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  1. Everything is now all about the money for most of these AAA games and it's been very obvious with the Call of Duty franchise recently over the years as poor effort have been made into making the game be as good as it used to be when it comes to gameplay. They took a page out of what Epic Games have been doing with their skins microtransactions in Fortnite. It's such a shame they are killing the biggest shooting game franchise we know.
  2. Unfortunately, Naughty Dog had two paths to choose from the development of the game which was to either become a solely live service games studio or continue to focus on single-player narrative games. They eventually had to go with focusing on single-player narrative games. The live service might have worked but they can't do both of them at once probably.
  3. Well, if such shooting games with gun effects that trigger their seizures/visual sensitivities doesn't have any switch off mode for such effects, those people doesn't have any other choice left but to stop playing the game. It's as simple as that, there's no two ways about it.
  4. Yes of course, it's a fact that the gaming media now have a very big and strong impact on gaming experience right now. Talk about the power of video games spoilers, it's through the gaming media they are carried all over world. You can also add the reviews and so many other contents that are being covered by the media.
  5. Personally, I wouldn't really mind playing video games as a form of therapy. As long as what I was diagnosed with is said to be possible for it to be treated and managed with my playing of video games, I'm definitely going to interested in exploring that option. I don't see any wrong in giving it a string of trials.
  6. Elon Musk is very good at saying a whole lot of stupid things that are so basically baseless. This is not the first time he has said something so off that you're going to start wondering if he finished high school. I wouldn't lose a second of sleep over the rants of Elon Musk.
  7. I'm not sure if there's any Razzies award show for video games. If there was, I haven't had the privilege of knowing about it. I would give worst game of 2023 to The Lord of the Rings : Gollum I'll give worst voice acting to Atomic Heart. Worst gameplay will be Payday 3. I would definitely like to have a Razzies show for video games.
  8. This game's ending in Spec Ops : The Line would been exactly what I have in mind to mention from just reading the thread title without reading the body of the topic to see we have the same thing in mind. The twist of plot in the game was so unbelievable.
  9. It's very obvious that this is some sort of a trend for all those kind of battle royale games. It's crystal clear that they are trying to copy the success of what have worked for games they have similar gameplay and genre in. It's already a norm the way I see it. New games will keep adapting it.
  10. Even though I'm not a completionist in any way but the way I love to go about my games is to complete the main story first. It gives me a sense of accomplishment before moving towards completing all the side quests as much as I can.
  11. For a recent game, I would have to say Kingdom Hearts 3. We the fans waited so long for it and it fell flat in a lot of places. Also, I'm very sure that almost everyone who played Cybertruck 2077 can't forget what went down with the game.
  12. Google Drive have being my best platform to backup all of my gaming clips to. Although, it's not everything that I backup all the time but whenever I want to, it's going straight to Google Drive.
  13. Yes of course, I've meet with more than 7 guys that I played Top Eleven Football Manager with. We are all close friends now because we sit out and drink once in a while when time allows it. I've been on a 6 hours trip to meet a guy I connected with playing the same game.
  14. The storyline of any game that I'm playing is very important for me. It's not something that I would be interested in doing by skipping the game's cutscenes and not bother to following the story. If I do that, I would be feeling left out in a way when playing the game.
  15. Not to put too much pressure on myself because of any video games. If it's what I can get to play, I will do it and play it in a healthy way. Man is not getting any younger.
  16. True! If your sickness is something that's very severe, it's going to be very difficult for you to get up from bed and not to talk more of sitting down to play video games. It's definitely impossible for you to lay down in bed and play.
  17. Exactly! Why stress myself going through physical stores when I can get almost everything I wanted from online store? Ebay is very good place I've been using to get them without having any issues.
  18. I know how my gaming schedule looks like most times now and that's a very clear picture of when I'm to pay for any of these service subscription. When it's very obvious I wouldn't be able to get the value of what I'm paying for, I wouldn't be renewing my subscription for the month.
  19. I'm probably among the few who hates hand Canons or grenade launchers. I just can't get into using them. Side arms is another weapon I hate that much because of its abysmal range.
  20. I had to add it to the list because of its similarities with soul's game with the combat system. If You die, you repeat the mission with all enemies back alive. Maybe it is not that hard as Sekiro or Dark Souls but it definitely gives me soulslike vibe.
  21. Red Dead Redemption have been one of my favorite Rockstar Games franchise. I couldn't resist not buying their gaming merchandise clothing. It looked so good! I've been meaning to buy The Last Of Us merchandise too.
  22. It's actually very difficult to know what's going to be the right game to recommend for a new gamer especially when you don't know what the person's interests are like. I would try and find out the platform which the person intends to start playing. This will give me an idea of what kind of easy going game to pick for him or her to start out with.
  23. Nope, I don't have any interest in doing something like that since I started playing video games right from my childhood. If the gaming manual was important, I wouldn't lose it in the first place. There are things I don't bother with when it comes to my gaming and this is one of them.
  24. Well, how my life isn’t different to AI is that it's not another human being that coded and programmed me in any way. I have my freewill to do anything I want and when I want it. This is the basis of being completely different from AI.
  25. There are so many things that can make a gamer to be angered by the video game he or she is playing. One of the biggest of them all is frustration from the game. If you have played any Soul's games, you're going to understand exactly what I mean. Dark Souls franchise like Bloodborune, Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Ghost of Tsushima and Serkio : Shadow Die Twice will do that to you.
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