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  1. Well, to a large extent they do. Well, any relationship site seems to say the same message for men. You have to act all macho, no matter the circumstances. Even if the general society promotes being all sensitive, you have to ignore it, because not being manly massively expands your problem. Now, of course, this isn't some kowtowing to some conservative thinking or to the extreme, white nationalist thought. I mean, a person could be a socialist to varying degrees or in other ways what is known as progressive and still adhere to the philosophy. Also, being macho isn't being some wife beating pig, but rather just being strong. Anyway, why do you figure those traditional ways of dealing with things work best for breakups and restoring broken relationships?
  2. What I'm saying isn't sympathizing with Putin. I understand he is some thug. Well, I guess he was democratically elected, but he did a lot of dirty deeds to stay in power I think. However, I think the US may have been provoking Russia, which caused the invasion. It's like trying to provoke a bear. Is that a wise move?
  3. In a lot of cultures, drinking is simply part of being a man. In fact, in the USA, of course, alcohol is a big business. There is simply no chance of destroying the industry - even by stealth I think, as with tobacco. Tobacco went out of style because it simply has too many obvious health risks - and even the macho association with smoking doesn't drive new smokers. In fact, even women, who I think are more likely to start these days, have seen massive drops in smoking. Well, this is the USA, but I heard tobacco is targeting developing nations now.
  4. I think being macho is always a good quality for a leader, a husband, a father etc. Nonetheless, it can go into overkill, where it's not too cool. You simply come across as being a jerk. However, people who abuse the male image totally think pushing things to the limit is the way to be. The outgrowth of this - is people who hate men and authority, I think.
  5. What do you define as a white nationalist? Do you have evidence I am one? I think some talking points of white nationalists are common among conservatives. However, actual white nationalists are obnoxious and mean - to an extreme degree.
  6. Jayson

    Hair Bands

    These bands, like hip-hop ones, seem to focus on money and sex. Well, a difference is the sometimes emphasis on violence in hip-hop. Anyway, what's your take on hair metal, glam, whatever you call it? How would you compare it to other types of music like grunge, hip-hop etc.? Grunge was a rejection of the shallow messages often heard in hair metal.
  7. Jayson


    I like his music. Also, it is heroic how he overcame massive abuse and poverty to be a superstar. Anyhow, he also made a name for himself in hip-hop being white - and his music wasn't cheesy and dorky. That was a first.
  8. The whole idea of a better culture is subjective. Some like the post-sexual revolution culture and others don't (both to varying degrees). For the ones that don't, I suppose you could blame adherence to traditional religion. Anyway, the solution is just to avoid living in areas that conflict with your views and if that's not enough, maybe secession from the US or leaving the country is in order. Claiming one group as racist is throwing everyone in the same boat. Surely that can't be true.
  9. Both extremes in the culture war are pushing laws that are "forcing stuff" on some people who find it extremely objectionable. Well, it just boils down to what you think is acceptable in our society. Since there is such a gap between different views, it seems like liberal areas will push extreme liberalism and conservative areas will push extreme conservatism.
  10. Who listens to it? Who are your favorite groups? Is there anything special about it that makes it different compared to music from other eras? Myself, I find doo-wop interesting.
  11. Jayson


    Back in the day, disco began to be hated by a large segment of the population. I'm not sure, though, if it was the minority or majority. Anyway, though, there was good and bad disco - and a lot of it was a forerunner to hip-hop. Anyway, all sorts of negative prejudices came with disco and fed on conservative resentment of certain groups.
  12. Some looked with disdain as Led Zeppelin or whoever ripped off some old blues artist that nobody, outside of ethnic communities, would know about. Anyway, I think it's narrow-minded to say this - as a lot of artists have made good original stuff and have made strikingly good spins on songs - in genres where, seemingly, they didn't belong. We can say that nobody owns a genre. This is what some seem to imply. Artists like Eminem and others have shown that very strongly.
  13. Jayson

    Punk Rock

    Nowadays, it seems most punks are into politics, lol. Anyway, though, back in the day, a lot of people felt rock was too elitist and complex. They wanted the garage band stuff like when Buddy Holly started out. In that case, they flat out rebelled against the music establishment, making their own music independently and playing simpler, more aggressive songs.
  14. What did you use? Did anyone even have those old video cameras from the 70s where movies were shown on a projector? Was it possible to get sound on those? I know my family's videos on those had no sound.
  15. For sure I know you can on PlayStation. I'm not sure about the other big ones. Anyway, if you don't have much cash, maybe watching DVDs on a console would hit the spot.
  16. Jayson

    Ads on TV

    My guess is that most people don't choose the live broadcasts. Anyway, how can they monitor who puts an antenna to pick up free TV. That seems impossible to do.
  17. The offended people suing might depend on who controls the universities, whether it's a left or right-wing overkill situation. Well, why can't there just be a normal university where things aren't too extreme? If things are so extreme in whatever direction that people are suing, then something is wrong.
  18. I don't drink myself. However, drinking is a big part of life for some people. Why wouldn't they complain about being demonized? Anyway, the general public wouldn't allow it, even with stats about drunk driving.
  19. You got angry youth, possibly influenced by the thug culture - who are massively misogynistic, just like those white racist pigs. They are just rough to be around and many end up behind bars.
  20. Well, there was a lot of "rubbing it in" going on after the war. Nonetheless, I don't if I can't really blame the North. Nonetheless, the approach created a lot of hate between blacks and whites - and it probably contributed to the harsh crackdown once Union troops left. Anyway, human nature isn't always "peaches and sunshine". You had blacks possibly wanting violent revenge for being slaves. You had humiliated white people who were also war ravaged. You had Union troops also wanting revenge.
  21. Well, I'm not justifying Russia. However, sometimes authoritarians have to be dealt with in a détente matter. For instance, in the Cold War, a lot of presidents didn't really like Khrushchev and the others, but the best choice to them was engaging. Well, with the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, we boycotted the Olympics, but it didn't seem like much else was done.
  22. That's interesting. However, prohibition in the USA was a failure. Do you feel it needs to come back? How could it be implemented better?
  23. Lately, I haven't been close to many in my family. As hinted at in another thread, they are flaky parent types who are convinced people they despise are trailer inhabiting, lazy, effeminate, welfare taking drug users, lol. I'd like to get along with them. I really would, but I'd have to confront them about their errors.
  24. This is a tough one because a kid is so valuable. It's like having your eyes. Well, maybe not. Well, I can't explain it.
  25. I'd rather work alone. Nonetheless, some jobs, like washing dishes - can be incredibly monotonous - if you don't know mental games to help you deal with isolation. Well, you can do things like listen to music or study things in your head, anything to pass time.
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