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  1. I think some minor extended features?
  2. Bravosi


    Wait, do I need to format the DVD's on pc prior to it or what?
  3. I might try Fallout btw, never played it. Should I?
  4. I actually replay RE4 atm on my PS2, so no... :)
  5. Just googled it, looks quite nice!
  6. I'm playing Bloodlines atm, and it kinda doesn't bother me! 😄
  7. I think it's easy to solve problems caused by gaming rather than alcohol or drugs etc.
  8. I hate them, false impression of being free.
  9. People think gamer is a lifeless monster living in a basement. I play like 2 hours a day now (I used to play 8 hours a day when was in school). But now I work, have family, bought a house. Life completed. :p
  10. My impression with Albion is kinda meh, a grindfest.
  11. I'd love to play this one haha!
  12. Oh, nice! I didn't know! The contrast of light is indeed annoying!
  13. Bravosi

    CPU over heating

    My brother uses a cooler on the cooler method
  14. I have those periods once in a while. When you're just too fed up. I currently have it as well.
  15. For sure! Taught me much more than actual history lessons lol!
  16. Do you mean massive multiplayer or coop like legends of aranna?
  17. I hate when an MMO tries to suit both casuals and hardcore players. Binding the rules to "fan faction".
  18. Well some games are already getting partially not played because ddosbox is needed, like warcraft. but I guess Starcraft I :)
  19. Actually, no. I didn't. Would surely love to glance at few. See how things are! :)
  20. Oh boy I'd love to replay that one again! :)
  21. I think few horror games, I replayed Amnesia!
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