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  1. Thank you very much for this. I'm going to have it checked out on Amazon or other online stores I usually purchase my products. Hopefully, it's not going to be too expensive.
  2. The moment I'm done with playing Frostpunk : Console Edition and Cities Skylines, I would be getting Two Point Hospital.
  3. Which games were your favorite on your PS2 back then?
  4. I think that I have had about 49 supporters for my team at once. But the highest that I have seen in a match was about 207 supporters and there was a notification after the match that the car park couldn't contain fans that needed to part their cars, so an upgrade of the car part facility was needed.
  5. They say that experience is the best teacher and I do believe that as well. When you learn the lessons the hard way, you will never forget it quickly.
  6. You don't even have to mention mathematics at all because I really hate that subject. But anyways, just like what you suggested, I have been doing it a lot lately with my PC gaming. I try to play with keyboard and mouse at least once in a week.
  7. I even forget to add Aladdin to the list. Even the animation of Aladdin is equally interesting as well. It's even hard for me to choose between the movie and animation which is better.
  8. If he's got a phobia for horror games, there wouldn't be anything like light horror for him, as all of them would have the same effect of creeping him out.
  9. You shouldn't have to work yourself like that my life. Take it easy before you break down all because of work and you still have to get into gaming as well. It's too much.
  10. It's there for immediate purchase with just 1,000,000 Credits which is about $15.
  11. There are so many games that offer incredible side quests but in all of them, I believe that GTA 5 would come first for me in all of them.
  12. Yeah, you would only have yourself to blame when you don't make all the necessary research on any game you wanted to get before buying them. If it's that bad, you can't fault anyone but yourself only.
  13. It's not only Skins that are important in Fortnite. There are other tools or even weapons as some would call them. They are quite very important in the course of playing the game. Take for instance, the Leviathan Axe. It's one powerful tool. video.mp4
  14. I bumped into a player the other and get to see the skin Midas in play. It looked so cool and I felt like it's something that I need to have for myself as well.
  15. COD Vanguard wasn't that bad but it wasn't as good as it was anticipated for most gamers. But for it and Battlefield 2042, it was miles better. Battlefield 2042 was so bad that the company admitted that it was a major disaster.
  16. If that's the case, I have to rest my case on it here. I believe that you know the very best way to aid his upbringing.
  17. Delist WatchMojo? No, that's not the case or what I was trying to say. Rather, I give them praise for what they have done for me ever since I came across them in making use of game's reviews.
  18. That sound like pigeons squeaking really got me there 😂 but I do understand exactly what you meant. Some people don't learn from just theory unless they actually try that out themselves and once they do, they will never forget it.
  19. It's a normal thing that you are not updated on Xbox consoles and its controllers, since you don't own them, getting more information about them wouldn't serve much need for you unless you're planning on getting them soon.
  20. You're very correct about the battle being short and some of them are kind of repetitive, I don't know if you felt the same way playing them or was it just me?
  21. It's the combat system of the game that I really hated so much especially with Persona 5. The restrictive game play of limited HP/MP per run makes it less fun to play.
  22. No matter how comfortable the seat is, if I sit too long than I should be, it's my bum that would start paining me before my back would follow as well. It's why I play in moderation to avoid getting unnecessary pains.
  23. It's a movie mate, just like @kingpotatohave explained to you. I'm going to upload the movie poster now for you as well. You should watch it.
  24. You never put a trophy for sale. It's more like a legacy you want to hold on to and probably leave behind for others to see your collection. It's like having your own personal museum.
  25. When you work 9 hours a day, you have already spent most of the day at work. It's not only games that you have to attend to when you get back. This is a very big challenge for you. It's why a lot of people are working so hard to be self employed.
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