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  1. Ogre Battle: The March Of The Black Queen wasn't mentioned by anyone and I felt that's not good enough. It's one of best tactical RPGs game ever made which focuses on war management and building armies. It's something that I love so much.
  2. You're so correct about how good playing Elden Ring feels. I simply can't stop playing it. But on the game Streets of rage 4 kicks ass, here's the trailer. It looks good too.
  3. Seriously, any weapon that helps to put one's opponent down lean, mean and fast would always be valued so much.
  4. My brother started playing it really much recently. He's planning on writing his own review on the game when he's done with it. I can't wait to see what he comes up with.
  5. That's even why some are asking for it to be removed in the next Elder Scroll game or better still reduce how the come up because it's very annoying dealing with them all the time.
  6. It's just like the way I still enjoy playing The Punisher on my Sega even though I have it on my Playstation as well. There's a kind of special feel I get when I play it on Sega.
  7. Nintendo Switch is definitely a gaming platform that makes so much sense. Ever since I have been playing on it, it's been so good. With The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt my favorite game on it as of now.
  8. Who doesn't like a lot of armor? When it's very necessary for your long term survival in the game, having less of it, means death for you.
  9. Heatman


    They are not just only data gathering tools for said company providing the service but they also have the possibility of having your connection compromised. A friend of mine had his banking details compromised when he had his free VPN on and accessed his banking application.
  10. The sooner DuckDuckgo cut ties with Bing's services and tools, the better its going to be for them on the long run.
  11. Yeah, that's very correct. I got that already from the mod and it's been very helpful, otherwise I would have wasted my time trying to move into using it.
  12. The last one they made was Gangstar New Orleans in 2017. I'm not sure if they have any plans for making a new one.
  13. My current smartphone have been giving me a lot of issues lately. If care isn't taken, I would have it replaced with something more complex. I'm thinking of going for S22 Ultra.
  14. I have the game now and I'm most likely going to start playing it by next month. I want to watch some play through on YouTube and see exactly how to go about it.
  15. Heatman


    They are his kids following him around 😂. It's one weird trailer, I would give you that but it looks funny as well.
  16. Does anyone consider dating applications to be weird? If yes, then I have two of them in my smartphone currently 😋.
  17. I would never have micro-SD used ever again in my smartphone because of my last experience with using one. It got corrupted and all my files were gone.
  18. Sleep is always good in one's life 😂. It's why no matter what I do, once I get to feel sleepy, that thing gets suspended immediately unless I'm at the office.
  19. Heatman


    Yeah, I'm really luck to have her always come over to cook for me once in a while and also all my appreciation goes to her husband for never preventing her from doing it for me.
  20. Wow, that's more than a day stuck with playing the game. For the 30 hours, I believe that you weren't playing alone?
  21. Yeah, the voice chat feature in Discord makes it something that can't be discarded easily especially by those who play online games. It's the best with that feature at the moment.
  22. This is what the game's full long play. It was a very fun game back in the days.
  23. I got into playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor lately and it's been so much fun.
  24. I'm very sure that if they happen to get it in Fortnite as well, a lot of Fortnite gamers will definitely love it. It's going to add more thrill to the game. I'm very well looking forward to it.
  25. This is so hilarious 😂. How can the cleaner do that? I think that's a set up because it's not possible for an adult to do that kind of thing. It's trying to wash a television. I don't seriously believe that story at all.
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