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  1. I'm playing Albion Online right now
  2. True. Especially strategy games increase your overall awareness!
  3. Haha! That was funny to read indeed! Reminds me my Albion Online adventures!
  4. It's up to the company, to be honest. I guess it wont do any harm?
  5. One of the best menu designs is RE4 in my opinion.
  6. I just checked it on YouTube after reading what you said. Looks quite nice!
  7. Wow, this is just crazy. I cant believe a game can affect one person like that...
  8. I might try it actually! My friend is addicted to this game, says it's good. Like RaiderZ!
  9. I hate all these limitations on talking right. You cant even make a joke now.
  10. Sounds like quite a journey! Nice for you! xD
  11. Fighting games are kinda meh to me, but I heard new MK isnt that good?
  12. Yup, I can understand that haha. Myself I'm doing a mod right now and it's the same experience!
  13. That atmosphere compensated for the lacks of graphics!
  14. In some cases, only playstyle. But in Skyrim I couldn't force myself to play for the empire, I feel disgusted. Always pick stormcloaks!
  15. To be honest, none. I prefer Fallout 2....
  16. Actually no! But what you wrote made me kinda intrigued by it! :)
  17. Bravosi


    Ah, thats cool! Thanks for sharing with us man!
  18. Actually, until quite recently I never really played them!
  19. Bravosi

    Clash of Clans

    I recently downloaded it for my android! TH is Lv 6
  20. Ah, sorry. I'm kinda newbie when it comes to Xbox. I thought there was only one? Whats the difference between the two?
  21. I hope it wont be the same like PS series, constantly releasing new one's and forcing people to buying them (by disabling multiplayer for previous versions).
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