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  1. Roblox 100% I just tried habbo hotel and didn't like the way it played. To me it seemed like an old Nick game for Nickelodeon.
  2. What provider do you have? I never heard of internet companies limiting data. Not the big ones like Spectrum and Frontier anyway.
  3. Is this donation torwards the vaccine or what?
  4. I usually don't mind those unless it shows the circle and it's not in that area. That's really annoying.
  5. Last game I played is a web browser based remake of Disney's Club Penguin. CP Online & CP rewritten, got a few belts in the dojo today.
  6. Streaming is only good if you have near perfect connection otherwise it's useless.
  7. Just random music from my spotify playlist/liked songs.
  8. Kind of not surprised. I thought fortnite was a dying game. What with warzone and other top-tier battle royales.
  9. Right now I'd have to say Modern Warfares maps are ugly and lack good design. I guess that's what happens when developers believe in safe spaces.
  10. True. Most games cause stress and grief, especially COD.
  11. Probably maybe the developers are to lazy. That's usually how it is with most games. Copy and paste every other object and hope we don't notice it.
  12. To me any repetitive side mission is a pain. Or just constantly going to different places to complete the same task.
  13. Oh that makes sense, the only simulator games I actually play are the ones that are on roblox.
  14. RPGS understandable but why what's the point of simulators?
  15. Some PS now game called Clockwork tales of glass and ink.
  16. People out there who can't let go of there old systems. Like NES PS1 or PS2, It took me a few years to get over the PS3 being dead for me to sell it.
  17. Oh I misread it then. A million ways to die in the west and Ted 2 would be awesome games although they'd have to make 2 Ted games.
  18. Actually sounds like a bargain in terms that the gamepass is considerably OP.
  19. Even though I haven't played much of it I feel the division series would make a great movie. Especially in 2 parts just not continueing the story but telling it visually.
  20. I agree fortnite is a kiddy battle royale as COD H1 And PUBG are all better.
  21. There were and still are several rumours floating around about it being fully backwards compatibility. Including all PS games.
  22. Dying over BS little things and also non-respawn games. I hate one life games with a passion.
  23. I think gore don't really count however body counts from missions like no russian could also make a game violent, cursing and bad stuff don't always make it violent.
  24. I doubt that I mean we probably would have to pay taxes on the free money, but not interest, mostly interest-free payments.
  25. At one point most games sucked thats just the facts.
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