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  1. I would like to see ancient cities, like Babylon or Carthage
  2. For me it has to be Metroid Fusion during boss fights, most of the times I was more stressed than actually having fun, the only boss fight I enjoyed was the one against Ridley, all others were pure torture. (Except for the first boss fight obviusly that one was a piece of cake)
  3. The latest one I can think was while playing DBZ fighter Z I was playing on hard course aracade mode and I was down to 1 character againts a 3 team at almost full health and somehow I was able to win with very little health.
  4. I cant really think of anything that has made me change drastically, I have always been the same with little changes in my way of thinking over the years but nothing that actually changed my whole personality.
  5. I remember we had a 3d tv and I remember that a friend of mine claimed that he could figure out a way for two people to play a COD co op match but each player will be able to only view one screen rather than both using 3d function and glasses. He was never able to do it and Im not sure if it was true
  6. No water or soap, just some good old spit xD
  7. I will be an evil ruler and destroy the world, fuck this planet!
  8. Any Super Mario Game, for sure some levels are tough but the only Super Mario Game I have actually finish was Super Mario Galaxy. Basically a suck at platformers
  9. -wake up - take a piss - take a shit - eat some breakfeast -Get out of bed....
  10. Around the world Always go for credit card, many dont realize it but building up credit is very important. Also your information and money is better protected with a credit card Change to art school. I got into ITs for the money but the job itself doesnt really pay a lot, also I dont like it. Of Course an art degree is probably going to pay way less but at least that is something that I like.
  11. None xD Well if I had to change the name I would probably call it "Very Sinkable"
  12. Favorite Full Metal Alchemist Least favorite Fairy Tail
  13. These WWE signs are getting out of hand xD
  14. Thats a weird sex fetish but okay...who am I to judge xD
  15. Thats a really dumb question...
  16. How can a game that hasnt even come out be your favorite fighting game, street fighter 6?
  17. Half way through Final Fantasy 6
  18. Its a Jrpg made by Square enix, suposedly is the best jrpg on the 3ds and many fans praise it for being a return of classic JRPGS (whatever that means)
  19. Dont worry, not even the people who play Kingdom hearts get it xD Its basically an inside joke, Kingdom hearts story is so broken , convoluted and all over the place, there is 3 main games with a 4th installment coming up, a bunch of spin offs and remakes that add up to the main story and honestly none of them make sense.
  20. So far so good, how about you ? BTW whatevever happened to Nintendo's June Direct ? I saw some rumours that Nintendi was waiting until the end of the month. It just weird that we had Playstation, Xbox and the Summer fest but no signs of Nintendo.
  21. I was just watching some clips, there is one were this old dude like probably in his late 50s or early 60s, he is driving while intoxicated, police stopped him, asked him to get out of the car and surprise surprise the dude is wearing daisy shorts, you know that type thats basically underwear xD he also had lube and cocaine in the car.😆
  22. I copied this from a facebook page, basically is a breakdown list of your favorite videogames, I will add mine here as an example (also I made some tweaks to the list just in case if somebody has seen this format before). Also... PLEASE USE THIS FORMAT, I want to put a lot of enphasis on this because Im sure many are not going to follow the format, but for those who do I will deeply appreciate since thats the point of this thread. If you dont want to follow the format then please dont make a post Thank you all 😁 Favorite Videogame : Skyrim Best Story: Last of Us Favorite Art Style: Hollow Knight "I'll finish it someday": Metal Gear Solid V It Made you Cry: Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Combat: God of War Favorite Protagonist: Arthur Morgan (RDR2) You Like it but everyone hates it: Mad World (Wii) You Hate it but everyone likes it: Xenoblades Chronicles Favorite Horror game: Resident evil 7 Favorite Fighting game: DBZ fighter Z Biggest Letdown: Last of Us part 2 "Back in the day Game": Pokemon Ruby Indie recomendation: Shovel Knight
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