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  1. Personally, I have never been a fan of G2A. I have never used their services for anything whatsoever and it appeared to be one of best decisions I've made since I started playing video games. I would never recommend their services to anyone.
  2. I was looking forward to voting for Hogwarts Legacy but it never made the voting poll, I had to vote for Spiderman but Baldur's Gate 3 ended up winning the best game of the year.
  3. I believe that with how the Amiibos and those Skylander figures used to be very popular, there will always be a good chance it's going to resurgence back up in the future when a good project that's going to give it the push it needs to come right back on top. I'm actually looking forward to when that's going to happen.
  4. For me, it's always more appealing for me to create another character different from myself. In fact, I've had enough of myself because I play myself every day by living my life. So, when it comes to my gaming characters, I need someone different.
  5. The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom would the game I spent so much time on playing last year 2023. This game to me was the best action/adventure game of the year. Its combination of combat with traversal and puzzle solving made it so great.
  6. A lot of things was wrong with the new COD Modern Warfare 3 and not just the duration of the campaign. The developers were definitely going to nag about what Christopher Judge said because he gave a voice to what so many were finding hard to express themselves.
  7. I have seen some credible gaming rumors on Twitter which have made me to mark such accounts I sad those rumors. As for Facebook, I will always take whatever I saw there with a pinch of salt.
  8. Actually, I have known about the streams on Steam for a while but unfortunately I haven't been interested in making use of the service since they started it. I'm more comfortable with doing that on YouTube and Twitch.
  9. There's no leak that happens without it being an inside job. It's very unfortunate this can't be stopped completely. Those who are doing it are making money from it one way or another. It's why they will keep doing it.
  10. You're very correct. I had to look that up and found out the same thing as the licenses being talked about have to do with the game’s music. During the The Line’s menu screen, Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner are all part of it while the game’s soundtrack like Martha and The Vandellas- Nowhere to Run all had the licenses expired.
  11. Yes of course, I completely agree with you on this. It's with both your eyes and hands that all video games are played. So, by doing that often, it will surely enhance one's hand/eye coordination.
  12. Personally, I don't have any problems with playing multiplayer games because they can be fun to play. Destiny is a very example of multiplayer game I enjoy so much but if I'm to choose the one I favor more, it will be single player.
  13. Even game developers knows the impact of having good graphics in their games today. It's why they are now using improved engines like Unreal Engine 5 and so many other sophisticated alternatives to develop their games. Personally, I appreciate games with good graphics too the same way I love good story in games.
  14. I was definitely going to mention Destiny because it's one multiplayer game that have given so much in making gamers have a real feel of what playing multiplayer games is all about. As for COD, I have been trying to revoke my interest in playing the game.
  15. Personally, I love playing some of these franchises ; Survival horror, shooting, racing, fighting,football manager and adventure games. Any game that falls within these categories with a standard story, I'll love playing it.
  16. This is always going to be subjective in my opinion. Those who prefer playing on PC for one reason or another will always tell you that PC is better than consoles. I don't have time to argue with them, I'll just stick with loving my console.
  17. How about the Call of Duty franchise when it was seen as the best shooting game franchise ever released? This shooting game broke into the market like a wild fire. No gamer who enjoyed shooting games could say no to COD.
  18. There are so many games with many spin-offs. Games like Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, Pokémon but the one which I believe that have too many spin-offs is going to be Final Fantasy. If you ever played Final Fantasy, you will know for certain that it's with countless spin-off.
  19. It's just like what's been happening with the Call of Duty franchise. It definitely needs a new development team to take over everything about the game production. So, it's the same thing I feel with Batman games. A new breath of life needs to ushered into the game.
  20. Even though I know it's as a result of sales and marketing purposes which the game wasn't meeting up with target but I refuse to understand it. If some gamers will still buy the game, what's the essence of delisting it?
  21. Alisa is definitely going to be my favourite character in Tekken 8. There's a very good reason why she's gets more playtime in ranked mode of the game. Why I love her is how good her mobility and stance helps with enabling her move very quickly across the arena. Her technological enhancements offers the use of chainsaw and rockets to cause heavy damages.
  22. I can't remember how many times I skipped class just to go home with my friends for us to play on his Playstation 1 back in the days. It was mostly Winning Eleven Soccer that we played back them. We never got enough of it.
  23. Yeah, that's very correct. If it's all easy whenever you went looking, it's going to even get boring along the line and it's certainly going to lose it's value and vibe because anyone can get into the act and get great titles with ease. There wouldn't be fun in it that much.
  24. Seriously, it has never made any sense to me whenever I see any gamer go at a game in this manner. I'm always like how do they enjoy the cut off in between and jump right to almost the end. It can never work for me playing that way.
  25. Unfortunately, this isn't even going to be around for a long time because with the way digital games is going, it feels sad for collectors. Also, it's part of what's making collection very expensive.
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