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  1. The only instrument I currently can play is the aulos. It's not the easiest to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you can really produce some beautiful music. The hardest part of learning it is learning to breathe into 2 pipes at once. Here's a pic of the one I play.




  2. One that applies to me is "I know a little about a lot, and a lot about a little". I say it all the time. Another is "I'll try anything once" but I take it up a notch. I say that I'll try anything TWICE. I do that, because the first time may have been decided purely down to circumstance. So I give it a second shot. That way I know I gave whatever it is a fair shot, and am comfortable in my decision. If it was bad on one try, and good on the other, I give it a third try from a third source. For example I may hate homemade meatloaf, but absolutely love it from a buffet. So I find another source and try it a third time. I believe giving just about everything a fair shot. I'm not going to take a kitchen knife and cut one boob off, and later the other one, just to see how it felt and whether or not it was painful. I'm crazy, not stupid.

  3. If you could speak every language in the history of earth, (including the extinct languages) or play every musical instrument on earth, which would you choose?

    While I absolutely love music, I would go with the languages. I can listen to music all day long, and it's often easier to learn a musical instrument than it is to learn a language. For example, would it be easier to learn to play a guitar or learn to speak Mandarin?

  4. Fantasy has, and always will be, my number one favorite. My interests have broadened over the years, so now I'm about trial and error in finding what genres I might enjoy. I have recently became a big fan of horror games. Layers Of Fear: Legacy is my personal favorite at the moment. I never could have expected this, but RDR2 has become my all time favorite game. There is more to do in it, than in any other game I have played. I grew up on 8-bit and lower games. When NES dropped around here in the states, I remember people being blown away by how realistic and lifelike SMB was.

    Hence, Zelda is a favorite from its inception.

  5. Considering that I've been a Zelda nut since its inception, I'm looking somewhat forward to this. I've wondered for years if this would ever be a thing. The last Zelda I saw on TV was Fridays, when they would play a Zelda cartoon instead of Mario Bros. The Super Mario Brothers Super Show ran every day, but on Fridays it was Zelda. I have the entire Zelda set somewhere around here.

  6. Does anyone else here celebrate something other than xmas? I do. For me its Sol Invictus. Sol Invictus is a celebration of being unconquered by superstition and consistent in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge.

    The cult of Sol existed within Rome since its early days as a republic, and Invictus was an epithet used for Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo (among others). The festival celebrated these Gods and may have also been used to celebrate the winter solstice.


    So who else celebrates something other than xmas?

  7. 21 hours ago, Bizdustry said:

    I wasn't feeling like eating anything heavy tonight.

    I totally get you there. More often than not, I just eat some crackers as my dinner.for the last 20+ years, my eating habits have been to just snack throughout the day. I always absolutely despised having to cook, so if I can avoid it I do. Thus, chips, crackers, bologna & cheese, PB&J, and other small stuff when we have it. There was a time before I met @Rain Dew that I was homeless. Dumpster diving wasn't fun. When I finally did get a place my job paid so little that I had to resort to eating dog food. So any human food that I can get, I get it. It puts something in my stomach, and I'll tell you right now, that the worst tasting human food is still 1000x better than the best tasting dog food.

  8. 18 hours ago, CoryAR said:

    A new gaming laptop would be awesome, but that's just wishful thinking.

    Unless you have someone who recently came into some money and it's burning a hole in their pocket, you're right. I bought one for @Rain Dew a few years ago, and it cost $4,000. It was worth it to me, but then again, I had recently come into a little bit of money.

    As for what I would like for xmas, gift cards are always good. There are things I'm into that I'm always collecting more of. Zippos, skulls, RDR2 stuff, Red Wings stuff, etc. I also collect guns and TST merch. Something I would like to replace is the drone I had that got stolen. The cocksucker that stole it also stole my AR-15. But to get back to topic, I have a short list that I sent to @Rain Dew and she's looking it over. But what would really be great is a new anvil, mig welder, and new tongs.

  9. Something I’ve always liked about Nintendo is that they have the guts to try random and unique things, whereas other consoles tend to stick with the same thing. I mean the Switch is a hybrid system. The closest that has come before this was another Nintendo product. The Super Gameboy. Nintendo pretty much can’t be predicted. They couldn’t in the past, and considering that they have done just about everything, they damn sure can’t be predicted now.

    But then again, I’ve always been a Nintendo chick anyway.

  10. 22 hours ago, Shortie said:

    I last at a home made pasta dish I like to make for my family which is bacon pasta. It is pasta mixed with passatta that is seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder and oregano with smoked bacon pieces added in which gives it an awesome flavour. 

    I love pasta, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE BACON!!!!

  11. The Atari 2600 is available, as is the Colecovision. I have to admit that until now, I had never actually heard of an Atari 800. The only reason I know about those two being available, is because @Rain Dew actually bought them for me before she fully understood that emulators make me fucking sick. Literally sick. Hell, I'm selling my copy of Castlevania IV on the SNES because I recently discovered that it's a fake. Castlevania IV is a rare game. So when I found out that it's a fake, I. WAS. PISSED.

    I just hope someone is interested soon.

  12. We have a couple Master Swords. I also have a 3 game collection of the ROM-hacks that were created on the SNES, sealed in box. The carts are all gold carts and complete in their own box as well in the display. I also have the limited edition RDR2 Zippo in my Zippo collection.

  13. This is interesting. I'm not the biggest Xbox player, but @Rain Dew is. So I'll bring this up to her (she'll most likely be all in) and see what she says. I'll encourage her to log in and reply herself, but she has a hectic schedule most days so it may be a brief time before she's able to.

    As for me, I would definitely upgrade to the 1t console. It's twice the storage space, which can often be a massive help for people who run out of space often with their games. I'm upgrading to a 1t micro SSD card in my Switch when I get paid next month from the 512g card I'm using right now.

  14. In a roundabout way, they have already released a Switch 2 with the Oled. But that’s a matter of opinion as it’s just a slight upgrade to the Switch and not at all a new console. The same could be said for the Lite as well. With a new Switch, (or console of any kind) the have pretty much shot themselves in the foot. There’s not much of anything left for them to do, or even place to go, with the exception of VR. They have released a lot of different consoles since the NES, with only 2 serious flops. Those being the Virtual Boy and Wii U. They have done home consoles, motion control, portable, and now a hybrid between home and portable. So I don’t think a Switch 2 is a realistic option unless it somehow ties in directly with VR in some way. There’s nothing they haven’t already done at least once. So a Switch 2 would have to be some kind of monumental system that would completely revolutionize the gaming industry. Something like how they saved the industry in the 80’s.

  15. A lot of it boils down to genre. Unless it’s entirely based on numbers, how could it even be a fair choice? If you’re comparing fantasy against sci-fi against sports against racing, there’s not really a logical argument in any direction. I would be willing to venture that all of us hate a genre or two. Those were just the ones that came immediately to mind from the dozens of genres. Personally, although I absolutely love hockey, I hate NHL video games. Or any hockey video game for that matter.  Withe the exception of Mario Kart and others that I can count on one hand, I don’t like racing games. But I absolutely LOVE fantasy. If you can mix it well with sci-fi, then you really have my attention. FF8 did it perfectly in my opinion.

    So, unless they pick one from every single genre we have, or look exclusively at numbers, there is no valid way to pick.

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