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  1. Currently, I'm making use of the flat screen television which is available for me. It's still serving my gaming needs effective and efficiently, so I see no reason why I should be bothered about getting a curved TV screen for gaming.
  2. I believe that it's a terrible combination - wearing glasses and headphones. What are you trying to do to yourself? You can't focus with reading and at the same time listening to music with the headphones on. You can't serve two masters at the same time.
  3. I'm not among the set of impatient gamers who just rush into any game without having more information and reviews about it. In my opinion, game demo's are very important because it would literally give you an insight into what you are going to be getting in the game. I'm fully in support of game Demo.
  4. Seriously, email spams is a good reason why I find it very difficult to register or subscribe to any online site because they will spam the living daylight out of your mailbox. Most times, what I do is create a new mail to use for registering on such suspicious sites and careless about their spams.
  5. I have given away my old game to some of my friends and relatives but haven't really sold any for cash payment. So, they are literally not the same thing. Personally, I find it very difficult to sell my property.
  6. Exactly. Look at some many side quests in one my favorite games called Final Fantasy. It's making the company gain more new sales. Also with the issue of remake, it's also another amazing opportunity for them to resell the game all over again.
  7. It's all up to you the technical team of Google to make provision for this data move. I believe that it's something that can easily be done by simply enabling a path to which such data can be moved.
  8. It's more or less at your time for relaxation after the days job and running around. I wouldn't play too much and I will sleep immediately when I'm done with dinner and resting.
  9. Of course yes, they have the quality to get there on top with the level of commitment and dedication they are investing in the franchise. Women are no longer the weaker sex.
  10. Gone are the days when women sit back and allow men to take all the glory and spotlight, now they are all out for it with men and they are doing relatively well from my perspective.
  11. Welcome to my game frustration. Seriously, the rate with which teenagers get into gaming is appalling and they literally lack good manners with how they talk and insult others in the game. This is a complete turn for me in some games.
  12. Literally, that's the only choice that they are have to stick with as a result of the shutdown. One important thing Google should make sure to make provisions would be to make it possible for them to retrieve their data.
  13. Exactly, and if the side quests are very fun and interesting, it's bound to get gamers to spend more time on it than the main game play.
  14. If you don't have anything much to do with time on weekends, aside from those that also works on weekends, then it's indeed a good time to play games. Although, some people would like to visit their friends and family on weekends as well as hang out with them.
  15. Some people are very good with complain about just on anything even when it's their decision to get into such things or not. Side quest is a thing that can be ignored if you are not interested or play when you feel like. Personally, I don't have any problems with it at all.
  16. Women are a great addition to the video game franchise and they do literally very well in the game. Look at some of the mind blowing and fantastic woman video games like Resident Evil. It's awesome.
  17. I would like to say that there is no perfect time to play video games especially if you are working. You can only play when you are free to play and in the right frame of mind to do so. It's only the jobless ones that can actually pick out a perfect time to play games always since they have no other engagements.
  18. Well, to you it may not see appealing but to me it does. In fact, I love being the muscular type of guy and I hit the gym every day to achieve that.
  19. This is absolutely true. At the moment, it's going into extinction and there is no chance of it ever being a trend any more. It was good then when it lasted.
  20. This is a way some people used to show up their frustration with some games or a particular game that they were playing at the moment. They used the chat medium to engage in all sorts of arguments and banter. It's fun in a way.
  21. How about Kratos in the God of War? That's a very good one in my opinion with the kind of strength possessed by the character Kratos, it's a sure pick.
  22. A good number of people today are chronic introverts simply because of getting too drifted into fantasy game world and spilling far away from reality. This is a very big problem that is associated with game addiction.
  23. As Google have made it a public news it's shutting down its Google+ platform, their users are definitely going to move on. Nokia had ovimail in the past, but today it's scrapped and no more, most people moved to Gmail.
  24. I just tried on playing Angry Birds 2 today and it's such a very funny video game to play.
  25. Some research can be misleading. It's not always about what is written in research pages. Games affect people in a different ways. Some research can be wrong while some might be right.
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