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  1. You dont really have to spent anything on it to get good cards, I already have one meta deck, one hero deck and an exodia deck and I have only played for 2 seasons, my advise is to get the season passes, and you can buy them using the free gems you get by logging in every day and completing a few challenges. I have looked into the microtransaction system and is really not worth it, but the game is flexible enough that you can earn enough tokens without spending a dime. Also if you play the story mode you can get some really cool and strong decks.
  2. Thats off topic, please stay on topic. If you want feel free to create a new thread about popular games that you have never played. Also for future reference quote the person you are asking the question to, otherwise your post will go unnoticed, Thank you.
  3. I loved that movie, but here is a funny thing about Rayquaza stopping Groudon and Kyogre, as per an actual match Groundon and Kyogre are stronger than Rayquaza, Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying type with a mostly physical movepool, Groudon can easily take a few of rayquaza's hits and finish him with a couple of strong rock moves like Stone Edge and Kyogre can one hit Rayquaza with a single Icebeam.
  4. But whats your favorite pokemon ? Misty and Hilda are trainers
  5. Yes we can, it took me only a minute to google it. As of June 2022 Microsoft has a market cap of $1.811 Trillion dollars, and Sony 106.33 Billion, so yeah Microsoft is way bigger than sony
  6. I may be deviating the thread from the main topic , but I wanted to give my two cents on this. I think what @Justin11 was trying to say was about modding or hacking his ps2 console with an external hard drive, by doing this you can run ISO files of PS2 games from the hard drive. I dont know much about it either but you definitely dont use CDs for that. This is something that happens very often in the forum, a lot of users try to rush in trying to make a comment as fast as possible with the result being a comment that is barely comprehensible. I know that for many of us here english is not our first language, I have the same problem as well, but at least I actually try to make an effort to make my comment as clear as possible.
  7. Another proof that you dont care to read about what people say, all you care is about making a quick post. @Candy Stick clearly said that the RE8 DLC was already announced, it was done yesterday at the Capcom's showcase event.
  8. @Shagger dont edit the post, leave like that, so it will be a reminder that @Justin11 doesnt care about what his posting as long as he makes a post or comment. And same goes for other users who are still doing the same despite this being the main issue on the forum. Im sick and tired of all this crap Its because of people like you that the gaming industry is at its worst when it comes to monetization , thats why publishers are still putting out microtransactions, because there is always someone like you who is more than wiling to throw his money away on a free to play game. Dude think about it ,800 dollars with in 4 years, thats basically 200dlls a year for cosmetics???? WTF
  9. You seriusly spent 800 dollars on a free to play game? Dude get a life
  10. Today is the day, Im praying we get something about Elder Scrolls 6 😆 show starts at 10 am pacific standard time
  11. Where is the switch? XD I mainly use my ps4, I usually just play DragonBall FighterZ , Fortnite, Skyrim , and RDR2. Those sre the games that I usually play at least once every week. Every other game I usually do a month rotation.
  12. Is it real? Leaks from tomorrow's Bethesda/Xbox show
  13. Well... there was no silksong xD
  14. Well the PS5 is the hardware refresh, its pretty obvius at this point that sony will mainly focus on the ps5, the only reason why they are still selling PS4s is because of the impact of covid on the chip industry, but that situation is slowly getting better.
  15. Im 100% sure sony is done making new ps4 consoles, at this point they are only selling the slim model. From a financial point of view there is no reason for them to come up with a new ps4 model.
  16. The official trailer was just leak like an hour ago right before the start of the summer game fest event, the game will release this year September 2nd 2022 (this video might get taken down in a couple of hours )
  17. Dude you literally said that using Lifeline was a risk, now you are saying that is not ?
  18. Okay... I still dont get your point, Why is it choosing lifeline a risk ?
  19. What do you mean by "crazy player" for choosing Lifeline ?
  20. This is sounds very interesting, in Horizon Zero Dawn the only way to get details as to what happenend in detail is by reading the digital notes and audios found around the world, and of course by following the main story as well but I always wanted to see a cutscene or something about the Faro Plague.
  21. Today is the day, its already been semi confirmed that they will be focusing on games that were already previusly announced so we are not expecting any more new annoucements. But we will have more information on the new upcoming games, so far the only game that has been confirmed is Hollow Knight Silksong
  22. He means that he was still playing on his ps2 by the time gta v came out because that was the only console he had at that time, and then he got a ps3 later on.
  23. FF6, Vargas boss fight, it always amused me how the main characters sprites remain the same during battle but some enemies transform into a resonance painting xD
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