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  1. I had to take two flights and two bus rides in the last couple of days so I had to chance to watch a few series and movies Phone booth - 7.5/10 Invincible season 1 - 9/10 House of the Dragon ep 1 and 2 - 9/10 The Tomorrow war - 5/10 I honestly didnt even finished this one , is really crappy
  2. I honestly dont have a reason to buy this game again as a console user But yeah it looks prettier
  3. There a lot I can think of but the first that came to my mind are the necromorphs from Dead space But if we are refering to specific characters then in tha case Margaret from Re7
  4. Im honestly very dissapointed, sure I understand why they had to increase the price, but was it really worth it? Im not sure. All I know is that Im not buying a ps5 this holiday season
  5. Yeah c4 was fun, I honestly dont like the weapons on this season, specially that charge smg, it does a lot of damage but its slow as hell. I agree Ivee been having a hard time doing my own quests lately, I actually got the battle pass for free, I saved up all the free vbucks from previus seasons and bought this one, I had to wait like a whole 3 seasons to get them for free but it was worth it
  6. Will try that thanks, I also saw some people that use a toon world strategy instead to go through the deck quicker
  7. Hey dude first I want to say that what Im about say will sound rude and I apologize to the mods but I just wanted to get it out my chest for a while. I have a hard time believing you. You just said that this is the first time you heard of little nightmares, yet the game was a ps plus freebie not to long ago and the game was all over the menu feed on our ps4 consoles, thats like the first page that you get when you turn on your ps4 so there is no way you missed that. The only way to miss something like that is if you dont have a ps4, and you claim that you do, that a friend just gave a ps4 with a whole bunch of games for free. So that makes me think that you dont own a ps4 as you claim.
  8. No dude thats not what the thread is about. If you were a super hero, what would be your tragic backstory? Like what made you become a hero or what gave you your powers Like for example batman lost his parents so he became a hero
  9. Yeah some of the food does look good, like the Dosas, those look very tasty but there is not one single indian food restaurant in my city xD One thing I know about indian culture is thag they mostly eat with their hands which is okay I guess but dude if someone is cooking my meal they should at least wear gloves or use a spoon or something you know
  10. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that, I had a few bugs myself during battles specially if the characters got overcrowded in a small space but thankfully I didnt had to reload my save I just had to wait a few seconds
  11. I cant say its really worth your money, I mean its a really short game but I have see it free a couple of times on PC and its dirt cheap at Playstation like 5 dlls or less. I got it "free" as part of the monthly ps plus games
  12. Lets use this thread to talk about anything related to Fortite, updates, new season pass, new skins and gameplay changes.
  13. Anybody planning on getting the new COD MW2?
  14. I havent played VR much but I just found it boring after a while. Hopefully we will get some "Sword Art " level VR in this lifetime xD
  15. I havent been here in a while but as to what I have seen in the last week I will nominate @Kane99
  16. The only Spyro game I played all the way through was Enter the Dragonfly, it was fun, I mean I remember it had some cool areas but there was also some that were unfairly difficult
  17. Why nobody wants an xbox?
  18. Yes I have to admit it, it started during the beggining of the pandemic While watching facebook videos I came across some Indian street food clips, they looked interesting until I you notice how fucking nasty those places are, I mean dude is mixing vegetables with the food with his bare hands, no gloves, no water to wash his hands and if they use a rag they will just use the same old brown shit looking rag. And whats worse I cant stop watching them!!!
  19. The title says it all, if you were a super hero what would be your sad or dark back story? Quoting South Park the Fractured But Whole, "He was traumatized and become a hero because his dad fucked his mom" xD My back story as a small spud a rabid squirrell ate the other potatoes at my garden, therefore I became Super King Monarch Supreme Lord All Mighty Overpowered Brazzers actor Humble Warrior Beer Champion Potato and now every time I see a squirrel at the street I throw my loose change at them
  20. Ive been using an Exodia deck for quite a while now but its mostly revolves around the bamboo swords tactics, chicken game and of course the counter build up with Royal Magical Library Works 3/10 times, 5/10 if I start first Its fun at times but I cant seem to find a way to upgrade it Anyone have a good deck build for an Exodia Win?
  21. Dude for 15 dlls Im going to do overtime on the forum tonight xD
  22. Which one, the 80s original or the remake?
  23. Well I work weekends now so not much 😞
  24. It depends if you are looking for a fight head to the politics section xD If you are looking for some good threads then I will say Videogames section General gaming sometimes gets over crowded with a lot of posts
  25. Welcome to our humble nerd hideout
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