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  1. I think some games being extremely boring yet they cost high. I often fail to understand that part. For example no man's sky was boring and it was kind of expensive for the price offered. And it can be pretty bad if you ask me. Because we never know for what we are paying money on. And how much that would be costing us. So on that note I think my beef is with the pricing and the value being offered.
  2. Yes I think in-app purchases is what they call in the Android market. In case of regular gaming they call it micro transactions. I think if any game is charging more than 19$ on the purchase then in such case it is better those gaming companies need to avoid microtransactions because gamers may not like investing money on that on the top of purchasing the games.
  3. I think if you are into choice based games then you should play "Call of Cthulu", it's kind of psychologically damaged game. So if you have faint heart then maybe not something you should be trying. But that game has options where you are being asked the questions and you navigate the game ahead slowly. It can get pretty difficult slowly. I have learned that such games can be fun to play.
  4. NVIDIA is subset company of AMD. I don't recall Intel being that much popular in graphics cards from my experience. There are some ASUS and few other brands too. But Nvidia's market seems to be lot stronger. People by default go for AMD these days. So that is kind of what triggered me to ask this question. AMD seems to be dominating this market.
  5. I am currently playing demo for the Days gone, Anthem and also some of the mobile games. For example mobile legends, realm defense are two games that I am trying as well. There are some games that I have downloaded from the Humble bundle.But so far not much enjoyed playing the game in the humble bundle in past. Some indie games are kind of hit and miss on that note.
  6. I play different genres like action and horror and then tower defense. All of them are different in terms of gameplay. So I never get easy in terms of gaming. I have to keep on adjusting on strategy and survival on that. I also have to adjust the gaming experience on mobile and the PC. So it all depends on how effectively you handle the transition. As we get more and more older we tend to do less multi task. So that phase happens.
  7. That is indeed impressive earning. I mean for someone like him, he getting that much purely from the gaming can be fun. I have yet to see how some people go from zero to million. But 4500 a month is not bad. You can pay rent and have salary on that note effectively. Playing video games definitely have become a good competitive business these days. I am kind of jealous on that.
  8. I have to agree it's too early to claim success. I think 5 years projection is more likely to be called as success. Nothing is success in 1 years performance. Another thing is that this can be one example of information manipulation. And considering how some of the people take things or say chart and the data from company on face value. It can be pretty tricky to say how much they are lying on this.
  9. Yes prior to Mastercard and Patreon saga, I remember there used to be many gamers who used to support company content blindly if they get paid for it. So I agree that the reliable news and opinion can be pretty hard to find on youtube or for any website out there on that matter. Also it is kind of hard to find out that part as well. I guess we find that out based on how they manipulate information.
  10. I think it all depends on how they execute the marketing from here onwards to compete with steam. I am all for having more than one option. When you have too many options prices drop and you get better competition. Yes they may be inferior to steam but we need alternative to steam because having one monopoly business is not good for the gaming industry. That is something I learned in IT too.
  11. I think now they are giving away the season 8 pass. And there are some of the changes in the season. I think it's going to be good changes with fortnite expanding on more platforms. And considering they are going to be pretty effective as they get more attractions within the game. I love how they are experimenting with the new characters are cameo appearance there.
  12. I don't remember much about metal gear series. I have however recently played some of the zombie games that were having good story too. Like say days gone has one good story plot. And then there are walking dead, resident evil, silent hill those type of games too have good backstories and also overall plot of the game was good too.
  13. I think most of the android games have it right. For example Real defense game make use of the microtransactions for buying new heroes. You can play F2P as well but you have to grind longer in such case. I have learned to grind longer instead of paying the microtransactions. Some microtransaction based games can be good for those who have money for others it may not be.
  14. If you are into tower defense but with twist then this series is worth playing. The second version of the game launched few years ago. And it was definitely one good game worth playing. It is lot better than the previous game though considering lot of changes were made in this version. And the zombies are also lot smarter now. And they tend to come lot quicker. Check out the gameplay video here.
  15. There is play mode for both Nero and Dante. I think Nero is kind of default. He is given a lot more focus. And then there is our typical dante. But you may enjoy the Nero the most due to his prosthetic arm. I loved the gameplay below for dante, which you can check out.
  16. I can think of pokemon Go that made people walk on the road. And it was a good game as it helped many people move from one location to another. It can be pretty hard to use such games though considering the physical movement and the amount of focus it needs to capture. I guess for each one of us such games can be fun to try out. And in the long scheme of things it is not much useful.
  17. There seems to be plenty of graphics card out there in the market. But only graphics card company that managed to stay on the top is Nvidia. And they seem to have a lot of subbrand names too. It feels like they are dominating the market. And there are people who are buying those graphics cards with confidence. So that makes me think if these are the only graphics cards out there. Is there any other good brand left in 2019?
  18. We often play the console games on Windows using the emulators. We play Windows games on Android using the emulator. And we also play android games on Windows using the emulator. So that kind of creates one question in mind. Is it possible that many people who own mac can play the windows only games using the emulator on Mac? How does this process works?
  19. I charge phone when I get the phone battery at the 10 percent. And it can be pretty effective to make use of the charging during 0 to 10 percent. Because that way it properly gets charge. If you have habit of charging the phone only after few percent of discharge then that is often that not good for the phone. I guess for each one of us this could be different. Those who tend to use phone more for the watching TV or netflix need to charge often.
  20. Have you played Realm Defense? If you are into tower defense games then I'd recommend you to check it out. It is one of the best games out there. And the best part is that you can finish it in like one month of grinding. It can be both premium and the F2P depending on how you plan on making use as well. This is one game I am playing as an F2P user for more than a year.
  21. If you are into game development you may want to try out the Game development engine named - GoDot. It can be pretty effective tool for anyone who wants to get into the game development especially if it is 2D or 3D. Most of the android game developers are making use of it; And considering it works cross platform. You can use the game engine for other platforms as well. Have you tried making games with such tools?
  22. I think these days Fortnite and PUBG takes most of my time. I may have to divide with the other games too. So that I can play other variety of games and not get bored with one or two type of the games. I have learned that if I spend decent amount of hours into such type of the games. It can be pretty effective on that note. I may have to like play some specific games on weekends.
  23. I tend to get bad at the racing type of games. You know those games into category of Dirt, NFS, Road Rash etc. Those games can be pretty bad if you ask me. And they tend to consume time and not much fun in the grand scheme of things. I have learned to play most of the games but I kind of get bored in those. And also my performance is not much good with them either.
  24. I think that would only happen if there are wars where we tend to lose the tech. And you can see that it can be pretty bad on that note if you don't know how you will react. So not playing games long enough is the solution to this. Games will come and go as long as tech is there. And there is a life outside games so it's not going to be that bad if you see grand scheme of things.
  25. I have heard this excuse among the friends. And that can be pretty bad. Considering this is a start to an addiction. That leads to more or less issues in the life. You can see that it can be possible to be they moving away from the society and trying to get more addicted. I think that happens with many people. And it can be pretty bad on many notes I know this was issue for me too.
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