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  1. THOSE ARE COSMETICS!!!!! Skins, emotes, outfits and some Battle pass items, THOSE ARE ALL COSMETICS!!! You dont need cosmetics to do battlepass quests, hell you dont even need to buy the battle pasts to do the battlepass missions You dont need cosmetics to upgrade your weapons, YOU DONT NEED COSMETICS TO WIN!!! How in the world is paying for a skin pay to win ?? Do you even understand what pay to win is ??? Buying a cosmetic item is not going to make you win.
  2. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GETTING THAT INFORMATION FROM????!! Show me a proof where the hell does it say you need vbucks to upgrade weapons. You dont use VBUCKS to upgrade weapons, you use GOLD, and gold is found anywhere for free on the map, and the upgrade only lasts for a single match, and the upgrade is totally optional since you can might as well find a better weapon by looting. ALL ITEMS ARE FREE TO GET, THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE INGAME BATTLE ITEM OR CONSUMABLE THAT IS NOT FREE. You dont use vbucks to get items in the game. Again you are making a false claim, and the only reason why you are doing it is because you have NEVER PLAYED THE GAME IN YOUR LIFE, if you are going to make such a claim at least inform yourself before doing so.
  3. I already ranted about this with you but it seems that you dont care what people say. EVERYTHING THAT YOU JUST SAID IS WRONG, it is Obvius that you have never played the game in your life! Fortnite is NOT PAY TO WIN, YOU DONT NEED TO PAY TO PROGRESS IN THE GAME, YOU DONT PAY FOR POWERFULL WEAPONS OR ITEMS, YOU DONT NEED TO PAY FOR ITEMS TO EQUIP THEM FOR EACH CHAPTER OR EPISODE!! NONE OF THE ITEMS COST MONEY TO USE THEM, YOU CAN USE ALL THE ITEMS ON THE GAME FOR FREE The only thing that you pay for is cosmetics, either skins for your character, skins for your guns or vehicles. You had already made this statement once and I gave you the exact same response. You make a lot of claims that you play fortnite but thats a LIE, if you actually play the game you would know all these things and you wouldnt be making all these false claims.
  4. Sorry Im actually wrong in part, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim doesnt have online mode, but there is a separate game Elder Scrolls online, the game play is similar but a whole different experience. You should give it a shot to Witcher 3 again, this game has one of the best stories out there and some really weird and dark sidequests.
  5. Well I had to gave up on Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone unfortunately, after completing chapter 4 I was already low on health, and in this game health doesnt regenerate so you have to use items before the match, well, unfortunately I didnt had enough healing items, and since you cannot go back to previus maps to obtain more I was basically stuck. So...Im ending this playthrough in the mean time, maybe I will start again later another day.
  6. Pokemon Neo Y (rom hack)
  7. There is no online mode for Skyrim or The Witcher 3. It really depends on the game , for example back in the days of the Xbox 360 I was really into Halo 3 and Gears of War 3 multiplayer, but both games have a robust story mode and a good franchise to back it up (we can argue that some installments were better than others) but overall you could pick both games and enjoy either aspect of it whether it was the single player campaign or the muliplayer online. Same thing goes for a lot of other games like Borderlands 2 and at one point some COD games like Modernwarfare 1&2 or Blackops. But nowadays there is no balance, developers will mainly focus in one aspect of the game, Call of Duty is a perfect example with multiplayer being the main focus of the game and the single player campaign becomes more like a tutorial, or some times they dont have a story mode at all. Another good example was the Last of Us or Uncharted series, both excellent narrative games, but did you know that they have a multiplayer mode ? well they are okay but not exactly the best part of the game.
  8. If we are talking about free to play games then I will say : Fortnite, Rocket League, Yugioh Master Duel , Apex Legeds and COD Warzone
  9. I will keep that one in mind 😁 I think I already have it among my snes roms
  10. It depends on the day, working days maybe around an hour, sometimes none, on my days off maybe 3-4 hours, I dont play as much as I used
  11. I never said anything about combat being repetitive. Let me clarify myself, my problem with the game was not the battles but the pacing of the game, there was too much text between battles and battles were short, so for every 10 min of battle there was basically 20 min of text, or at least thats how it felt to me.
  12. The new PS PLUS service has been officially released in Asia this week , it will be released in Japan next week and by next month Europe and America. With the release on the Asia market we finally have a full list of games, Im not sure if the games on this list will be the same for Europe or America but it will probably be 90% similar. Here is the link for the article with the full list. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/the-new-playstation-plus-launches-in-asia-revealing-a-full-games-list/1100-6503763/
  13. Westworld (hbo series) - 9/10 so far, we barely started with 3 episodes
  14. Playing a little bit of Skyrim, I finally got around to finish the Red Eagle quest
  15. A few weeks ago they added some starwars weapons, my favorite was the laser blaster, unlimited ammo and if you had the jetpack then it was like playing like Bobba Fett, sadly I didnt had the skin to match but it was cool. Unfortunately they already replaced that with the cube weapons now.
  16. No thats not it, combat was okay, it was the fact that for every battle there was 20 min of text and battles are short, so most of the time I was reading something rather than playing. Im used to playing jrpgs but persona 5 was closer to a visual novel rather than an rpg, but maybe I just didnt spend to much time with it, I only invested a whole afternoon on it, about 3-4 hours.
  17. Well seems that everyone is recommending FF6 so I might go with that.
  18. @Yaramaki this guy deserves to be winner of the month, we all know that
  19. You can emulate it on gba or snes it doesnt have to be on ps1
  20. Its a great game, I played a lot of it as a kid. I was never good at it though Maybe, but I dont want to spend money on games right now, can you recommend something from the 3ds, gba or snes?
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