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Music Videos or No?

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Some people don't want images forced into their mind about music. In fact, Pearl Jam quit making videos for this reason.  However, though, some people might quickly forget the images.  For instance, if I see hip-hop videos, I can easily forget the video and associate the music with my own fantasy.

Anyway, we see a similar argument about movies and books the movies are based on.  Some say the book is better cause you don't get the director's interpretation covering your own.

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Sometimes, I will hear a great song, having never came across a promo clip before. Next thing I know, I later discover the track has a music video after all, and I can see why some bands find them embarrassing.

It must be the record company making them do it. 😆

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Remember that period of time from 2003-2008 where music videos were really inaccessible? There was no TRL that were highlighting the biggest videos at the time and YouTube quite didn't take off yet. I thought music videos were a dead medium then. It was really hard to find them. 

I think you either stumbled upon them on MySpace or some offshoot of MTV like MTV3 played them. Music videos will be popular for at least the near future as long as YouTube exists.

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