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  1. I don't remember exactly when, but @Rain Dew got me an Xbox One a few years ago because there was one game I wanted which was an Xbox exclusive at the time. It has since been released on Steam, so now I honestly don't touch my Xbox unless my hand bumps it. I'm thinking I may start gaming on it again. I just have to figure out what I want to play.

  2. I have the Super Game Boy too. For those who don't know what that is, it's a SNES cart that you can put a Game Boy game into and play it on your SNES. It was only built for the original cart design, as it came out decades before the GBA was released.

  3. I have owned every Game Boy version, as well as random attachments like the Light Boy. I still play it to this day. But I played on a GBASP, since it can just be recharged instead of having to buy batteries all the damn time. I loved it as a kid, and love it now.

  4. When it comes to announcing any kind of release date, it would be a fool’s errand to actually put any real stock in whatever date they give. These days, everything in gaming gets bumped back at least twice. Many things get bumped back more than twice.

    For what it’s worth, a lot of gamers consider the Oled to be the “Switch 2” if you will.

    For my opinion, I honestly don’t know where they could really go from here. They have VR, and have released a hybrid system which is one of the most popular Nintendo devices ever. So if you ask me, they have kinda shot them selves in the foot.

  5. I started to post this on the thread asking if games are too “woke” then realized that it added nothing to further the conversation so I’m starting this here.

    I am so sick of all this “woke” bullshit. The word “woke” is nothing but the current popular buzz word, that not a single goddamn republiKKKLanazi can even fucking define. What fount of stupidity is next? Will we be curtain? Tin can? Feline menstruation? Where will it end? Well I got news for you:

    It WON’T end. If we don’t do something RIGHT GODDAMN NOW then we’re doing nothing more than bowing down, while simultaneously welcoming the ass raping that we get. And we’ll deserve it for giving in. Attempting to vote them out would be the best way if they weren’t already picking up weapons and literally calling for secession and another civil war.

    ”Woke” isn’t even a meaningful word. All it means is that you’re not sleeping. That’s what “woke” is. Or, was. American English has no connection of any kind to English English. The English we spoke 250+ years ago is no longer present in American. The right wing has been redefining every damn word they can to the point if someone from the UK was to come here for a vacation, there would be a language barrier that would be worse than Akkadian trying to understand Mandarin Chinese. A dead tongue that literally no one, including historians and linguists, can speak. And all because they have to do what they can/want to rewrite both facts and history to fit their completely fucked up agenda. Because there are only two things that ever have, or ever will matter to them:

    Power and money.

  6. I've never trusted 3rd party controllers, simply because they have never lasted. Within a month to two months it was trashcan filler. But after reading this, I would be willing to try it if I was to decide to get a third party. One nitpicky thing, is that to me it looks more like the PS5 controller than the PS4 controller. But that may just be me.

    It is really interesting to hear someone speaking positively about third party anything. That said, I can't say much else because, while I have seen a few things about it, I haven't used it. So I'm not allowed an opinion on performance. I've never owned a monkey, so I can't comment on their behaviour. Same thing.

    Either way, great review.

  7. The only drawback I can think of at the moment is that it will probably be 10 years or more before its released. One one hand, I would want it sooner than that because I'm eager to play it. But on the other hand, I'm happy to wait because it gives them more time to perfect their game and weed out as many bugs as they possibly can. Quality is more important than time in this instance. That's why I like Rockstar. They tend to take the time needed for their games to make sure they work, instead of being under a time crunch and releasing a broken pile of shit.

  8. 32 minutes ago, Reverie said:

    I personally go to a store called Microcenter for better selection. 

    I've never heard of Micro Center. Are they strictly online, or do they have actual stores you can go to, like Best Buy? I can't find anything about that on their website. Thank you for the link. I'm allover it right now.

    I already learned something at their website. I didn't know 16g cards were still being made!😋

  9. I see a lot of disagreements with this. Mostly with some of the older games. For example take FF8. The character Seifer. I always pronounced it See-fur. Whereas most seem to pronounce it Sy-fer.  Ninja Gaiden is another one. I always pronounced Gaiden as Guy-den. I hear a lot of people pronounce it Gay-den. Another FF8 is Ultimecia. I always pronounced it Ulti-may-shuh. But everyone else seems to pronounce it Ulti-meh-see-uh. Quistis is another. I pronounce it Kwis-tis. But apparently the correct pronunciation is Ku-is-tis. People even seem to get Conker wrong. I've heard people pronounce it Co-ker and Cock-er. Apparently they miss the N in his name. Not unusual for a person to accidentally miss a letter in a word. I think I always get it correct however by pronouncing it Con-ker.

    I know there's a lot more than just the few I've listed. But have any of you come across names or words in gaming that are debatable on the pronunciation?

