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  1. Call of duty terminal or rust are probably the best places to have a picnic in. Well maybe not rust because the shack don't open in the game but it does in real life.
  2. Educational pack? The hell is this? Teaching you how to cook, eat food, kill monsters, and how to mine. Is this really a thing?
  3. Yeah as well the ones that are supposed to give you quality rated gear etc, those are probably by far the worst and tedious. Especially if your looking for platinum in that game.
  4. Never really liked it myself, although that was an interesting title you chose for the conversation. 😛
  5. My issue with other fighting games is that the combos feel so tedious. Then again Tekken could be like that as well because it's been a while since I actually played it. If it's on PS now I'll probably check that out.
  6. My only recommended game would be tekken because that was the only game I ever liked. I played it on the PS2, never played the new one though.
  7. Oh I'm sorry I didn't know. And didn't know that either, all I knew is there was a word game out there something like that called letter quest or something.
  8. The one I just solved yesterday. That made me proud and full of relief.
  9. I think tbe game he's referring to is letter master or letter quest. And for me Netflix or streaming movies / TV soothes my anxiety. Very rarely does a game do that. However when it does it's usually games with simple objectives and non tedious quests.
  10. This post reminds me of the last few puzzles in adam venture origins it was like 3 disks and it was terrible. I usually watch a guide and even if I still don't get it after watching the guide I just do it randomly until I pass it.
  11. As of 3 hours ago 8PM my last played game was Adam Venture Origins. The graphics make it seem like it's an outdated game. Overall I just played it for that shiny platinum which only took like 2 hours in total for 15 trophies.
  12. Animal Crossing was review bomb. Apparently it ain't good as people thought it was. And isn't Persona 5 Royal like a DLC? and not a new new release.
  13. Roblox was never released on the PS4. If it's not on the Store then it's not officially released.
  14. Nope I normally watch trophy guides or once in a blue moon I'm stuck I'd watch a guide but to me speed running is pointless. Reason being is you could be rushing through a perfectly crafted game by a developer not enjoying the story mode whatsoever. That has to hurt developers who put there hard work sweat and tears into creating some games.
  15. I would probably do a hybrid breed of the next gen consoles coming out soon plus an added switch. Then again not a switch switch won't be much a thing anymore when next gen comes out.
  16. Tried it on Roblox Studio and failed. But it would probably be a game genre people love so simulator sounds about right for me.
  17. All the time I usually spend 5 10 minutes trying to make my perfect character that suits me. Although noone will ever be able to make a character that fully represents them.
  18. I hate clickbait though I understand artists and streamers use it to generate tons of revenue. Slap a sticker of justin bieber or whatever is relevant make a bunch of money and call it a day.
  19. That sounds like just a phone company. I'll check that out.
  20. Sounds like it was an advertisement for an in-game clan of some sort or something. And I don't hate camping although it can get really annoying especially in games like COD.
  21. I never actually played silent hill all I know is its' a horror game is it any good?
  22. Genderless? The fact that's even a thing is terrible. Never heard of a game or played it that has this in it.
  23. Yeah but most quests are just normally repetetive finding time consuming objects.
  24. If I believe correctly it was either the original Need For Speed PS2 game or Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 PS2.
  25. At this point it looks like both consoles will be released on time. What with chinese manafactures of cars and other production floors opening up because china is 80% virus free.
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