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  1. This is just weird. Gamers of today mostly don't even know of the existence of Atari. The ones born in the 90's through the 21st century, anyway. Would people be having the same reaction if Nintendo released a new game for the NES? I highly doubt it. As, once again, the younger gamers of today don't even know what an NES is.

    In my opinion, it's a waste of time, unless they're releasing a new Atari to go with it.

  2. After feeling like hammered shit for the past week and a half, I took a covid test just now and it was positive. So we're going to be in quarantine for the next two weeks while I get past this. It sucks ass, but there's not much I can do about it. I got the vaccine and the boosters, so there's that upside. But nothing is foolproof. So I'm going to be resting for the most part of the next few weeks. I had a feeling I was going to catch it at some point, I just didn't know when. @Shagger and @DC it's going to be pretty much up to you guys for the next couple of weeks.

    I'll try to dip in and out and keep up with things here. But I don't know how much of that I'll be able to do.

  3. This is about nicknames, not screen names. Unless your screen name is a name that many people know you as.

    That said, I think pretty much everyone has at one time or another. I still have my nickname, which is Panda. I got that name because of my love of bamboo. It's an amazing plant, that I am simply mesmerized by. When we eat Chinese, I always have to get a lot of bamboo chutes in it. When we're at the zoo, I chew on bamboo leaves the entire time. The leaves can be sharp, but they taste so awesome.

    With The Blackangel, many people have known me by that name for more than 20 years. People often ask me why I have the name, and I always tell them to just get to know me and it will make itself clear. Everyone who has gotten to know me says it's completely accurate.

  4. 3 hours ago, Shortie said:

    I remember oh so well just how bad the original Game Boy was when it came to running through batteries and the screen being a huge problem. Always remember my parents buying me and my brothers a gadget that clipped onto the Game Boy which was a magnifier and also a light so we would still see the screen even when it was dark say on trips in the car, that too also ate up batteries which was a pain. 

    That's the Light Boy. I had one as well, but it never really made much difference. The magnifier was usually more of a problem than a help. The light was so damn dim that it usually just put a glare on the screen. It was a hell of a lot easier and more beneficial to just hold a small flashlight in your teeth.

  5. Today has been a royal bitch. I took my Camaro out to get her licensed. She failed inspection because at some point, some worthless piece of shit decided to steal my catalytic converter. Without it, she can’t pass inspection which means I can’t get the tags legal. The best quote I got on that today, was $400. After paying the fee for some lessons and a couple other things, I can’t affirm $400. I still have some high bills to pay as well. Then to top it off, she wouldn’t start when I tried to leave McDonald’s. The damn terminals on the fucking battery had come loose. I don’t keep a wrench set in my car. So I had to get some help from a guy coming out.

    Today has been one punch in the face after another.

  6. Some people wanted a cheaper alternative, while others didn't care about the docking and were only interested in a portable console. That consumer info was what led to the Lite being produced. My first Switch was a Switch Lite, and I loved it. It did everything the regular Switch did with the exception of docking, and a few minor features like the rumble ability. There were no game limitations. It could handle any and all games the regular Switch could. There are games I think should never have been ported to Switch, such as Skyrim. But that's just a personal opinion.

  7. 6 hours ago, kensonplays said:

    It's always sad to see many gamers, or gaming developers, losing their jobs. I feel most gaming companies could probably be 100% remote, with no physical office to add to expenses. They should mostly be able to get away with that, or just a small suite in a mall or something for their headquarters to significantly lower their costs.

    It would make sense, but those places aren't cushy enough. Also it would force executives to be around us peasants. We pay their salary, but we're still the fools that buy into their game.

    You show me an executive who can name 3 games their company produces, and I'll show you someone fast on google.

  8. I like certain movies on occasion that are either musicals or feature a lot of music. In no particular order, some of my favorites are:

    Cry Baby
    Sweeney Todd
    Phantom Of The Opera
    Nightmare Before Xmas

    Some can do it well, while others are so ear-bleedingly horrible that you want to bust your eardrums so you never have to be subjected to that horror again.

  9. If I was to get one, I would wait a while they address some of the design flaws, such as the overheating. The only thing I know about it is that it uses a USB-C cable instead of the cable that Apple products have always used. Which would kinda piss me off as we have had to buy several of them over the years.

