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  1. Demon_skeith

    First Xbox?

    There isn't much in Microsoft's console line, but which xbox was the first one you got or bought yourself?
  2. the Pro has better specs and output compared to the PS4. Plus it has a mode that runs games better. It be kind of a waste to just get a simple PS4 really.
  3. I still haven't gotten around to playing it, I will one of these days as its pretty good and been ages since I last played the series.
  4. yeah its costing high thousands if not millions these days to make high grade to AAA based games. It's just simply too crazy really and I don't know if they fully get their money back on a lot of them.
  5. That's actually really good deal, I know some people who will want this. Thanks for the heads up 🙂
  6. I remember playing this with friends, its a fun game though not something I would play often myself.
  7. I blame how costly video games have become where the game makers have to make up the cost somewhere. Though modern ways of getting content out isn't helping either.
  8. Would be a nice bundle to get, though I would go after better games on the PS4.
  9. The only one I've really played is zombies from the CoD series which isn't bad.
  10. I would say the Rare Replay collection, an epic blast from the past.
  11. If you're still thinking about it then you are out of luck, the console is already sold out and now can only be bought via ebay for double the price.
  12. I only play it at a friend's house since its fun with others but never alone.
  13. If you currently own PS+ then you will get the following for free for this month: PlayStation 4: Destiny 2 God of War III Remastered PlayStation 3: Another World 20th Anniversary Edition (crossbuy with PS4 and Vita) QUBE Director’s Cut (crossbuy with PS4) PlayStation Vita: Sparkle 2 (crossbuy with PS3 and PS4) Foul Play (crossbuy with PS4)
  14. I want to say the call of duty games, sure they are fun but I feel their constant yearly release is a pain and shouldn't be backed so much.
  15. Touchscreens are kind of a gimmick fad that died out a few years ago, unless you are playing a click to shoot game, I don't see how you could use a touch screen to play anything extreme.
  16. I'm surprised this is still getting updates, must have a good enough core fanbase to warrant it.
  17. I wouldn't play it, but I know some friends who are crazy about zombie gameplay. I'll have to let them know about it.
  18. EA has announced they are delaying Battlefield V in order to make final adjustments to core gameplay. But its mainly due to the fact that so many heavy hitters like black ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out in the same weeks.
  19. I get a good amount for Christmas from family/friends so I really don't have to buy much. I say at the most between 3-5 if even that.
  20. Same for me, we have the NES around here somewhere though I know it would look like crap on our large 60 inch flat screen tv. I know when I visited my grandma she had an atari laying around.
  21. I never really bought into the Amiibo thing, it was just Nintendo's way of giving DLC a physical form which I'm not a fan of.
  22. I just use a monitor since as others have pointed out, are more optimized to display a game than a tv screen would.
  23. Microsoft has posted a blog post detailing a new Xbox program for its gaming fans. The program allows users to commit to a two-year plan where they pay monthly for either an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X and subscriptions to both Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. in short a good way to get everything via an affordable monthly plan.
  24. depends on the DLC, I won't get all of it mind you because that becomes too costly but if it adds something good (like expansion 1 for Zelda Botw) then yes I will.
  25. Not enough sadly, these days I'm lucky to get 1-2 hours of gameplay, a far cry from my normal 6-8 hours when I was younger.
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