile attempt to get their way. Boo-fucking-hoo, Adolf didn't win. A year and a half later, and you're still crying about it. So to follow in his footsteps, you try to destroy education by banning courses that don't even exist in public schools, and threatening teachers jobs and entire lives if they so much as mention things like race, LGBTQ+, or a hell of a lot of American history. Such as slavery.
  16. Well, from white nationalists and the like, you hear blacks are getting a slap on the wrist. In fact, there was recently a death of an uber driver by a low-educated black person that was not covered widely on media, as usual. Well, I'm not trying to stir hate on here, but that's just the facts of the U.S. media. Nonetheless, I do think massive emphasis on crimes where the assailant was black would explode racial hatred in the US and that would be bad. However, where is the fairness and justice?
  17. He's appealing to a lot of angry white males. Nonetheless, Trump's praise of Putin before the invasion was political suicide, or was it? It would probably be ignored like when he said US troops that died were losers. I believe he said that. Not cool things to say, really. What are these angry whites angry about? Well, they don't like extreme feminism, extreme multi-culturalism. Are they being good sports about it, though? Well, women generally don't like controlling men. That's dating 101. Why are we shocked when they have to get mail-order brides who act like robots? Also, keep in mind, these women could be obeying, just for the money!
  18. A lot of them are, but I really believe a good many aren't. I'm not sure which is the majority. Well, money tends to make people obnoxious, I think. Of course, certain people want to ignore their own faults by focusing on obvious losers.
  19. Well, Stalin built up the Soviet Union. Hitler built up Germany. Just because that's the truth, doesn't condone the methods of doing it, necessarily. Yeah, Putin has resorted to thug tactics in response to Yeltsin's inability to fight corruption following the end of the Cold War, just like the Nazis seemed "in charge" after the weak Weimar Republic.
  20. Well, the thing is, Russia had a verbal promise from the Bush administration (the first one) to "not expand NATO". They broke it in a big way. Nonetheless, though, what good is independence for Ukraine or other smaller nations in comparison to Russia, if they don't have a right to say no to Russia? Anyway, I don't think the Democratic party in the US wants Russia as a world power despite its vast resources, nuclear arsenal and size. Now, of course, war is horrible, but shouldn't policymakers from the US from Bush to Clinton, not expanded NATO? Was that rubbing it in on the part of Cold War victory?
  21. When some people comment, especially on social media, it can be irritating. For instance, when a certain privileged white person comments on ethnic minority social justice, some could snicker, "Oh, please, thanks for the input (sarcastically)". Anyway, what comes across as real and sincere to you and what is just being, well, nosy and obnoxious?
  22. That's an attempt to discredit whatever I'm saying. It's like when this South African white was annoyed cause he said unless you've visited his nation, you have no right to comment. Well, I agree somethings are being nosy, but it's unavoidable to comment on the news.
  23. Jayson


    I don't think that's really true. Buff guys can only work out so much. Anyway, they are using time wisely. What do a lot of people do with an extra hour or two a day?
  24. I play drums and guitar. They are the best ones. I am somewhat O.K. at bass guitar, piano, and keyboard.
  25. There's a difference. I can tell it. Well, unfortunately, my only experience is Crocodile Dundee, mostly, lol.
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