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  1. It's impossible to explain non-far left points in any fashion without seeming like a far-right person to certain people. Well, an assumption is made by some that the right-wing is all the same. It would be like saying the whole left-wing is the same.
  2. Some people have been parents for too long. In that case, they want to parent everyone. Well, it can be very annoying for victims. Well, that's assuming you're in a rock and hard place where you cannot get away from them. Do you think being a parent or schoolteacher or correctional officer can go to your head? Is it truly rude to be talked down to, even in public places with witnesses?
  3. I'm not a sympathizer. I'm neutral. I just can't totally buy either story, yet. Anyway, of course, Putin banned access to his own citizens. Is he afraid people will report Russian troop movements? I don't know.
  4. I'm whining about some in my family, sorry. Well, they are incredibly condescending people. They think everyone they look down on is a kid. It's not racism, but it sure is similar I think it's the product of being snooty + having kids for too long.
  5. Why would people assume that? Anyway, nowadays, The Dollar Tree has dollar products at $1.25, obviously because of the inflation. Anyway, that's just business they have to do to operate.
  6. Crimes by what are seen as "unoppressed groups" are often not seen as badly as those committed against "oppressed groups". Well, I could be wrong. Jewish, Chinese, Indians and Koreans are often resented. Anyway, some right-wingers like to emphasize the stereotypical thug like that guy on George Bush's (the first one) campaign ads. How do you all feel about all this?
  7. Well, I don't know if he was low-educated or not. However, it's a proven fact that a lot of violent criminals in prisons are that way. Now, society has probably given them a bad hand in life. That's a sad thing. Nonetheless, I'm just speaking the facts. Of course, racists would emphasize these facts to demonize particular ethnic groups.
  8. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/pennsylvania-man-charged-killing-uber-driver-begged-life-rcna16935 These stories "might be emphasized by Fox News". However, they will be highly emphasized on white supremacist websites. However, the latter is sad, because such a person, as in this article, doesn't represent all African-Americans. Nonetheless, in the eyes of many, it does. Anyway, the drawback of truly "emphasizing" these stories is that it, as noted, demonizes a particular group. It's like overseas where one American soldier rapes someone and then the place goes up in protests - and every American gets a dirty look. Well, what is the price of a truly unbiased media? Would we even be willing to live in such a hateful society? Would it be hateful?
  9. Well, what else do they do? Do they get off nap-time at noon? Give me a break! I know the military isn't as "tough" as portrayed maybe, but they have to be clean - because otherwise would be dangerous in situations where disease could be prevented etc.. Also, of course, it just reinforces the hard discipline needed in the military, police force - where lives are on the line.
  10. In regard to the USA, some on the left wing want to say oppression due to race is the source of violent crime. However, on the other side of the spectrum, some want to claim that a breakdown in family values is to blame. Anyway, the last views seem condescending and racist to many people of color. Nonetheless, is this the hard truth? Anyway, further complicating the matter is the politically motivated "War on Drugs". In other words, some claim, and I'm inclined to agree, that drugs were used as "bait and switch" to destabilize African American neighborhoods. In other words, yes, crime should be punished, but look at the environment. This is sort of another way of blaming racial oppression. Anyway, flat out, unapologetic racists, simply point to genetics as the source of crime - which makes them monsters - even worse than what liberals claim come out of Fox News. However, sadly a lot of right-wingers probably harbor such views to some extent, secretly. Well what is the solution? Well, a poor person, of whatever background, has a lot of obstacles against him/her, many being massively unfair. They have to overcome, no matter whether they feel victimized or not.
  11. Why should Putin be afraid of free speech? Why should Facebook be afraid to let Putin have a page? I mean, that's not condoning him. Well, why would they let George W. Bush have a page after Iraq? I mean, assuming they were around then, which they weren't. People on many sides of the spectrum are being shut up. What good is it? Well, I can see some extreme examples - like the USA sucking up to Hitler's Germany at the 36 Olympics. If Facebook existed back then, would they give Hitler his own page?
