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  1. It is always more free for me to play video games during the weekend if I intend on staying at home throughout but once I have somewhere to go during the weekend, it is most likely going to be difficult for me to get into playing games.
  2. As much as I am the person that can take banter and enjoy it very well, I don't appreciate it when someone does it as a disrespect because there are some people who are very good at taking things a little bit too far which isn't acceptable to me in any way.
  3. As much as it is fun and enjoyable to play video games, there are always going to be things that are going to have the priority when it comes to getting your attention which is the reason why gaming will always come up as a backup.
  4. Yeah, it is very important to give more focus and priority to the gameplay because that is mostly what drives a lot of people into playing the game. So, if the graphics is just good, a lot of people wouldn't have any problem with it but people cannot manage gameplay.
  5. Southgate is simply clueless and is very unfortunate that those in the position to have him removed are not doing anything about it and I don't clearly understand why it is that way because if it was another manager, they would have sacked him by now.
  6. Personally, I also want Brazil to win because it is going to increase the chances of Vinícius Júnior to win the Ballon D'or award which is exactly what I want.
  7. Yeah, that's very correct. Four players are leading the top scorers with just 3 goals. They are ; Cody Gakpo, Mikautadze, Jamal Musiala and Ivan Schranz. With Mikautadze and Schranz out of the tournament, we have Gakpo and Musiala to contend for it.
  8. I would say that injuries that the club had last season impacted so much on their level of playing because I wouldn't really consider him a bad manager because in his first season, he did very well. I'm just hoping that when they have finalized their transfer this season, things will change.
  9. Wow, it's nice to hear that you found a way to beat your allergic reaction to mangoes. Luckily, I don't have any of it. My week is going to well. It have been raining since last night nonstop.
  10. Heatman

    1 word song titles

    Wadsworth - Activated.
  11. I will never stop listening to this song Tough by Quavo, Lana Del Rey.
  12. I can't never get sick of playing Renegade Remix by Eminem ft. Jay Z
  13. Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle was the last game I played. It was on PC gaming platform that I played it. I haven't gone half way in the game yet but it have been very satisfying.
  14. I'm currently listening to Asake, Central Cee - Wave.
  15. Yeah, he outsmarted him to get what he wanted. Everyone already know Batman is very good at tech. Superman uses brute strength which can't beat Lord Darksied. I wouldn't call this Batman beating him anyways. They just reached a compromise 😂.
  16. A Quiet Place: Day One was the last movie I watched. It's a very interesting alien movie.
  17. I don't follow all of them. This is actually the reason why I follow some trusted X users when it comes to getting updates about video games because they are always accurate with the leaks they post about some video games.
  18. The only thing I can agree that I've been doing very well it's when my friends asked my honest opinion about certain games that I have played. I will definitely tell them exactly what I feel when it comes to playing the game and advising them whether to play or stay away from the game.
  19. My love for even the TV show of The Witcher is something that makes it a very big game for me to never let go of it. It doesn't matter how much I've played the game as long as I still have access to it, I'm definitely going to keep playing it.
  20. Exactly! It is the same way I feel about it because if there is one which I can easily find in my location, I wouldn't mind checking it out and seeing what they are going to have in that place.
  21. I really enjoyed playing the game which is the reason why I am definitely going to see which of the merchandise that I am going to purchase as well when they officially launch it.
  22. I recently found out that honey can be used as a very good medicine to treat an open flesh wound that is taking a long time to heal. I had an injury at a very sensitive part in my body recently which I was prescribed a lot of cream to use and treat it but none of it was working until I was prescribed to use natural honey to treat it. Within the space of one week, the injury have been completely healed. Even anyone suffering from diabetes and have an open wound can use honey and apply it on the wound. It's going to heal it 100%.
  23. Both the Cope America 2024 and Euro 2024 are being played right now. Brazil and Argentina will always remain the big guns in the tournament favorite to win it. If I remembered correctly, I think it was Argentina that won it with 1-0 against Brazil. Do you think any underdog team will surprise either Argentina or Brazil to win the 2024 Copa America tournament?
  24. This ongoing Euro 2024 tournament is one in which it's very clear that scoring of own goals is having a generational tournament of its own. 5 own goals have been scored so far in the tournament with only Jamal Musiala with 2 goals and the rest of the players with 1 goal. Who do you think is going to come out on top as the top goal scorer when the tournament is completed?
  25. England have been the worst team in this Euro 2024 tournament so far in my opinion. Their coach Southgate doesn't seem to know what he's doing right now because they are not living up to their expectations. Also, he's lost with his tactics and players selection. He has Bellingham’s an 8 playing as a 10, Foden as a RW/AM playing as a LW and Trent as a RB playing CM. This is a complete joke as far as I'm concerned! I keep asking why he's still not sacked till now?
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