  10. Are you strictly wanting sci-fi, or are you open to other genre's? I'm looking at my library and will list the ones that stick out to me most before posting my entire PS3/PS4 list. I'll post some trailers after that.

    That said, the main two from PS3 that stick out for me are Thief and Dante's Inferno. God Of War is a great series, but we all know what those games are like, so I don't think a trailer is necessary in any way. Which Infamous games have you played?

    From PS4, despite them being horror games, I would highly recommend you check out the Dark Pictures Anthology. Little Hope and Man Of Medan are my two favorites in the franchise. Actually, I recommend everyone check them out. But then if you want only sci-fi, you could start out looking at Star Wars just as a jumping off point, and consider games that leads you to.


    PS3 - - -

    Assassins Creed 1,2,3
    Avatar The Game
    Bound By Flame
    Castlevania Lords Of Shadows 1,2
    Dantes Inferno
    Dark Kingdom
    Dark Souls 1,2
    Darksiders 1,2
    Defiance (DDL)
    Demons Souls
    Devil May Cry 1,2,3,4
    Dishonored (2 Copies)
    Dragon Age II
    Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe Edition
    Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (DA Origins, DA Origins Awakening)
    Dragons Dogma
    Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
    Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
    Fallen Angel Sacred II
    Family Guy Back To The Multiverse
    God Of War 1,2,3, Chains Of Olympus, Ghost Of Sparta, Ascension
    Heavenly Sword
    Hunted: The Demons Forge
    Infamous Collection (Infamous, Infamous2, Infamous: Festival Of Blood)
    Last Of Us, The
    Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge
    Reckoning Kingdom Of Amalur
    Remember Me
    Rise Of The Argonauts
    Risen 2 Dark Waters
    Risen 3 Titan Lords
    South Park The Stick Of Truth
    Two Worlds


    PS4 - - -

    Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes
    Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
    Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan
    Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me
    Detroit: Become Human
    Dishonored Definitive Edition
    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
    For Honor Gold Edition
    God Of War
    God Of War III remastered
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Kingdom Come Deliverance
    Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reconing
    Lords Of The Fallen
    Mortal Kombat 11 (steelbook)
    Mortal Shell
    Pillars Of Eternity Complete Edition
    Re-Reckoning Kingdom Of Amalur
    Red Dead Redemption II Ultimate Edition
    Shovel Knight
    Styx: Shards Of Darkness
    Tormented Souls
    Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection (Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, Drake's Deception)







  11. Ave and welcome. It's always nice to see "new faces" so to speak.

    This forum is very inclusive, and considering the population, there is never a question that can't be answered by at least one person. Gaming styles and preferences are all covered. For example, I am the resident classic gamer. I play the old stuff mainly from the N64 and back. But I also know RDR2 inside and out. So someone, somewhere, will know the answer to what you're seeking.



  12. @Rain Dew and I never leave the house anymore. Unless we have to. We both carry, and when we have to go to the grocery store, we shop separately. We pretend not to know each other. When it comes to that, we're all in extreme danger just for going to the store. She and I have become reclusive so as not to draw any attention. I keep a shotgun by the door, and have several weapons in a gun safe. We're six shades of fucked for the crime of existing. At some point, some republiKKKLanazi is going to propose a bill that will charge all people of the LGBTQ+ community a tax on the air we breathe. And It won't stop there, as those who are allies that stand with us will have to pay the tax as well. Cis and heterosexual people will be exempt from the tax.

    I just wonder how many cans of air we will be allowed at a time.

  13. 2 hours ago, Knight Plug said:

    In general, I don't think there's many "scary" modern horror games, because most of them have too much cheesy action

    If you want an awesome horror game, you should check out Layers Of Fear: Legacy. There's no combat in it, as it focuses more on the psychological terror aspect. If you've ever seen Rose Red, then you'll have an idea what the game is like. It's available on just about all platforms, so you should be able to get it no matter what you prefer to game on. I just went with the Switch trailer because it was the first one to pop up.



  14. One of the biggest causes of the wildfires here is idiots that throw a still burning cigarette or lit match out of the window in their car. I know the cigarette is heat, not flame, but it often sparks things up and the fire is on. The matches definitely spark up a fire. Campfires are also a MAJOR cause of the wildfires. California is devastated every year by some of the most massive wildfires this country sees. Possibly some of the most massive the world would see. Tens of acres are destroyed, and hundreds of people are often evacuated. In the fire their house catches and they lose everything.

  15. 12 hours ago, Bizdustry said:

    I can't eat spicy foods but this is mostly because my tongue feels like it's on fire

    I LOVE spicy foods. I actually eat jalapeño's, habañeros, and dried chili's as candy. Everything I eat has to have something spicy on it.

    If you ain't sweating, you ain't eating!

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