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  1. How are you liking the new Dragon ball mechanics? In my opinion the KameHameha is very OP That shit can kill you even with a full shield charge and life bar Btw for the sake of the thread my last game played was fortnite
  2. I loved the Stick of thruth, its one of those games that despite the controversy ( Zombie Fetus Baby Nazi Boss Fight...) was an incredible fun game, it really didnt hold back on the jokes. The Fractured But Whole on the other hand really does underperform. I played the game before and never really finished it and called it trash, but the game deserved a second chance. Its a good game, but thats just it... I liked the new chess based gameplay mode, it really allowed for some good strategy thinking. This time around they introduced a lot of RPG mechanics like crafting, skill equipment and more status effects. While I got a few jokes here and there this sequel is very toned down, I mean it still has a lot of good old South park jokes but it feels like the game relies a lot on fan service, The stick of truth also had a lot of fan service but it also had a bunch of original jokes. There were some jokes I was not expecting like the Lap Dance mini game or the Yolanda costume xD but stuff that were supposed to be epic like the Drunk Randy boss fight or the were ultimately dissapointing and boring Also since the game was made by Ubisoft it fall under the curse of microtransactions, expansions and club rewards. There are some funny sidequests but some are just tedius. My advise if you want a good South Park game play Stick of Thruth , if you feel that the Stick of Thruth wasnt enough then get the Fractured But Whole. Veredict of a potato....8/10
  3. I try to keep it at a minimun, maybe 2-3 games but always just one or two single players Right now im going through South park The fractured but whole, Yugioh Master duel and Im playing Breath of fire between breaks at work.
  4. I played the HD remake but I had owned the original many years ago on my xbox360 and went through te whole game many times. I honestly stopped playing the remaster already and moved on to a different game, but thank you for the advise.
  5. I wouldnt call it a survivor game though, survival games usually include certain elements on their gameplay like crafting and health or stamina meters. Little nightmares has none of that, its a platformer horror game.
  6. I played the game over the weekend It was awesome, 9/10 my favorite scene is the dinner level, I dont want to spoil anything but that part gave me chills Oh and also that ending was totally unexpected and very cool looking as well.
  7. Hey dude, thanks, sorry about being absent from the forum, got a new job, better pay but more responsabilities so I have very little free time. Yep for sure AC2 had one of the best stories of the series, but one of the complaints I had with the remake was the eyes of the characters, man Desmond's eyes looked like shit, they looked like google eyes glued to his head I agree, you can really feel the difference in gameplay, while I hated AC3 there is no doubt that the auto climb was of great help, there were parts in AC2 were I tried to wall jump and instead I jumped backwards and got myself killed
  8. So I played about 5 hrs of Assasins creed 2 over the week end, back in the day it was my favorite ASC game, in someways its still the best, but its also a very old game, AC mechanics have gone a long way since then. I was suprised to find the controls awfully clunky, I though it was my controller, but no, thats just how the game was, I mean compared to Oddisey, Valhalla or even Black flag the game play of AC2 is very weak. Its still a great game, and in my opinion the best story, but by todays standards the gameplay is awfull. Still this is one of those games that changed the gaming world for the better and for that it still has a place in my heart.
  9. I cant really see Breaking bad as a videogame, maybe like an interactic novel. GTA is more about parody, dark humor and overall violence and action and BB is more about the story itself, there is very little relation other than drug activity. Maybe it was a good thing that it was never released
  10. Well you can actually play it for free if you get a month subscription of playstation ps plus extra ot premium, thats how I got it.
  11. Well I just played this game for another couple of hours and I got bored, I mean its an okay game, its something new and refreshing but not as fun.
  12. Haha yeah they all had the same excuse, like some of them drove 2-4 hours in the middle of the night and they came up with the dumbest excuse, "I came here to talk" , "she asked me to come over" , " I wasnt going to do anything" but then their cars are ready with condoms, lub and a pack of beer of Mike's hard lemonade xD I remember for a while that brand was known as the phedo beer.
  13. Well it took me whole two weeks, finally beat Doom (2016) 8.5/10 some parts it does get repetetive but overall fun Next up Im debating between Gravity rush or Blasphemous
  14. Ah yes booty is always more important than eating hahahaha xD man that was a very underated show
  15. Will I be able to instantly recover from shot wounds if I eat here? XD
  16. Not a movie but Im watching a new anime on netflix called My Uncle from another world. I used to read the original manga a few years back 8/10
  17. Im not sure if it this has been mentioned already but does somebody remember Xiaolin Showdown? I loved watching that on WB kids on saturday mornings
  18. I will definetly play this, I liked Bully back in the old days, it was a weird game for its time.
  19. Well Dragon Ball the Breakers was just announced a couple of days ago, so far the leak has been proven right about one game at least
  20. So I started playing Doom (2016) and before I started it I investigated a little bit about the difficulty on the internet, and I came across a couple of comments about the "True Doom Experience" which basically can only be obtain if you play on a level above Hard. With many saying that if you play the game in normal or easy then you are not getting the true experience of playing a Doom game as it was made. Honestly that sounds like a lot of bull, but then again I had never actually played a full Doom game before. Does anybody know or heard about this true Doom experience before? Is it really just some dumb fan idea about the franchise?
  21. kingpotato

    Donkey Kong

    Well that was fucking hard...took me about 7 hours, and the last two were spent on that fuel level and King K Rool. Im very proud actually, first time I actually finished a Donkey Kong Country Game, the last time I attempted to finish one was like 10 years ago and I only got as far as the factory levels.
  22. Well after 7 hours of gameplay I finished the main story plus most side missions. Spiderman Miles Morales is basically a sequel of the 2018 Spiderman game. Im not going to go much into details about the story, not because of the spoilers but because the story is so boring and generic as fuck, Miles as a character has basically no personality, and the antagonist is another cliche of good person doing evil stuff for the sake of revenge, the only other real bad guys are a super generic evil CEO and Rhino who is only there to serve as a punching bag. Now lets talk about the gameplay, the game is almost 90% exactly the same as is antecesor, so at least you know the gameplay mechanics are at least still fun and easy to get use to. The character variety is basically the same, tugs, big tugs, tugs with guns, tugs with tech armor etc. Same goes for the missions , infiltrate a hideout, stealth attacks and fighting multiple enemies at once. Miles gadgets are dissapointing, he only has 4 and the only one worth it is the hologram clones since you can use them to fight crowds. The new inovation comes with Miles new powers, Invisibility and Electric Venom, invisibilty is very useful for stealth fights and Electric Venom is just fun to use and is basically the main point of gameplay since you are basically using your electrity 99% of the time. But other than that the gameplay is still pretty much the same as the previus game, and thats were it gets boring. The game has no strong points, there is not a single mission in the game that is memorable. Costumes are a mixed bag between cool and ugly as hell. The game is shorter than the previus game, and it just feels like a very long dlc. Also I had a bunch of bugs this is most likely because I was playing on a ps4 slim and the game was marketed as a mainly ps5 game. In conclusion 7/10 , I will not go back to playing it again.
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