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  1. I would say SMB and Zelda. SMB was such a groundbreaking game, that it actually saved gaming from the crash of 1983. Since then, it has released hundreds of Mario titles and is probably the biggest gaming franchise in the world.

    With Zelda, it introduced us to fantasy gaming. A hero with a sword going through dungeons to collect pieces of a legendary and magic object in order to save a princess. That's the kind of thing you read about in story books, not control and lead. As a result, it has released dozens of games, with no one alive being able to understand that goddamn Zelda timeline. Fuck you Shigeru Miyamoto.

    Since those two games hit the market, gaming directions have gone wild. Other games In the NES library led to things that otherwise would never have been thought of. The games we have now all owe their existence to an earlier game somewhere.

  2. The game you're referring to that went for millions was a copy of SMB that was still sealed in the box and in perfect condition. It didn't have Duck Hunt with it. It was only SMB. It was an anomaly and will most likely never happen again.

    As for rising prices, they're not going up much. A NES game that was $20 could at most now cost $25. There's barely any rise in the prices of classic games. It may seem that way looking around if you have a number in your head, but there's no real inflation. Also you may have been seeing games that are CIB without realizing it.

    Either way, Contra was $30 then, and it's $30 now. Give or take a couple bucks that is.

    So I wouldn't worry. The prices aren't going much of anywhere.

  3. After replying to this thread @Kane99 made, it got me thinking. Remembering when I was a part of that crew was always fun. I would like to get back into it, but I don't know what engine would be the best. I have seen that GoDot is a free engine, but don't know if it's worth trying out. Others here will know a hell of a lot more about this than I will. So I'm just wondering, what would be the best one.

    Or should I just stick with Mario Maker 2?

  4. I used to be part of a crew that made up games. They called me a "thinker" because (according to them) my imagination had no limits and I could come up with the wildest shit. I also helped with design when I had an image in my head. I'm such a horrible artist that I fuck up a stick figure, but I can sure as hell guide a good artist to draw out what I have in my mind's eye. But ever since covid, the crew has mainly shut down. I contacted one of the guys that was on the coding team, and he said he doubted we would get back to making games. But if that changes, they would definitely let me know.

    So yeah, I've had a hand in creating video games.

  5. I remember doing that. Especially for games that had 30 character save codes to start back up from where you left off. That shit was insane. Legacy Of The Wizard was one of the worst offenders about that. I quickly ran out of space in the manual, so I had to start using notebook paper. The thing about that particular game is that you have to find 4 crowns to wake up a sleeping dragon so you can kill it. I've been playing it for over 35 years AND STILL ONLY FOUND ONE FUCKING CROWN.

  6. Constructive criticism is always welcome regardless of what the medium is. Novels, paintings, TV shows, video games, the list is endless. I always welcome constructive criticism on my work. As for delays, I welcome those too. I would rather the developer take 100 delays and release a game with as minimal bugs as humanly possible than one on the original schedule that always fucks up at 5 minutes and 32 seconds into the game play.

    Abuse towards developers is never acceptable or warranted. They are human beings, not gods. They are going to screw up. They are going to miss things. That's why they work in teams. Dev1 may miss something that Dev2 sees and fixes. Then there are things the entire team misses. That's why there are bugs in said game. Because no one, and nothing is perfect. We as gamers should be patient, respectful, and supportive. If we treat them well, they will do good by us in return. Thus, they will release better games. Email them and give them ideas of things you would like to see in a future release in your favorite series. Don't demand it. Offer it as a possible idea in a friendly way.


    You catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

  7. Roger Clark is right, and as usual, his wit made me laugh.
    "You ain't getting a job at Home Depot with that face"

    But when you look at the pictures, there is more than a resemblance. Rockstar literally put his mugshot in the trailer. I mean just look:



    It's pretty hard to not see that it's the exact same image, and that it actually IS him. In my opinion he should be compensated. But at the same time, everyone with eyes and a brain knows he won't be.

  8. Regardless of news coverage, I don't trust so called "leaks" from any studio. More often than not, it's some disgruntled employee just looking to cause problems for the company they work for. They may be pissed at their boss for one reason or another, or weren't chosen for a team on a game they really wanted to work on. Hence they "leak" info on one thing or another. There may be a time or two that a leak could contain a bit of truth here or there, but I highly doubt it being the norm. So any leak, I take with a grain of salt. I mean how many times have things about GTAVI been "leaked", only to not have been true?


    All that said, I have moved this topic to Video Games to Gaming News.

  9. The only time I got a console for xmas was the NES. I got it when I was 5 or 6 which would have been in 1987 or 1988. After that, the only time I got anything gaming related as any kind of gift was TMNT 3 for xmas several years later when I was somewhere around 10. The NES was complete in box with every plastic slip, styrofoam, and booklet, yet it was used. It looked brand new, but was bought secondhand. I didn't care. I had the hottest game system in the world. Hottest at that time anyway.

  10. I've never been the biggest on FPS games, but this one looks pretty damn sweet. If I was to ever get a VR headset, this would be one of the first games I would go for. Now that I have this itch, I'll have to pop in Goldeneye 007 and give it real long go. I haven't played it in forever. It's one of the best ever made, and that's not just a personal opinion.

  11. Ten years ago is was all vampires. That was all anyone could think about. Now it's zombies. I predict werewolves will be next. We have a sickening amount of zombie shit on the market already, which includes too damn many games, and a show that was over by season 3. I wish people would take notice of that. We already have too much of it. Do something else. Something original.

  12. On 12/13/2023 at 11:06 AM, Shortie said:

    This looks like the kind of game I would play! I have been a fan of FPS games for the longest time and this one definitely has that cartoon/Cuphead vibe to it. 

    As long as it isn't as rage inducing as Cuphead was I should be good playing it 🙂

    I totally agree! This looks like a total blast! Like Cuphead, it's the animation style of the cartoons I watched as a kid, which is what has me playing Cuphead. Despite having never even made it past the first level.😋

    So far is hasn't really been rage inducing for me yet, but I'm sure it will at some point. Just being able to play in those graphics is enough for me to not get pissed.

  13. There's a lot of talk about this and that with people building their own PC's. Most of what they're talking about is something I personally have no clue what it is. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. So I'm going to pin this thread and see if it gains much traction. If it does, we'll keep it pinned. If not, we'll let it fall into the depths of the PC forum.

    The first question is what the hell are peripherals?

  14. On 12/14/2023 at 3:55 PM, Shortie said:

    I would have to start with Cats


    They are dedicated to their owner
    They can bring comfort
    They are easy to take care of as they tend to do most of the care themselves, we just have to worry about treating them for fleas and worms, feeding them and ensuring they are healthy
    You don't have to take them on walks as they tend to do this themselves unless you choose to as an owner


    They can be quite expensive especially if they are fussy with the kind of food they eat
    It can be difficult to bathe them if needed with their fear of water unless they do not mind it
    Vet bills can be expensive

    You left off one con:
    They are actively plotting our deaths. You may think the devil is evil, but even he is afraid of cats.

  15. I don't remember the last time I was able to enjoy a xmas dinner. I haven't had anyone in my life to enjoy it with. If I was to have a xmas dinner it would be from going out to eat at some place like Cracker Barrel. Other than that, my xmas dinner would be the same as my Thanksgiving dinner. A can of corn.

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