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9 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

xD, 😅. I watched the trailer up to 30 secs, is simply a game for the kids. I can't spend my money for a video game like that. 

It's meant for kids or more like sims for kids type of the game. Its definitely not for us. 

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Available via the Xbox Game Pass as well so that should give a few people a good opportunity to try it out. Personally, I'm not going to try it since it seems to actually be a child's game. It does look pretty good though so I'm sure a lot of kids will love it.

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22 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

Some video games are simply made fun, while others don't add to my fun, anytime I am around them I just feel weak, and the next thing is sleep rolling on my eyes. 

This one is too simple and is made for kids. 

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I highly recommend playing it. I found it really relaxing. Essentially all you do is put away things. But as each level progresses you go through years of life. Moving into your childhood bedroom, dorm room, back home, a new house, having a kid, etc. It may be a kid friendly game, but adults would for sure get into playing this too. You start from I think like 1996, and go until like 2014. I forget, but you get the point. 

As you get to newer levels, you're responsible for unpacking each room, setting it up, etc. That's it. But you have to put things in there correct location, but it mostly gives you freedom to put things where you want. 

It's a short game, but I played it twice. Second time was to get all the achievements, but each time was relaxing. And I may replay it again one of these days. 

Calling it just a kids game is doing it a disservice in my opinion though, because there seems to be a story about love, loss and growth at the core of this game, and you see it played out through the stuff you unpack. It's fun seeing the time differences, setting up an old win 95 like PC, seeing its pixelated desktop as it starts up. It's the little things. Honestly give it a solid playthrough, I think you guys would really enjoy it. 

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