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  1. Do you think you will ever get rid of your gaming collection at some point in the near future? Why or why not? How long have you been collecting computer games for? How many games have you collected so far?
  2. What do you mean by ID? Are you asking what video game or referring to whether the game should have an age restriction. Thank you.
  3. I haven't. I've heard of the computer game but never really played or researched into buying it What would be the cheapest retailer to purchase Runscape from? Would you recommend the game for me? What is the concept of Runscape? Thank you!
  4. Thank you for sharing. I've been looking for Co Op suggestions because my friend who is coming around tomorrow to video game with me. This topic is definitely useful as I can now plan what we are going to play together. Yet again, thank you so much!
  5. After or on Payday. I purchase digital and physical. Most of my computer games are purchased instore as this way, I don't have to pay for delivery fees and I can see the game physically before I buy it.
  6. What computer game would you say is the absolute worst you've ever experienced? Why? When was the last time you played the video game?
  7. What would you say is your most favoured sound track out of all the video games you've played? Why is it your favourite? From what computer game does the song feature in?
  8. Name your most recent computer game that you have been working hard to finish which you've now completed. How long did it take you? A day, a week, a month or even a year? Explain below!
  9. What are some of the popular games right now? Mine are out of date and I'm looking to buy some new ones. Thank you for any advice you can offer me.
  10. There are heaps of of city building games offered on the gaming market. Which is your most favoured and why? What do you most enjoy about your favourite?
  11. Would anyone on this discussion board consider launching an offline gaming store? Why or why not? What investment and capital is necessary? How would you conquer other competitors? What would be different about your store, compared to others?
  12. The likelihood hood of gaming with a successful YouTuber is extremely slim however I wanted to ask the question to the community today. If you could game with a famous content creator on YouTube, Twitch or another sharing platform, who would it be and why? What game would you want to play together?
  13. Most controllers, remotes and other electrical equipment will require Batteries. Do you buy Batteries which are rechargeable or disposable after use? Which type do you prefer using and why?
  14. Besides hoovering the ventilation, what cleaning products have you been using to clean your screen and other parts of your gadget? Do you think its important to keep electronics free from dirt? Why or why not?
  15. How did you decide on your gaming nick name? Was it randomly generated or did you choose the username yourself? Are you planning on changing your name online anytime soon?
  16. Do you have a custom or Pre Built computer? I prefer custom built as you can customise your pc to how you would like it. Although, I am not that tech savy and Im still trying to learn the basics of building machines. Would anyone be able to tell me a link to some visual or written tutorials on the Internet that could help me learn? Right now, I have an Pre Made Acer Gaming Laptop. It does the job.
  17. As the title says, which is a better console? The Xbox One X or the Xbox One S? Vote in the poll and explain your reasoning why. What is the difference between the X and S?
  18. On your Xbox or PlayStation dashboard, what apps do you installed beside the default? Are they gaming related? How storage have the additional applications used?
  19. This topic is designated to all the Gamers on VGR Forums who are YouTubers or content creators. Once you achieve a particular Milestone such as 100, 500, or 1,000 subscribers, please reply to this discussion and we can congratulate you and celebrate the achievement together as a community. Just out of curiosity, how many people here actually create gaming videos and publish them online?
  20. Staying safe online while gaming is important. You don't want to face any cyber issues! Here are some tips which I have wrote, if you have any of your own advice you would like to add, you can reply below. 1. Do not enter your credit or debit card number for company's which seem suspicious or are not established/popular. 2. Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware on Both your Computer and your Mobile Phone 3. Don't re-use passwords 4. Don't download nulled or cracked games; they could contain viruses. 5. Have fun and stay safe
  21. Which do you prefer: Physical or Digital copies? Do you download your games to your hard drive? How much memory does your console store? If your concerned about memory, do purchase disk's instead?
  22. There is both disadvantages and advantages to gaming and gaming online. Some people suggest that it encourages violences, swearing, and weight gain in real life. What do you think about these types of issues?
  23. What do you use for gaming? Monitor or a TV? Do you have a couple of monitors as part of your gaming setup or just a television? Why?
  24. Do you record your content? How do you record your Xbox 360? By Capture Card? Is it easy to capture gameplay for the Xbox 360, what's the easiest way to do this?
  25. This topic is designated to all of the gamers on this forum. How often do you upload on YouTube? Monthly, weekly or daily? Do have a upload schedule for your gaming channel? I don't have a upload schedule for my YouTube channel, I should get back into uploading regularly though.
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