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  1. Only elderscrolls, I wanna find out what happens after Skyrim events
  2. I played only the first one and many years ago, let's wait for a better expert in this regard to respond :)
  3. What about the plot? I heard Kratos has a son now? xD
  4. Final fantasy was on gameboy, wait what? I'm gonna get it. I have mine since 2002!
  5. I kinda abandoned God of War since part 2 on my PS2. Should I catch up with the series?
  6. I didn't, but heard about it. It's a remaster of some old game or what?
  7. I actually dislike crafting in any games, except minecraft/survivalcraft, because it fits the atmosphere. In other games it's boring for me...
  8. I agree with the commentator above. Virgil for sure! :)
  9. I don't know, the old graphics have their own charm that HD wont "change"
  10. Shorter than Penumbra 3, for sure!
  11. That thumbnail. Gosh! The goosebumps! :)
  12. The freedom of action is truly thrilling! :)
  13. Can you help me identify my game? Please :)
  14. Btw guys, is there any mod to make the kiddies mortal? xD
  15. It can randomly stop working you mean?
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