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  1. It's not only the slow reloading time when you have emptied the mag that's the problem with shotguns but also that they don't hold enough ammo at one unlike assault rifles.
  2. You can easily get Playstation 1 to play the game if it's really something you wanted to do. There are lots of offer for it on eBay. It's only if you wanted it more, you can do it. If the money is there, it's not going to be a problem at all.
  3. Exactly, there's no doubt about that. If the gamers feels comfortable with it, he's going to do irrespective of what everyone else thinks about it.
  4. I'd like to add that even though Saint Row is an incredible game when it comes to being fun, Sleeping Dogs and Mad Max gave something that's in its equivalent as well.
  5. It's the weight of the gun that makes me to even hate it in real life. Yes, it can be very destructive but it's one hell of heavy gun to carry.
  6. I recently purchased a new gaming keyboard in Razer Huntsman V2 Optical Gaming Keyboard from Amazon for $169.99. It was initially $199.99. I got a discount of $30.
  7. If you're into flight simulation games, you can get into playing AeroFly Flight Simulator or Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory. You wouldn't know when you'd get carried away with it.
  8. I used to play for longer stretch of hours when I was a little younger. I think that I have played for 7 hours none stop. But now, I don't go past 2-3 hours at most.
  9. If they maintain a good practice, it will certainly get up there in popularity like football, basketball or baseball.
  10. I took a long dive into flight simulator games lately and played out the dynamic Wings Over Flanders Fields today.
  11. My favorite car in the game is Jaguar VGT SV. I love it so much because of its 1,876 Horse Power and it's an electric car.
  12. I'm not surprised that you're surprised. Wait what? That sounded like a good line for a poem 😂.. I have just drifted to my poems pick up line space right now.
  13. They are two different games by different developers. It's going to be very difficult for what was applied to Cyberpunk 2077 to have the same effect in New World.
  14. That's something my nephew used to do very well even right now with his Nintendo Switch. He carries it around like someone is going to steal. He practically takes it everywhere he goes.
  15. Heatman

    Road 96

    Road 96 is definitely not a racing game. There's nothing to think about it because even in the gameplay, you're going to know straight up that it's not a racing game.
  16. I'm not always that patient when it comes to some games that I have waited for so long. It's just like God of War Ragnarok that I have waited for so long, I can't be patient for it to drop in price when it gets released before I can get it.
  17. You can't even play them if you decide to play all day without taking a break. It's one thing that I love so much about the stock of games we have available to play whenever we so desire to.
  18. I personally hate getting into anything of such that's religiously shaped because I can't really be sure about what I'm not there when it happened. So, I'm going to stick with what I know and I can attest to having experienced with games developers make. I can't forget the Headless CJ in GTA : San Andreas.
  19. They will have everything to lose if they don't promote their games well. It's definitely going to make the game undersell which isn't going to pay them. But that's not the case right now with Bloodborne. I'm not even expecting them to do anything on the game in the next 5 years at least.
  20. All thanks to video games, we all had something to fall on then. She's definitely not the only one who was affected by the outbreak but I'm sure she's got another job now. What kind of craft work does she do?
  21. You can say that again my friend. Never judge a book by its cover!!! I get that a lot of most of the time, so you don't have to worry about it. I'm not surprised at all.
  22. The longer it goes before getting into a series of the game the better the gameplay you're going to experience with it. I have learnt that full time with FIFA.
  23. My brother is currently having a blast with "The Dunwich Horror". He simply can't stop talking about it.
  24. It would be nice not to go off the rails with the topic. So, I would have to look for the topic where it's appropriate for me to carry on the discussion on how he can use Bluestack.
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