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  1. Pacman has to be my earliest gaming memory. It's highly portable and you can find this game nearly anywhere you go now, in arcades, in your pocket(Phone) on in your local internet cafe. It's free, addicative and repetivite. Concept is as follows: Trapped in a endless series of mazes with plenty to eat but no time to stop and enjoy the surroundings of the Art Work and Graphics.
  2. No, lets look at the facts. There are lot of companies which are in mobile gaming and developers. Every year, mobile gaming industrys bring back millions of dollars in turn over/profit. The Games market hit 37 billion this year in profits, read more here. Personally, mobile video games serve me with ease of access and I can play them on the go, on the toilet, travelling, college and much more. Keeps me entertained while I'm out and about.
  3. Laptop, why? I'm always on the go to either: resturants, work, college. It's highly portable, convenient and I can use my Acer Laptop almost anywhere. Specifications: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz Installed RAM (8.00GB and 7.85GB useable). NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX Intel Core i5 8th Gen 64 bit operating system, x64-based processor and Windows 10 OS 1000GB Storage (847GB) Free
  4. There are some video games that wouldn't be compatible with touch screen. Two games on the top of my head are GTA 5 and Fortnite as moving between keyboards, mouse and your screen wouldn't work and you would end up dead by your enemy or opppent. Your montior would also end with grease and dirt all over it and you would struggle to play.
  5. Alexander.

    First Xbox?

    My first Xbox was the 360 and it was purchased brand new from Toys R Us, before they went bankrupt. The 360 came out in 2006 and is outdated to this day but it lasted me for 10 years before I sold it. WHY 360? Sexy, slim, design Built in WiFi Xbox Live and built in Applications.
  6. Most of the users in this topic have custom built PC. I probably should of built it myself, however I purchased one in Currys/PC World and my computer brand is Acer. I paid 649.99 and I have some decent specs with it. Has anyone here had any good or bad experiences with this company?
  7. Nowadays, you don't see many Gaming Laptop's with CD/DVD Drive as technology is moving onwards; you will mostly see digital now which is good. I've started to purchase my computer games of a company known as Steam. They are good company and have an excellent customer service team along with a outstanding refund policy incase your PC doesn't meet the requirements, etc.
  8. Still do here! Minecraft is fun in so many different ways and any age groups can play it! Your art, desiging, imagination and various other skills come out when you play this video game. Unfortunately, Minecraft is very constant and can be very dull due to ther repetitive features the game has to offer. It's not my favourite, but it's not to say I don't play every so often.
  9. I see myself being a PC and Console Gamer for the rest of my years. I started playing computer games once I was 11 years young and haven't stopped since. Video Games keep delievering new experiences and adventures in the virtual world so I never get bored!
  10. Even though I haven't got an Xbox, I used to have one and I'm strongly considering to buy the Xbox One X to get back into console gaming. GTA 5, why? It's been my favourite since I was 16 years young. Nothing has changed, it's still one of my favourite video games to play on Xbox. Amazing Graphics 3rd Person Shooter Sports (racing ground and sky) Virtual Reality Customisation Underwater exploration
  11. I have never requested a refund on any of my video game collection. I read the reviews, watch gameplay and finally make sure I know I will enjoy playing it before I purchase it(demo version). I buy all my gaming equipment from either: GAME or Steam and I've never had an issue with either company's.
  12. A single monitor setup, I use my Laptop Screen. Gaming monitors and built in screens have a faster response time and are generally cheaper to purchase than a TV Screen. You'll recieve less lag and a smoother, faster and sharp-edged gaming experience. Either can be used for gaming, that's just my opinion!
  13. Headphones all the way, why? My parents bought me a pair of noise cancelation headphones for my 18th and they are great. It cancels out all background noise and sound around you, this allows me to accurately hear where other enemy players are located on the map. By using headphones, your not creating a disturbance by allowing excessive sound out your PC which could upset, friends, family or neighbours.
  14. Here is why. I'm against it and I've never cheated as a gamer because: Cheaters ruin the game and create an unfair advantage to the good players who are competing to win. Cheaters/Modders Team Up with other fellow hackers to take over. No challenge is created as you know your going to win. It's a violation of a legal contract with the game company. It's anti-social You are not willing to improve your skills and tactiques
  15. Here is my advice and questions. I found this article if it's any good to you Do you have enough storage on your platform? Have you tried re-booting/resetting your Xbox and/or WiFI? Try the following: Hold the power button for five seconds to power down your console. Unplug from your power supply, everything including your TV Turn power back on in 5-10 mins time. Attempt to re-install games Contact Microsoft! Try re-installing if no joy, good luck!
  16. Here are the features I would like to see in the near future. Let me know what you think: 3D/4D Graphics 4K Ultra HD Resolution Borderless In-Game Map VR AR Cloud Gaming Microsoft SmartGlass Compatibility to play across ALL platforms with other online players.
  17. I don't identity myself as a Mobile Gamer. I'm more of a console/PC Gamer. A while back, I used to play games while I was travelling to or from places on the bus, ad breaks, and public places with no WiFI. However, this has changed now as I don't like the small screen size and the controls, it's difficult to play and easy to drop and smash an expensive phone.
  18. What do you think about an official forum shop that allows us to trade our points into PayPal, Gift Cards, Steam and much more?
  19. Online. My new Gaming Laptop doesn't have a DVD/CD drive so it's digital for me which is a bonus and heres why. You have NO chance of losing the game as it's stored digitally and backed up incase of a data loss however with a physical copy you could lose, damage or break it accidently. Digital Copies are usually cheaper to buy online aswell.
  20. I have never purchased in-app purchases. Why? It's a massive scam especially when you purchased the App with your hard earned cash. Company's will charge you for addons, extras and even to finish the game! IAP and Add pop ups ruin the game are unnecessary to the customer.
  21. The Ban History on Pika-Network is here. As you can see I was unbanned by DutchminerHD, but then I got blacklisted once again. The founder is inactive and only ever use to visit the server every few weeks.Yet, regarding my complaint TheBearKingHD replied and closed it and then proceeded to ban me. The complaint was replied by TheBearKingHD! The person who banned me.
  22. Smash Hit. I'd highly recommend you give them a try sometime! Smash Hit is available for free down load on IOS and Android -- It's a very fun, exciting adventure. The app approaches with a extremply basic concept, breaking glass obstacles to proceed on a path to prevent ball loss which will result in death, blending with smoothing and terrific 3D Graphics with 10 Hard Levels. For more information and reviews, I would suggest you visit the App, Android Store or watch the YouTube Video embed below. That's my opinion of the game.
  23. For majority of the people and gamers the ideal size ranges from 4.7″ to 5.2″. I find if the screensize is to big to small I struggle to play games on the Android. You also want to make sure the phone is fit for purpose and can fit into your pocket and is portable. Most of my "Mobile Gaming" I do on my tablet. It has a higher storage capacity and an excellent resolution and has a slightly bigger screen which means it's more suitable than a Mobile Phone.
  24. Worse than banned, blacklisted. I was resigned staff on a Minecraft Server and they gave me a VIP rank to show there recognition. A few years later a head admin questioned why I have the rank, and removed it. I argued with him through web chat and he banned me from the forum, server and Discord (IP ban!). Never been banned in-game apart from this situation, I don't believe in modding or hacking and I try to follow the server rules so I can continue my enjoyment video gaming.
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