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  1. Triple Triad is always fun. I play it all the time when I’m on FF8. But a game you might get into that I enjoyed the hell out of when I was younger was Magic The Gathering. It’s a really immersive game and there’s some players out there that are hard core. If you pick up a starter deck, most will play you to help you learn. Depending on your opponents deck, things can get sadistic. An infect deck will wipe your ass out of the game quick. The national championship is fun to watch. Those players can build a deck that would make non players shake. It gets crazy.

    Don’t get me wrong, most usually everyone’s really friendly.  Granted there’s always an asshole or two. But that’s the chance you take in everything.

  2. in this game you call blasphemy on someone for something they said or did in relation to gaming. If they haven't played a certain game, or weren't a fan of a certain game/system, or anything else as long as it's something to do with gaming. Then you give them something to do as penance. It doesn't have to be X amount of hail whatever. It can be anything. Think something like asking questions in the member interviews section. And they don't have the choice of not doing or answering it. But nothing crazy. No 5 million hail Skyrim. If you go that route keep it under 50.

    So lets get it started!

  3. 9 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    The video game industry nowadays does not care about longevity - it's all about making a quick buck off of consumers and milking them for every penny. If you constantly played one title for several years, then you wouldn't be spending at all.

    Game developers must hate people like me then.

  4. 5 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    Regardless if the reviewer is getting paid or not I enjoy looking at reviews, What I look for the most is story, gameplay and duration regardless if the game is bad or not you will normally see these 3 elements. Now to know if the game sucks or not I just go to youtube to look at the gameplay.

    I always google screenshots. I can usually tell from that if it's the type of game I would enjoy or not.

  5. 34 minutes ago, kingpotato said:

    Raptor claw, during my childhood I was a big fan of Dinosaurs and obviously because of Jurassic Park the Velociraptors where always the most badass predators.

    I had a feeling you were going to go with that. I mean how many people wouldn’t?

  6. 5 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    Pretty crazy story there @The Blackangel. If it were me, i'd have killed him right then and there because I wouldn't give him a second chance to ever try that again.

    If I had been able to think at the time instead of scared almost to the point of pissing myself, I probably would have. I actually intended to shoot him in the body, but squeezed the trigger too soon. When he dropped that was all I needed to get myself the hell out of there. That was a .380 that I shot him with. Now I carry a .45 loaded with hollow points. I’m not fucking around. If this kind of shit happens again, I’ll most likely be facing manslaughter charges. But I don’t care. If I get you in the leg, I will then walk up to you and get you in the head.

  7. A few years ago I had a couple errands to run. I needed to go to Walmart and then to Walgreens. I go to Walgreens since they're a 24 hour pharmacy. I went to Walmart first, but while I was there I completely forgot about going to the pharmacy. I didn't remember it until I got home. When I realized I had forgotten it that seriously pissed me off. So I got back out to head over there. They said that a couple meds were still being filled and would take about a half hour. I didn't want to just sit in a parking space and wait, so I decided to drive around. As I got out on the street a car came up behind me. No big thing, it was just normal traffic. Or so I thought. I turned to go down a different street since it only had a couple stop signs and not a traffic light at every block. The car followed me. I drove a little further and the car stayed right behind me. If I made a turn, he made the turn. I got on a bigger road that ran outside of town and he still followed. If I passed someone he passed them. There were stop lights on this road and if I ran the light he would run it. I could weave around traffic and through the streets and he stayed right on me. He started flashing his lights and pulling up within a few feet of me, and sometimes even bumping me. I knew there was no one in my car with me, and I knew there were no lights out or hooks hanging from my door. I got a look at the guy as we went through a light and he looked like an escapee from a lunatic asylum. He also looked drunk and or high. I sped up trying to lose him, but he sped up keeping up with me. I turned down a gravel road and started going down it and he stayed right with me. I finally had enough. I'm licensed to carry, so I grabbed my gun out of my purse, stopped my car and stepped out. He was out of his car before I was, and was running towards me with a huge knife. I raised my gun and shot him. I got him in the leg, but that was enough to drop him and give me a chance to get away. I raced home without going to the pharmacy. After about an hour I was calmed down enough to call the cops. The cop I spoke to said she knew the man and that the man was a parolee. That he had gone to the hospital and she had arrested him several times for doing this exact same thing. She had wondered many times when he was going to get shot. His parole officer revoked his parole and sent him back to prison with a hole in his leg that same day. Since then I have gotten a more powerful handgun, and if forced to, I will kill.

  8. Typically Americans have the mentality of "Someone else will do it". Whether it's picking up trash, finishing a small job at their work, or recycling doesn't matter. The country has grown into such a capitalist and consumer mad nation, that no one cares unless they can buy more shit they don't need. Everything is a status symbol here. Just look at any gas station. There's shit there that no one needs. I'll be the first to admit that I have way too much shit that I don't need. But I also have a hard time getting rid of stuff. That's not an excuse, it's just a reason. There are a couple things I collect, but that's different. I would venture to say that everyone collects something. But there are also people (mostly hippies) that are obsessed with recycling absolutely EVERYTHING. Which is good, except for the proven fact that a lot of recyclable stuff, doesn't actually get recycled. It's a sad world. And it's all about money.

    "I'd trade it all for a little more"
    - Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons)

  9. On 4/28/2019 at 11:49 PM, Excalibur said:

    I think flat-earthers distract from and are used to discredit, all the real things going on. Such non-sense is easy to debunk, but it makes everyone who doesn't believe the mainline view of things seem crazy to the average person. With anything, you should always go in skeptical and have an open mind, realize people have agendas and there are real conspiracies, but not everything is a conspiracy, people need to use a little common sense and don't get distracted by obvious rubbish.

    How many conspiracy theories can we think of? I'll list the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I'm not going to go into whether I believe in any of them, I'm just listing.


    1) The moon landing never happened
    2) Paul McCartney is dead.
    3) 9/11 was an inside job
    4) Illuminati
    5) Lizard people


    I know there's a billion more but that's all that are coming to me at the moment. Also, I know I'm going to feel like an idiot when someone else names 30 that should have came to me without thinking.

  10. This is a quote from www.theflatearthsociety.org FAQ.


    Q:What Is Gravity?

    A:Gravity as a theory is false. Objects simply fall.

    In the flat earth community there are several theories as to why this happens. Some attempt to explain this with use of mechanics like electromagnetism, density, or pressure. Others make use of traditional mathematics, such as the infinite plane model, and others a new look at the problem - such as the non-euclidean model.

    What is certain is sphere earth gravity is not tenable in any way shape or form.

  11. I finally managed to get it figured out. I had to exit the game, unhook the controller and cable (it was dead), then plug it back in and restart the game. And as for the lag, it's only in really busy areas. Places where there's either a lot of movement, or a lot of art went into creating it. But it also needs to be mentioned that I don't have a gaming PC. Mine is just a cheap all-in-one. It's pretty much just for web surfing and offline shit. It's no fancy schmancy comp. Also I can't afford a gaming PC (laptop or desktop) so I'll make due with what I have. But for anyone thinking of getting it, GET IT ON STEAM. The steam exclusive perks are mind blowing and totally worth it. I always stock spells before going to the fire cavern and get some abilities learned. I stocked 100 of each thunder, cure, fire, and blizzard in under 10 minutes using the x3 speed. It was crazy. For mundane shit like that I'll cheat my ass off. Sitting around drawing spells always drove me nuts. But in the end it's worth it. Now I don't have a single problem with it, since it's going so damn fast.

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