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  1. Justice league the snyder cut like 4 hours
  2. The Godfather Pulp Fiction Saving Private Ryan Life is Beautiful The Gladiator No Country for Old Men Goodfellas I can go on and on but yeah thats a few
  3. If you have to explain a joke then its no longer funny but here I go I guess... @Clasher Its very obvius actually, in english the word Date stands for calendar day or Date as in Dating or going out with a person in a romantic as in relationships, like going to the movies, going out fot dinner, going to the beach etc. The question that William Shatner was asking (the old fat dude in the picture) was, "Describe the perfect date" as in going out to dinner or movies etc , and what she would expect from her male companion, if he was a gentleman or if he was funny etc But the girl misunderstood the question thinking he was asking about the weather of a calendar date...
  4. No... thats not what the joke is about...
  5. Well most of them are under the influence of drugs or just drunk
  6. Sad news everybody, Kazuki Takahashi the creator and artist of Yugioh was found dead this morning by the japanese coast guard at the age of 60, the police are currently looking into this event. https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/yu-gi-oh-creator-kazuki-takahashi-has-died/1100-6505184
  7. Dont care about them but I love this joke xD
  8. My pick is twisted metal. Does anybody remember that movie that came out some time ago Death race? Specifically the remake with Jason Statham, I was very young back then and I was under the impresion that the movie was based of twisted metal, I didnt knew anything about the original movie. But with that in mind it will be cool if we get a twisted metal game with the premise of the movie, a post apocalyptic world , a prision based tourment, and power ups on the track like on Mario Kart but of course with all the gore and destruccion of twisted metal
  9. Honestly is very dissapointing that RDR online was abandoned, I mean if they didnt wanted to bother mainting an online server they should have opted for a single player DLC mode instead. I like the online mode, but its honestly a ghost town
  10. Either one is fine, I already look old and feel old xD
  11. I was named after a famous baseball player, courtesy of my dad...
  12. I agree, I hardly know anybody who still plays this game, its not a bad game and it does have more game mods but honestly if you want a good cod experience its better to play it on console or pc, cod mobile is still a very rough cod game
  13. Ilegal streaming or dowloads of movies, games or songs and also most of them had to be obtained physically, digital media was minority, unlike today that most content is bought digital, if you wanted to listen to a song or watch a movie or play a videogame you needed to pay for them 20years ago
  14. -Ghosts -single socks without their matching pair -weird face shaped cracks on the wall or roof -water guns filled with holywater because of the ghosts. +10 accuracy and +15 holy damage.
  15. Thats like the 4th time you made the same comment in this thread, if you are going to post something post something meaningfull.
  16. RDR2 because of the size, other than that I dont care to install or uninstall
  17. Using homophobic slurs as jokes or to greet a friend. This is very common, like you will hear it everywhere, from people joking around or people refering to someone. Hell there is even a nationwide gay slur that we use on international Soccer matches, its become such an international outrage that FIFA threatened to kick us out of the world cup if we didnt stop using it.
  18. Sonic games, I just feels like pinball game with a mascot.
  19. Being a minion in any Kirby game, imagine minding your own business and then a pink blob appears and eats your entire town along with your friends and yells chicken in spanish...oh the humanity
  20. I made a joke... your neighbors are fucking disguisting dude...
  21. Aliens, I mean obviusly there are other life forms in this universe besides earth, but I was always skeptical when it comes to "third kind encounters" for example last week some people saw some lights on the sky during late hours in the night, so everybody was about it, But this happened on a beach near SanDiego and around that same area there are some US military and Navy bases and also a spaceX station so they are usually doing some type of exercise or rocket experiments, so basically there is a possible logical explanation about it. So back to my point, I was arguing with my wife about this because she is a firm believer that aliens walk among us, so we started to watch some youtube documentaries about the Drake equation (The Drake Equation is used to estimate the number of communicating civilizations in our galaxy, or more simply put, the odds of finding intelligent life in the Milky Way.) what made me change my mind is that they mentioned the Dark Forest theory, according to the Drake equation there should be about 20 civilizations in our cosmic neighborhood, according to the Dark Forest theory the universe is a huge dark forest filled with "hunters"( in this context inteligent civilizations)and they already know the existence of one another. They are both advanced enough to destroy the other, The hunter has to be careful, because everywhere in the forest are stealthy hunters like him. If he finds another life form chances are they will try to eliminate each other. Basically we already know the existance of other life forms but we dont contact them and they dont contact us because we may end up destroying each other. Sorry for the long post...
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