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  1. MW2 Campaign Remastered. Gonna platinum this game again EDIT: PLEASE DELETE ONE I MADE A DUPLICATE ON ACCIDENT.
  2. MW2 Campaign Remastered. Gonna platinum this game again
  3. True but by I hadn't run into bots yet I meant actual bots deployed by Infinity Ward and Activision like rumours a few months ago were there were bots in MW & COD Mobile. I hadn't run across it yet.
  4. Maybe try calling epic snd explaining the situation.
  5. As of Today I'm saving my pretty penny for a new saints row game coming out. Well not new remastered 3.
  6. Haven't ran across bots yet, hackers not bots.
  7. This game mode is over a month old. Nonetheless there's nothing else to do so most people hop on.
  8. Warzone. Been wrecking kids left and right with my custom loadout drops.
  9. COD has always been my favorite since MW2 PS3. And saints row have always been my favorite since the 3rd one PS3.
  10. Game delays have actually everyone would be surprised they never happened to me. That's because the games I happen to like never really end up getting delayed.
  11. I'm gonna keep my PS4 for a while scavenge for missed easy/hard trophies I didn't get. Then I'll sell it. The same way I did with my PS3
  12. Usually sell them on letgo it beats the average trade prices from gamestop and other trade-in retailers.
  13. I used to play saints row 3 all the time back on PS3 I'm looking forward to purchasing the remastered version coming to PS4 next month.
  14. Yeah and don't get me wrong it looks cool and all. Just the movement style doesn't fit me too much. The best thing about Roblox is how it allows for 3 different movement styles. Point and click, Click to move, and free move. If that game offered the same free movement plan I'd probably partake in playing it.
  15. Modern Warfare 2 campaign remastered, although it's just a campaign my goal right now is to platinum it, and hope they eventually add multiplayer.
  16. What's SEA? Still from china though.
  17. I thought sandisk was from US, never the less I usually tend to stick to known brands.
  18. For me it all depends if the tracks have good songs on them. For example 115 Black ops zombies was an amazing song and the one with Johnny Cash I think it was for Mob of the dead. Other than that I often don't listen to gaming tracks. Mostly hip-hop/rap makes my day for me.
  19. Botting now a days is fairly common that's why those stupid captchas are there.
  20. Roblox Lua takes only a few days to learn the basics. It depends on the persons skill, mindset and determination.
  21. This never happened to me before. But there was games I came across that would disable trophies/achievements when cheats became activated.
  22. But it does have some nice touch to it the way things are designed. Reminds me of The Escapists 2 not sure because of the pixelation or not.
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