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  1. I actually have never tried pokemon conquest before, I always assumed it was a mix between pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactis. I will have to check that out later on.
  2. The list is based on older JRPGs (except for bravely default) I already own and played FF7 remake, I wanted to go back to more classic JRPGs
  3. Im expecting a bad movie, I mean usually netflix shits on a lot of their adaptations, very rarely they get it right. But I could be wrong, hopefully they focus on the horror aspect of the game
  4. RE5 is a good game but the main difference between RE4 and RE5 is that RE5 is mostly an Action game, while RE4 still holds that horror atmosphere, RE5 has more destruction, and action packed bosses
  5. Oh okay so yeah very similar, I will have to try it out one of these days, I should have a copy of the ROM for the snes emulator somewhere.
  6. I have never played A Link to the past but I do own a Link Between worlds, I dont remember how it begins but basically a witch is trying to revive Ganondorf, and the witch is transforming everyone into painting including princess Zelda, then Link fights the Witch and losses becoming a paint himself and then a strange merchant with a a purple bunny mask/hood says he can help you and he will loan or sell you the quest items (bow, hook, etc) if you die then you will loose all the items that he loaned you, if you buy them you will keep the items, then you obtain the ability to transform yourself into a painting and stick to walls and that way you can travel to another dimension, like a mirror side of Hyrule were the forces of evil won. I dont want to spoil the ending because I dont know how much of it is similar to the SNES version but it was a huge plot twist at the very end.
  7. Its through a streaming app basically, you are running the game on your PC and you can stream the screen on your phone, you can do the same thing with a ps4. Its doable but the frame rate is not the best and there is a lot of lag
  8. Bunch of them are just plain stupid, even retartded, like the one guy who said his mom was going to take away his computer, I think already died because of diabetes or something. Im checking out other youtube channels dedicated to find out what happened to these guys after the show, most of them did time in jail, some of them died, some reoffended and only a few actually got their shit toguether (the very young ones actually)
  9. Skyrim on legendary difficulty and Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  10. I agree its a very wholesome and funny anime. I honestly never knew what it was about before the anime, I had seen cover arts of the manga but I just assume it was some shoujo or comedy manga or something
  11. Jurassic World Dominion - 7/10
  12. To sum it up its a good game with a great open world zombie world but the story is very boring, and the game does have a LOT of story but if you can look past that then its still a good game
  13. A game about Batman's universe without Batman, and even worse its a live service co op type of game. Im not saying the game itself will be bad (we dont know yet) but this is not what the people wants.
  14. What do you mean? Its the same account regardless if you play on mobile or console
  15. How can they make a remake if they just barely released the game a year ago ? If you mean the DLC, yeah there was nothing but they did showed a trailer for VR2 version of RE8
  16. Alright I will add it to my backlog list xD but it will probably take me some time to get to it , looks cool actually, it has that 90s anime style
  17. Dude the thread is about JRPGs, The Witcher 3 is not an JRPG
  18. I only had a DS for a couple of years before I landed my ass on top it xD and during that time I spent it mostly playing Pokemon games and using the backwards compatibility of my GBA games so I didnt actually explored the whole NDS library back then, I did played more games through emulation like Advanced wars Dual Strike and Ace attorney. But today I was finally able to make my 3DS play NDS games correctly so Im trying to build a library I already have some in mind like Zelda Phantom Hourglass and Metal Slug 7. What were the best NDS games in your opinion ?
  19. Rumors only unfortunately , Some information was leaked during an investors reunion with Takes-Two and it showed a release date for a few games, as for the Max Payne Trilogy it showed an expected release date by 2025, Red Dead Gunslinger (Im not sure what that is, I dont know if its the first RDR remake or DLC for RDR2 or for the online mode) and an expected release date for GTA 6 in 2024 if everything goes well.
  20. We finally got some gameplay, I have to admit it looks nice, I liked that paint splash animation, hopefully this is how the actual product will look like. Gameplay starts at minute 1:52
  21. Well Andrzej Sapkowski had nothing to do with the game itself other than selling the licence of his books to CD project. In fact Andrzej Sapkowski never really cared about videogame about his game, he though it was going to fail, and when the game did succed he sue CD Project for more money. I agree with @Shagger I dont understand how you all make statements as to how you admire George RR Martin and regard him as a videogame visionary when the guy barely even plays videogames and his role on Elden Ring was actually only a small part in the story and design, actually most of the material that GRRM provided for Elden Ring was modified or changed. How can many of the members here claim to admire these two writters George R.R Martin and Andrzej Sapkowski for their roles in the videogame industry when they litteraly only had a small part in it ?? How can you admire someone for being a videogame icon and not know their actual role in the videogame industry??? If someone has to be admire it has to be the developers like on Elden ring for example all credit should go to Hidetaka Miyazaki, he was the Director and the actual writer for the game. And as for The Witcher 3 all credit should go to CD project, not Andrzej Sapkowski. EDIT: Now that I remember there was also another Thread about George RR Martin's love for videogames that somehow spawned multiple pages of comments, when the guy barely even plays videogames.
  22. Since last night I was trying to get to play NDS games on my 3DS and I was having a hard time doing it, I was finally able to do it today but during the process I started to fuck around with some of the homebrew apps on my hack 3ds and I found out I had a pokebank editor (basically you can edit the abilities,moves, evs, nature, event exclusives etc) But I accidently added a japanese event, and my whole save became japanese, and the only way to change the language is to basically start a new save all over again, I lost so many damn hours in the game...
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