  12. The USA backed dictators who were against Communism during the Cold War. However, the leaders they backed were authoritarian despots. Well, what was the advantage of one despot vs another? Does anyone feel Communism is a worse fate than fascism or whatever you call Andelle's Chile etc.?
  13. In much of human history, leaders were not elected. In that case, you had either a good or a bad ruler. People could tolerate a good one, even though they didn't elect him/her. Anyway, nowadays, monarchs are simply known as dictators and in western democracies they are seen as bad. However, not everybody in the world sees them as bad. It depends on a person's political thinking. For instance, Marcos was seen as scum in the Philippines by many people, but others saw a strongman, kind of like how some people drool over Trump. Anyway, the USA did back Marcos as well as several other dictators. In that case, the American reaction to Ukraine lately seems hypocritical. I mean, at what point was Saddam the USA's best buddy and when did he become "The Butcher of Baghdad"? Well, actually, backtracking, many in the USA didn't mind dictators - as long as they kept communist dictators out.
  14. All this exploited by identity politics including the white kind. You gotta a lot of angry white males and angry people of minority groups, angry liberals. In this case, it's tough to look at this unbiasedly for many people. Low educated and mentally ill? A lot of crimes are being committed and are not emphasized by the media - like the one where the Uber driver was killed in PA recently. The perpetrators may have not gotten a good hand in life and that's bad, but still people are not being held accountable for crimes.
  15. It's like on the Michael Moore movie Sicko where a mother could not pay, and then her daughter died. I mean, why is it always "business is business"? Where is the heart?
  16. A lot of people simply view some stuff as too extreme for kids. Well, on the other side of the spectrum, I'm not for school prayer or forced pledge of allegiance. However, some Christian fundamentalists believe religion in school is the way to go. They claim our society has gone down in hill, a large part because of separation of church and state. Anyway, as for college students, a situation without a balanced view can feel obnoxious to many of them. Well, I mean, unless they are die-hard authoritarian for either the left-wing or right-wing.
  17. Did I come out and say that I supported it? A person could likewise claim an art student must be all those stereotypes people say. That's absurd.
  18. The trend lately with democrats is inability to stop inflation and high gas prices. In that case, Republican tax breaks to the wealthy or refusal of minimum wage increase means nothing. The dems need to get in a leader to address the current American problems are they won't be the party of the poor, which they see themselves as - because they are supposedly pro-labor and are eager to hand out welfare.
  19. Democratic leaders haven't been so great either often. Why didn't the USA's democratically elected leaders stop Jim Crow or slavery? What other offenses have popularly elected leaders done elsewhere?
  20. It's tough to have a democratically elected leader who is also strong and non-corrupt, well non-corrupt in some senses. Now, both Russia and the Ukraine are accused of having governments that are not democratic in some sense. They both have their arguments for why they think they are correct on things. Nowadays, people are looking on the surface - and obviously see a country being invaded. However, Russia sees the invasion like someone stopping Germany in 1933. Well, that's the case with invasions as nobody believes they are the bad guy.
  21. I like Eastbound and Down and The Principals. They are both staring Danny McBride as a main Character. Another TV show I recommend is Spartacus. Anyway, any of those HBO or Starz productions are worth a look, but I haven't checked out many like Vikings, which some say is great.
  22. Well, I'd say next, there will be ads at the gas station. Do you get it, lol? We gotta squeeze every last drop out of Joe Consumer.
  23. The Simpsons doesn't have product placement that I know of. You know Duff's beer? Are there other Simpson's only products? Are there real versions of the products?
  24. Jayson


    I was a kid in the 80s and a teen in the 90s, so I remember them. Anyway, they used to be big business. Now they are as strange as the 8-track was in those days.
  25. Jayson

    Best Musical

    You can't really beat Mary Poppins. Well, some other good ones are Jesus Christ Superstar, Sound of Music, and Grease. Can anyone name more?
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