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  1. I'm currently playing Reign of Caucasus, you should check it own! My own doing 😉
  2. I'd like to get paid less, but be more independent than have a huge salary and responsibility and lose my precious time...
  3. I dont think I played any that was really short. But, to be honest, with time previously played games SEEM short now. All of them!
  4. I actually do my own mod for Warband atm!
  5. People are just too lazy nowadays to play an RPG, run around, get quests, use their brain. They prefer more action and less thinking...
  6. I'm kinda surprised though, it was so hyped, yet failed miserably!
  7. I had ninja turtles 2d game, don't remember the name, but the boss fight in the end gave me hemorroy xD
  8. Aye, having DLCs is terrible. It's also a pro for older games!
  9. Older games used to compensate graphics with atmosphere, what modern games lack
  10. Lately many genres have deteriotated, but still, I prefer RTS and RPG
  11. Overall it must be a game that I keep replaying, and it's obviously Gothic 1/2
  12. The creativity, hollywood should learn from videogame developers!
  13. I'm currently playing Nosgoth
  14. Makes me forget certain things and pretend to be in a different place :/
  15. that's strange. none at all?
  16. Bravosi


    i used to have a psp and gameboy. it was awesome! :)
  17. i don't... its annoying how you have to keep up and they disable old ps multiplayer
  18. Bravosi

    PS3 worth.

    i expect with time the growth of ps2/3 price, but it doesnt :/
  19. Wasnt it always illegal? 😄
  20. Bravosi

    Post your specs

    Win 7 8 GB RAM GeForce Overall memory 512 gb
  21. physically I clean it once in two months (I'm lazy).
  22. Bravosi

    CPU over heating

    My journey was quite strange, I installed Win 10 from 7 twice and nothing worked. Then I got 7 again and fixed the issue.
  23. lol haha! this is actually funny ! xD
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