  10. On 9/28/2023 at 1:18 PM, CoryAR said:

    I have an iPhone 11, so I'm a little far behind on the versions available. I would love to own an iPhone 15 Pro, but I'm sure I'd have to save up quite a bit of money to buy one. The smartphone technology just keeps amazing me more and more with every passing year.

    You can always trade it in for a good discount towards whatever phone you're going for. I traded in my iPhone 6 for the iPhone 12, and it covered a little more than half the cost. So it can often be worth it.

  11. On 9/24/2023 at 6:26 PM, Ravenfreak said:

    Honestly the Wii is probably one of my least favorite consoles. The motion control gimmick was cool at first, but it became somewhat of a pain to play certain games with motion controls. I prefer the GameCube and I know that's a unpopular opinion as the GameCube was Nintendo's second worse selling console only behind the Wii U. Which is really a shame since lots of good games were released on the GameCube.

    Actually, the Virtual Boy was Nintendo's biggest flop. It was pulled 5 months after its initial release. The Wii U was massively more successful than the Virtual Boy.


    7 hours ago, Debashis said:

    I cannot really answer this because I've not been into console gaming apart from my early days in gaming during my childhood when I was in Grade 1/2 lol. I've always been a hardcore PC gamer and even today I am. Maybe if I get into console gaming sometime in the future, I will come back to this thread and post about the one which I liked the least. 😛 

    But if I have to pick one without really experiencing gaming with them, I would say the handheld ones are my least favorite because I think people can get the same experience in their smartphones as well. Correct me if I'm wrong. 🙂

    There are a lot of games you can get on both handheld consoles and smartphones. But there are also exclusives. Think games like The Legend Of Zelda. Nintendo leased it one time and has never even come close to considering leasing it since. Each of the big 3 has their exclusives. Xbox has Halo. PlayStation has God Of War. Nintendo has Mario and Zelda. Though Mario has been leased a couple times in recent memory. To be fair, as far as I know Xbox hasn't come out with a handheld. But to get back to my point, while both hand held systems and smart devices can share a dew, the range of exclusives to one or the other can't really compare.

  12. 15 hours ago, Shagger said:

    I also love games like Donkey Kong Country

    Initially I liked DKC on the SNES a lot. The graphics were something that, at that time, amazed me. But as time went on, I grew to despise the entire DKC franchise. I've beaten the first two DKC games, and have the third one (just to complete the SNES trilogy) but will never play any of them again. They just piss me off too much, and I value my blood pressure too much to waste it on them. I don't need a damn brain hemorrhage.

  13. 14 hours ago, Shagger said:

    With all due respect to @The Blackangel, I think with the sports you listed the line between sports you don't like is blurring with those that "don't count" as sports. I despise cricket as much as the any reasonable person would, but me not liking it isn't a justifiable reason to conclude that it's not a sport. I also can't stand football (soccer), but I'm not prepared to say that sport isn't a sport just because I hate it.

    I wasn't listing sports/games that I didn't like. Just ones that don't ring out as "sport" to me. If I was listing ones I didn't like, baseball would have topped the list. I personally hate baseball. But it's still a sport.

    As for quidditch, it has become a real game. There is a quidditch league here. How they altered it around to make it playable to people who aren't flying around on brooms, I don't know. But it has moved beyond Rowling into the world of reality.

  14. We all like a challenge. But sometimes that challenge is way beyond our skills. But we still love taking on that challenge. For me, it's Cuphead. I have been playing it for probably close to 2 years now, but have still never made it past the first level. But, despite that, I still love the damn game, even if it is a bastard. I think it's both fun and funny that I can't get past the first frickin' level.

    So what games do you find hard as hell, but no matter how bad you are at it, you still love the game?

  15. There are actually two different versions of what is labeled "Mario 2". The one we got here in the states was the one where Mario is actually asleep dreaming, but you don't find out until after you beat the final boss Wart. A frog that doesn't like vegetables. But there was also another one that, here, we know it as SMB The Lost Levels. It's the same graphical style as the original SMB game, but is a hell of a lot harder.

    Here we got the Mario dreaming one. But around the world, different countries saw different games. So which did you get where you live?

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