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  1. I think if done properly game of thrones could be a very huge game series. Which given its popularity I'm surprised it hasn't gotten a huge game.
  2. I think it was releasing originally around with some other big games, I can see why they delayed it.
  3. there have been rumors floating around, hopefully they just turn it into a online party game console since there is so many party games for it.
  4. So far I'm going to have to say Persona 5, though I got some other games waiting that will prove worthwhile.
  5. If I remember a different topic right, you enjoy RPGs, that correct?
  6. Demon_skeith

    Xbox One X

    That's kind of what Nintendo did as they were getting slapped by their own Wii U. Hopefully by next year MS has a huge wow plan in mind.
  7. I'm pretty sure mine will be Valkyria chronicles 4 for PS4.
  8. I would skip this to be honest, I didn't like playing it on Gamecube and had no idea what I was doing.
  9. My backlog is simply just too huge for it right now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be playing it next year. I'll just pick up the version that has all DLC on it.
  10. For me its a tie between the SNES, N64 and GBA. I enjoyed all three so greatly and got a lot of use out of them. Good times, I really miss those days.
  11. It's finally out, anyone here playing it? Looks like its been doing good so far.
  12. Coming in 2019 for PS4 and the Switch. Anyone ever play this on the gamecube?
  13. We grow ever closer to the release date!
  14. Yeah, never thought they release Destiny 2 for free, 1 for sure but 2? Crazy, but always happy to download a nice FPS game.
  15. So TGS 2018 is about to get underway, meaning there should be all kinds of new gaming news tidbits flooding the internet the next few days. Anything you're hoping to hear or excited to hear about?
  16. pretty much this, Nintendo rules the handheld market with an iron fist and Sony took everything to stay alive. Anything left over went to the mobile market leaving no hope for Xbox, which MS struggles to keep their console afloat.
  17. For me it was Black ops 2, it had a good offline campaign and the online maps were really fun to play and enjoy.
  18. that pretty much goes to anything, got to pay for the staff, the advertising, licensing fees, disc making, transit, and so much more.
  19. I'm guessing you are referencing the FF 7 remake, which honestly I can of support the parts since a game this big will cost a lot.
  20. I think at this point all Nintendo can do is just come out with a stronger version of the Switch. After all what else can they do? They combine console and handheld into one, not much more you can do.
  21. Demon_skeith


    Easily and still is Sony's best console to date. It was all around great specially with a DVD player and had such a strong lineup of games on it. I still have my original fat PS2 laying around somewhere.
  22. mostly on PC if I do, since its a bit better setup for playing games than my laptop.
  23. Nice, but when aren't games on sale in steam? 😛
  24. I think the term 'you get what you pay for' stands strong here. So yes, I do feel paid games are better, specially when you compare free to highly costing games.
  25. I like to see Tokyo Mirage get another chance since it didn't do well on the Wii U and was a good game.
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