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  1. It was free for the PS PLUS line up on April, I honestly forgot to grab it then, I saw a gameplay video it didnt actually caught my attention, I kinda regret now not playing it when I had the chance.
  2. Hahaha yes you did, I was not expecting that to become a reality.
  3. Final Fantasy 6 Advanced
  4. I read somewhere else that the current chip and semiconductor shortage will probably last until 2024. But 2025 actually sounds like a good estimate, Sony does need to move on from the ps4 otherwise the quality of the games will never improve since they will always attempt to have a ps4 version
  5. The official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer and release date are finally here. We get to see some new pokemons and the two legendaries. Release date November 18 22
  6. 1-Whats your favorite anime ? 2-If you had to live on a anime world BUT as a background character, in what world would you like to live on and on which you wouldnt like to live on ? 3-Favorite videogame ?
  7. Honestly the only fire emblem game that I liked is Fire Emblem Awakening, I already own that on the 3ds. I already played the gba fire emblem, and I did played that for a while many years ago, I never got to finish that.
  8. I dont think that will be necessary but sure go ahead if you need to
  9. Im probably going to start with this list tomorrow, starting with the game with the most votes which its FF6 at the moment.
  10. Ah very well then, understood. Yeah it does kinda look like Ben 10
  11. The character with the green googles is Octane and the art is based on Invader Zim
  12. Gotcha 👍 Going back to topic, well I really dont care if Starfield gets delayed , I mean I dont own an Xbox or a good enough PC to play it anyways, but my problem is that if Starfield gets delayed, then TES6 will get delayed as well ☹️
  13. Well none of them are based on the simpons, power puff gilrs of Ben 10... If you look closely you will notice that in the bottom corner of each character there is the logo as to wich tv show or character style is based of
  14. Who said thet Nintendo Switch doesnt have exclusives ? Nintendo has more exclusives than anybody else
  15. 1-Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo (she is hot hahaha), favorite monster probably this eagle head looking guy, I had this very specific toy in kindergarden and was one of my favorite toys 2-I cant even remember now, I was never into the marrying system, I think I only wed some girl from Riften. If I have to pick then Aela the Huntress, Mjoll feels a little dull. 3-Bud Light 4-French Fries 5- Not really but if I had to pick Im between Boxing and Baseball
  16. This sounds like playing ZORK haha I love this. Lets go with something simple that we all understand, fantasy advernture type of game, swords, spells and monsters, and open world. I will start: The Main character wakes up in the middle of the woods, there is a dead body next to him. What do you do next ? (next comment has to reply with the action he takes)
  17. We cant talk about how to download emulators on the forum, You are going to have to google it yourself. Emulators for gba, snes and nes are pretty easy to find.
  18. The info comes from a rockstar investors report I made another more detailed post I think on the max payne thread
  19. That bastard Zedd owes me some money, I dont even remember what it was but a man has to live by a code, you know ? xD None us are worthy, we are all bunch of weird nerds that why we are here 😆 But I will be looking forward for your introduction thread GBA Sensei
  20. Only if you start your post as well so we can do the same to you hahaha 😆
  21. That sounds interesting, thank you, I will be sure to try it out.
  22. So it took a mod to intervene just to make look up the information on google... I told you about the gold bars and you just wouldnt listen, and this is not the first time that we had this conversation. For gods sake dude do your research before making a post, and if you are going to make a counter claim at least inform yourself before you do. Otherwise you are just going to make a fool of yourself like you just did.
  23. Yeah the new Jumanji movies are not really based on a real videogame, I mean sure the topic of the movie is that they are trapped in a videogame unlike the original Jumanji movie were they were trapped in a boardgame. But Rampage is based on a real videgame that goes as far as back as the arcades and the NES and some sequels on the n64 and the Wii. Btw Im also a fan of the Doom movie, its one of those movies that is so bad thats its good 😆 Yeah I believe he is working as a producer on a movie adaptation for It Takes Two, a great game btw it was game of the year 2021 and it surely earn its place there.
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