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  1. Scary Movie 2 - 9.5/10
  2. Mine is Scary Movie 2. No matter how many times I see the same scenes repeatedly, I still crack up in laughter. The Wayne's brothers are absolutely hilarious.
  3. Some people don't know that there are different tiers for animated movies and shows. They just ignorant lump everything into a kids cartoon category just because it's animated.
  4. Hopped on Rocket League today and was MVP for every match carrying everyone on my team.
  5. When I tell you that Sony is quickly becoming one of the most dislikeable companies in this space, this is what I'm talking about. I don't know who is making all these crappy decisions at Sony but if they go through with this, they'll effectively kill the game. I'm pissed because I love Helldivers 2 and play it very often with my gaming buddies. What do you guys think about this stupid requirement Sony is trying to implement?
  6. For me, it would be Whatsapp because it's how I keep in contact with a lot of people and also communicate with a lot of companies outside the US.
  7. Razer is a good shout as well although some of their stuff does tend to be extremely overpriced.
  8. Even though I've never really owned one, I'd say a Pixel. For the record, I do like IPhones somewhat unlike most people here but Pixel is the one phone you can install any custom Android OS on and do a bunch of stuff with. I might just get one this year.
  9. I think they should be banned in gyms as well. All these idiotic social media influencers are ruining the gym for everyone who goes there to improve their physical fitness.
  10. I've been pondering something lately and wanted to hear your thoughts. Do you think gaming has the power to break down cultural and language barriers? Whether it's through shared experiences, cooperative play, or competitive matches, can gaming transcend linguistic and cultural differences?
  11. Have any of you found love through gaming? Share your stories of how a simple gaming session turned into something more! Whether it was bonding over a shared love for a game or meeting your significant other in an MMO, let's hear those heartwarming tales.
  12. Do you believe gaming can actually enhance our interpersonal skills? Whether it's teamwork in co-op games or negotiating trades in MMOs, there's a case to be made. Share your opinions below.
  13. Have any of you had the awesome experience of meeting your online gaming buddies in real life? Whether it was at a convention, through travel, or by chance, I'd love to hear your stories! Did it live up to your expectations?
  14. Have you ever joined a guild or clan? Whether it's in an MMO, FPS, or any other game, we want to hear about your experiences! Did you make lifelong friends, conquer epic challenges, or maybe encounter some drama?
  15. I also liked the first game. I mean, it had its flaws but I did like it a lot - what is with these live-service games? Most of them fail anyways and the market is saturated. Why not focus on Days Gone 2?
  16. Well, go for it then. You only live once. I remembered when I tried Bungee jumping - it was simultaneously one of the most nerve-wracking and exciting things I've ever done in my life.
  17. I agree with you. I don't listen to a lot of modern music. It's so generic, tasteless and boring. All they talk about is sex, money, drugs and violence. I miss the artists who could tell stories using their music like Tupac, Nas and others of that era.
  18. I remember that as well. the worst part about cassettes is that you might not remember if you taped a song on one and didn't remember to tag it and you tape another song n it. That used to annoy me so much.
  19. That's definitely not for me. Most of the time, the poor animal is stressed and just charging around out of panic. I wouldn't want to be a part of that.
  20. My choice would be a Siberian tiger. Most people would stay clear of me and the habitat of Siberia would camouflage me from most hunters.
  21. The quality of the game matters more to me than the length. As long as the pacing is okay and it doesn't feel rushed, I'll enjoy it regardless.
  22. When I was younger, I had more time and energy to game. I used to have 12 hr gaming sessions but I just don't have the energy for that anymore. 2-3 hrs and I'll take short breaks in between.
  23. Reading, exploring nature. Maybe some crazy outdoors activity - Probably I'd start In-line skating and skateboarding again.
  24. I started with the NES and I had Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Me and my dad used to play them all the time. I also got a track and field game after that with a mat. After that he got me the Sega Genesis and SNES - Good times!
  25. Anjanath is my favorite and it's always fun to battle it. What I usually do in Monster Hunter: World is luring some of the weaker monsters and let them kind of wear it down and then me and my party strike.
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