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  1. I got myself a month of PS Plus extra and I got to play a little bit of Stray, and now Im playing Spiderman Miles Morales
  2. So thats your excuse? You told me to go to piss and moan in my basement just because of others people's stupidity , of which I have nothing to do? You are such an ass that you cant even apologize properly. I used to think better of you, I had you in high regard as one of the most valuable members of the forum, but you just had to be a jerk and make such an insulting comment out of nowhere. Oh and FYI, I do know how you feel about anti vaxers, because unlike you I do remember our conversations on the forum. You have a good day sir, and please dont reply Im done here.
  3. Well since In going to be stuck at home for a whole week I might as well try to beat the first Donkey Kong Country, so far I got through the first Beaver boss, so far easy enough, hell comes later...
  4. Okay... that second part was totally uncall for... yes im vaccinated so the sintoms are not as bad. I though you already knew my stand regarding anti vaxers, so the fact that you made that comment makes me believe you dont give a crap about our conversations. Thank you dude, I appreciatte the good vibes
  5. I honestly dont care, I mean Im just a casual player, but if I had to choose it will be , Bloodhound, life line and wraith
  6. I got covid, feels like shit, take care guys this pandemic is not over yet.
  7. Unreleated to the thread but still funny xD I might create a thread about pokemon logic later on the day
  8. Im a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft. But below all the horror, I did notice that he had a great fascination with architecture , whenever he had to describe a real life building he almost always went into detail about the specifics of the construction.
  9. Playing Pokemon Showdown if anybody wants to fight with me
  10. I've honestly not been able to play much in the past month, actually I havent even touched my ps4 in about two weeks, Im really behind on my list but I will try to play more during the upcoming week and finally finish FF6 if im correct Im probably already half way through.
  11. Honestly I didnt like Luigi's mansion 2, at least not as much as the first one, and there is no nostalgia involved since I barely played both games a couple of years ago. My problem is that Luigi's mansion games have very clunky controls and the movement is slow, and unlike the first one the sequel requires you to be quicker and react faster to certain fights.
  12. Bigger characters are the best for courses like the Rainbow road track, I always end up falling if I dont use a bigger character or a heavy kart
  13. Nope dont care, except maybe RDR2 because of the honor level and maybe skyrim since once a civilian npc dies it stays death and that sometimes ruins some quests
  14. I have the screenshot from facebook, they dont provide a source and its in spanish Other than I dont have any other info, I think its real and based on the recent events its very likely its is real, but the dates might be off since its not official
  15. Ive said it before but we need an Avatar the last air bender cell shaded open world game
  16. Dont know if its real but it looks very real. All these games are scheduled for next year 2023 (obviusly there might be some delays) -Dragonball The Breakers (Q1 FY 2023) -Little Nightmares III (Q2 FY 2023) -Dragonball Fighter Z (Q2 FY 2023) -Digimon Story Cybersleuth 2 (Q2 FY 2023) -Elden Ring Barbarians of the Badlands (Q3 FY 2023) -Tales of Ascension (Q3 FY 2023) -Tekken 8 (Q3 FY 2023) -Code Vein 2 (Q4 FY 2024) -One Punch Man Fighters Association (Q4 FY 2023) -Dragonball Xenoverse 3 (Q4 FY 2023)
  17. She obviusly did misunderstood the question, thats what the joke is about. You do realize this is a scene from a movie right? And going back to the topic itself, beauty paegents are a joke as well
  18. I agree COD they have been releasing the same game for more than a decade now. At one point Assasins creed had the same problem but after origins it kinda reinvented itself. 2d Kirby games also had the same problem, they are all good but if you play one you have played them all Pokemon games, I love pokemon but before Arceus every single game was basically the same formula. Any sports game, god I hate those yearly releases
  19. Skyrim...yes I said it Well I mean by today's standard its obviusly bad, but back in 2011-2012 it was mind blowing
  20. Rdr1 the Undead nightmare dlc Skyrim Dragonborn Horizon zero dawn the frozen wilds
  21. The Batman, I loved it 10/10
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