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  1. What do you have to say to say about the character of Batman not being able to kill? I think taking away that power from Batman makes him appear weak to some extent.
  2. I did that one but it wasn't because I was going through any serious personally stuff but I was trying to blend into an awkward environment I found myself in at the time. I needed to look like a mean psychopath at that time which was roughly 3 months. I never did that again after I was out from there.
  3. Unfortunately, collecting isn't easy because if it were easy, a lot of people are going to be into it. If not for anything else, it's going to be for being able to make more money off selling them later.
  4. My mother will tell you to come and swallow her whole since your stomach doesn't get full 😂.. I laugh so hard whenever she say that with the kind of face she makes.
  5. This is what a lot of people are facing as a serious challenge in rented apartment in my country today because their bathroom are usually very small and there is nothing like bathtub in it. They just manage small space where they are going to stand and take their shower most of the time.
  6. I might actually consider doing that as well but that is only going to be when it is no longer convenient for me to do the dishes by myself then I will upgrade.
  7. It is a very serious stupidity on their part to engage in something like that because no one is paying you money for getting yourself hurt in that manner and they were actively doing it on daily basis. People are just mad online.
  8. Damn! Imagine someone dying as a result of wrong medication. It's horrible!! This is why making sure to use a hospital that knows what they are doing because millions of people die everyday as a result of bad medication.
  9. Thomas Tuchel ended up rejecting the Manchester United job. They approached him but he told them he's not interested which was big blow in their plans. They have decided to stick with Ten Hag.
  10. You are absolutely right with that assessment because what happened with them last season in their Bundesliga was shocking. I personally expected them to win their last match but unfortunately they didn't have the mentality to do so and that was exactly what happened to them against Real Madrid.
  11. I'm currently listening to Burna Boy - Tshwala Bam ft. Omah Lay, Victony, TitoM & Yuppe right now.
  12. Jordan Adetunji - KEHLANI holds up so much for me. I can't get enough of it all day long.
  13. I love Central Cee - Closer so much. I've been playing the song for weeks now.
  14. Heatman

    1 word song titles

  15. Civil War 2024 was the last movie I watched. If you haven't seen the movie, you're missing out on a huge banger!!
  16. The funny thing when it comes to football game is that they are usually remake the same copies of games and release it again for you to keep playing the same thing over the course of years. This is what made me practically lost interesting playing EA FIFA games.
  17. It's going to be the bicycle kicks of Lukang that I love so much. I can accept that his fire balls looks great but that skill of bicycle kicks, no other fighter in Mortal Kombat can do it.
  18. Exactly. A lot of people will stop working if they have another means which they can make money to use and take care of their responsibilities. They have to work because it is something they cannot avoid doing.I f they should make video games like that, people way hardly enjoy it unless they can't find any other means deal with it.
  19. This is part of the reason why I enjoy playing open world game so much because it gives me so many opportunities to handle characters in such ways when playing those kind of games.
  20. This is the reason why I value my game buddies so much because they help me to process games that I have played and it helps me to even appreciate the game more because I will see different angles which they have managed to complete the game.
  21. Mortal Kombat is one of oldest fighting games that I still enjoy playing today. I'm not sure if I would ever quit playing MK games. My favorite character in the game have always been Sub-Zero then followed by Scorpion. Who's your favorite Mortal Kombat characters?
  22. If you're looking for a crazy kind of football game to play, Mutant Football League 2 will be something solid to look into and consider. You have a mutant team of your own to manage and kill through the match. It looks like a fun game to play. The game's release date is set at May 31, 2024 in Steam Early Access.
  23. With just watching the game's launch trailer, I can say that this game - Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes looks like something that's going to be epic. I haven't played similar to this in a while, so I might be giving this one a go.
  24. DC have this Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League rolling out. I'm a DC fan but most of the time, I don't really fancy their games. But I'm going to see if I would get into playing this one. What are your thoughts about this game?
  25. Nope, I don't think it's going be affecting the video games per say because the video games are done before each TV adaptations are carried out. If anything is going to change, that would be the TV adaptations, not the game.
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