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Sons Of The Forest - Exclusive Release Date Trailer

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3 hours ago, killamch89 said:

Finally, some mature titles for the Nintendo Switch - I like what I see so far. It has a bit of a Resident Evil with a mix of Doom sprinkled on top.

Is it 3- in 1 kind of video games? This one it comes with the option of other games like the 'Resident Evil, Doom sprinkled on top. 

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This game looks like a lot of fun. But wasn't this game out for a while now? Or did it come out of early access or something? Or am I just confusing it with another game? Because I remember a game in early access that involved a forest, pretty sure it was in the title of the game too. This looks very similar to that. From the gameplays I saw, you would start off in a crashed plane. Maybe it is this one and they finally completed it. 

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